Remember the Father with a lot of love

Baba says, ‘you must claim your full inheritance from the Father before destruction takes place‘. This is why you have to remember the Father with a lot of love.

It’s easy to love God, sing His praise when things are going my way, that doesn’t take much faith. But when that problem isn’t turning around, too often I get discouraged and think: ‘Baba, where are You? Why aren’t you doing something? You can see I am being mistreated…’. My attitude is: when You turn the situation around, when You meet my demands, when You do this the way I want, then I will love You. That’s conditional love, that’s limited love, that’s body conscious love.

You cannot love Me as long as you are body conscious, says Baba. You must become soul conscious.

Soul consciousness is unconditional. It’s where I am secure, content and confident in the knowledge that I, the soul am a child of God. Nothing that is happening here in the corporeal can change that relationship, in fact, it is irrelevant. My love for my Father and His love for me transcends the scenes of the drama. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that He is with me at every second, in every scene. I know, without a shadow or a doubt, that He is in-charge of my life and that His plans for me are for good. I trust Him and I love Him unconditionally.

Sometimes, situations might not make sense- that trouble at work, that betrayal by a friend, that setback in my finances. I don’t deny them but when I am soul conscious, I also know that I am not doing life alone. I recognize that Baba would not have allowed it if there wasn’t something good in it for me – I have something to learn from it, a victory to be had from it. I know that nothing that comes to me in this drama is random or useless. If I am body conscious, I waste time in being bitter, frustrated, or complaining: ‘why is this happening?’, ‘this shouldn’t be this way!’. Then, I will get weary in doing the right thing and try to take matters into my own hands. I will want to pay people back, manipulate people to get what I want etc. The Father says: I make you into the masters of heaven. Therefore, love Me! You should follow the Father’s directions. God doesn’t always take me in a straight line, there will be twists and turns. Sometimes, there are fires, and large obstacles that seem unsurmountable. But when I trust that He is Karankaravanhaar and ordering my steps, I live in peace in the midst of the obstacle with an attitude of faith. I recognize that it is all a part of His plan for my life. I don’t sulk with God, I partner. This is how I claim my full inheritance.

Am I mature enough to accept God’s ways even though they are different from mine? Sometimes, He takes me out of the fire, but sometimes He will take me through the fire. If my attitude is that I will only be happy if He takes me out of the fire, then I will miss out on the goodness God has for me. He has promised to walk through the fire with me. When I am soul conscious, like the moth, I am not afraid of the fire, I take the walk with the Beloved and find that the only things that burn are the false bondages, the attachments that were holding me back. This is faith, this is love for the Beloved.

But sometimes, I can be attached to something so much so that I won’t be happy unless it happens my way. Anything I have to have in order to be happy is ammunition for Maya to use against me. I give her leverage over me. ‘You have come here to claim your inheritance of being sovereigns’, He reminds me, ‘I am here to give you your inheritance‘. If I am asking Baba to fulfill a limited need or desire so that I can be happy, I’m going to be frustrated because He won’t fulfill it. When my love is conditional i.e. body conscious, I think Baba has abandoned me but He hasn’t. While I am asking Him to stoop down to my level, He is lifting me up to His. He is teaching me who I am and reminding me of the unlimited attainments I already have. He is teaching me to tap into the pure, eternal, unlimited happiness, the super-sensuous joy that comes from being who I am – a soul, a child of God- rather than stay dependent as I have been for half a cycle on temporary and limited attainments to make me happy. Only I give you your inheritance, He reminds me. So, remember Me alone.

When I love unconditionally, I honor Him regardless of the situation or anything that’s going on in the drama. When I live like that, Maya has not power over me. I cannot be defeated. The longer I live in faith, the more I realize that God’s ways are better, more fulfilling and more rewarding than my ways. If He had done everything my way, I wouldn’t be where I am today, I would be limited, dependent, subservient to people, possessions, accomplishments and sanskars. When I realize this deeply, I no longer fight the closed doors, I don’t get frustrated when things don’t change as fast as I’d like or the way I’d like. Instead, I use that as an opportunity to claim my full inheritance by practicing to stay in peace and happiness in the midst of the storm.

Everything for you depends on remembrance, He teaches. The more you remember Him, the greater your happiness will be, the more you will live in peace. In other words, I claim my full inheritance. This is what Brahma Baba did. Baba faced the kind of obstacles, opposition, betrayals, and crisis that most of us cannot even fathom. But he remained unmovable and unshakable, he remained carefree in the faith of Who is in-charge of his life. Baba’s attitude was: He is the Provider and Benefactor, I am just a trustee, He will take care of everything. With the full-stop of ‘nothing new‘, he kept on moving forward with the Beloved. You say: Baba, I will claim my full inheritance from You. Just as our Baba has claimed the inheritance, so I will also make effort and definitely claim his throne. Mama and Baba become the king and queen and so we will also become that. The Father says, ‘For this, simply remember one thing: Manmanabhav! Remember Me and you will become a master of the world‘.

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