We are actors

Baba says, ‘You know that we are actors‘. You are numberwise in how you consider yourselves to be actors in this drama

An actor knows who he is, has an understanding of the story that he is playing a part in, the role he is playing and the director of the play. If any of these pieces of knowledge is lacking then he wouldn’t really be called a good actor. Baba not just calls me a good actor, He tells me that I am a hero actor in the unlimited drama. Sometimes, I hear that and think: ‘well, I’m hardly a hero actor! If I was, I’d be on stage giving lectures, I’d be famous!’

Baba says, ‘you are numberwise in how you consider yourselves to be actors in this drama’. When I understand the plot of the drama and have the awareness of Who the Director is, I know beyond any shadow of doubt that name and fame have nothing to do with it. In fact, there can be nothing limited or body conscious about being a ‘hero actor’. If there was, the act would become ordinary with nothing heroic about it.

To be a hero actor means to play my part while being stable in the stage of a detached observer of the drama. I know that I am a soul, that this body is my costume and so I am detached from it. I know that this world is the stage on which the drama is being enacted so I am not caught up in ‘my house’, ‘my car’, ‘my job’ etc. because I know they are just props, part of the set. I know that other souls are co-actors and so I don’t get caught up in bodily relations because those are false, also part of the play. I instead have regard for the soul, the actor. And finally, I know really well that God Himself is the Director. As an actor, I don’t act according to the dictates of my own mind, or according to how my co-actors think I should act, my duty is to take directions ONLY from the director.

And I have to be soul conscious, really subtle to hear and understand His directions. Yes, He gives directions in the Murli but am I able to reach the depths of each direction? He also speaks to me throughout the day, am I able to catch what He is saying? Just when I’m about to sign on that dotted line for something, when I’m about to give someone a piece of my mind, when that situation comes from nowhere…He, the Director, speaks to me, the soul, the actor. When I am body conscious, I become caught up in the drama, in the emotions, in everyone else’s parts and miss the direction. As a result, my actions become wrong and I experience life as hard. Baba says, ‘You should constantly remember this mantra: I, the incorporeal am playing part in the corporeal. This physical world is a stage and those physical bodies are your costumes. An actor would never consider himself to be the stage or costume. By considering your body to be a costume and the world as the stage, you will automatically experience yourself to be an actor’.

Let me constantly remind myself that this world is not my home. I don’t live here. I am a foreigner that has come into this foreign land and entered an old body to play the part of bringing benefit to the world. This is the most elevated part I get to play in this drama- I bring benefit to the world! ‘But because you are weak in the first lesson of ‘I am a soul, an actor”, Baba says, ‘you have become sensible, but you lack essence. There is beauty and color, but neither is the fragrance eternal nor does it spread everywhere’. So, He teaches, make the first lesson firm.

Until I do, I cannot perform the task of world benefit because I keep getting entangled in the drama. I start the day with the awareness of being an actor, playing a part in the drama. I have my script and I even memorize it and think: ‘I will do this, I will do that’ but when that situation comes suddenly, I forget everything and fall back into old patterns. I get caught up in: ‘why did this happen!’, ‘how could this happen?’, ‘why me!’. I might even try to fix the scene, try to correct my co-actors and do all kinds of other senseless things that one does when one forgets who they are! And even as I’m getting sucked into that sinkhole, Baba is trying to prevent it by telling me to remember who I am but I can barely hear Him in all that body consciousness. And just like that I lose all my happiness, my enthusiasm of being a hero actor in the world’s greatest drama…all because…I forgot! You have been in forgetfulness for half a cycle, now remember, He says. There is a lot of thinking and speaking of what you ‘will do’ but not much doing. So now, He says, remember and really imbibe the mantra you have been given: I, the incorporeal soul, am an actor playing a part in the corporeal form. Using this mantra, finish the difference between thinking and doing. There’s now a need for this. 

When you remember the mantra constantly and play your part, every act you perform will be special. You will be content and others will also be content with you, He explains. That makes sense because when I remember, I remain light. I observe the scenes and everyone’s parts as an audience member and so, rather than cry or become confused, I say; ‘Wah drama! wah!’, what a twist! didn’t see that coming! And because I am detached, whatever happened does not impact my part or my response – I play it well according to the directions I’ve received for my thoughts, words and deeds, uninfluenced by the happenings in the drama. Then, your part will be applauded, says the Director, and there will shouts of, ‘Once more, Once more’.

All this is only possible when you play your special part in soul consciousness. You would enjoy playing such a part and experience happiness, He says. Everyone’s vision is on the hero actors.

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