I have come to give you the sovereignty of heaven

Baba says, ‘You are children of the Father and you would therefore definitely want the sovereignty of heaven. I have come once again to give it to you’

Baba is my Father and He has come to establish heaven. That’s His kingdom and so as His child, I wouldn’t want anything less than the sovereignty of heaven. Heaven is 100% purity, peace, love, and prosperity. It is pure bliss- nothing lacking, no such thing as desires, no sorrow of any kind. In fact, these words don’t even exist. To be a sovereign of heaven, I need to have the sanskars of heaven i.e. the sanskars of 100% purity, peace, love….. I don’t get the sanskars magically delivered to me in heaven, I have to create them now, here, in this old world in the midst of impurity, peacelessness, lovelessness and lack. That’s the effort. It’s sounds like a steep climb and it is but then, as Baba reminds me, so is the reward. If it was easy, everyone would be king.

So I have a small window of time, this auspicious confluence age, to develop purity, peace and love. Well, that makes it sound even more impossible but here’s the good news! I’m not working alone, I have a partner and it isn’t just anybody, it’s God! That’s right, God works with me, and on me, to ensure I reach my destiny in the said amount of time. Secondly, He reminds me, I have made this transformation, successfully, countless times. He and I are simply repeating something we’ve done, once again. Don’t ever doubt this, He says. It is sung that it didn’t take long for God to transform humans into deities! It is sung because it happened…and not once, but countess times. So the fact is that I am not making effort for victory as much as I am making effort from a place of victory. I already know the outcome, I’m simply going through the process.

This is not to say that the journey will be easy, a walk in the park with God! Not really! In fact, it’s going to be hard, messy, and I will feel weary along the way. If I wasn’t going to feel weary, God wouldn’t ask me not to get weary! So, yes, it will come but I don’t have to allow it inside me. I stop weariness by bringing into my awareness these key pieces of information I have: I am not alone, God is with me, He is ordering my steps and I’ve made this transition successfully many, many times before.

Now, the actual process to get to purity, peace and love is going to involve dealing with the impurity, peacelessness and lovelessness. Most of the time I know what the manifestations of these things are within me but I’ve spent half a cycle running away from them. I know I have ego within me- it comes out in my interactions with others where I demand things happen my way, it causes me to mistreat them, speak harshly…I know there is peacelessness in my mind because I’m constantly battling – feeling as if I have fallen behind. I’ve been measuring my worth in terms of positions and bank balance, comparing myself to others, trying to be someone else and feeling stress, anxiety. I know there is strife in my home but I don’t really want to deal with it, so I keep myself busy at the center doing ‘service’…..

I’ve been good at keeping these little secrets within me for a long time. Now, God, the Purifier, has come to perform the operation to remove these sicknesses, these tumors that have kept me down, held me back from my destiny. This isn’t my truth, it is the falsehood I picked up from Ravan’s kingdom and it cannot go with me to the land of truth. So God does the work in me to help me get rid of them. And it’s painful- it requires that I humble myself, swallow my false pride, stay in the places that I don’t want to stay in, stick with the people I don’t ever want to see again. It requires dying alive…little by little every day.

The way I help Him is to stay on the operating table, i.e. agree to what He is asking me to do even though it is hard. When that situation comes and I hear His voice saying: ‘keep silent’ and if I say, ‘Baba, I’m sorry but I’m going to stay silent tomorrow, today, I’m mad!’ then I’m delaying my lesson. He won’t stop until I get it so I might as well learn it quickly. If I run away from that place or that person or that situation, it will get to where He will get me in a circumstance from which I cannot run. No matter where I try to run, the door will be closed, He’s going to force me to deal with the thing I’m running away from. God loves me too much to let me live mediocre, have these tendencies hold me back from the awesome destiny He knows I have.

Running never sets me free, anything that I fear or I feel uncomfortable around, has power over me. This return journey is about taking back my power! If I run away from God, that is, from what He is teaching me, I will end up nowhere. If I stay put, I will learn quicker. ‘Well, I would stay at the job or at that center but they don’t give me the opportunities to do what I know I can do…so I’m just going to go somewhere else where they ‘value me”. Baba says, ‘I am teaching you soul consciousness’. My value doesn’t come from talent or service or jobs, it comes from who I am- the child of God. Until I learn that lesson, chances are, He’s going to have me in that job or at that center. I’m not going anywhere! Promotions don’t come from people, they come from God. When He thinks I’m ready for something else, He will open the door. He is teaching me about Him, how He works, how to trust and rely on Him.

I tell God: ‘Baba, I surrender everything to You. All that is mine is Yours’ and yet, at the slightest discomfort or feeling of disrespect, I want to leave the center or the job I’ve been given. So it’s very much still about me and how I feel. I tell God: ‘Baba, I too want to be the master Ocean of Love, I too want to love everyone just like You’. Well, how do I plan to get there if I am going to pick and choose whom to love? Unless I stay in places and with people that challenge me, that are different than me, I cannot develop the sanskar of ‘loving everyone’.

It’s worth considering how much of my destiny I miss when I run away from the hard places of life instead of staying put and confronting things. That’s how I develop the power to face! Let me tune in and listen to what He is telling me. That’s how I build my power of discernment- does He want me to stay here or leave? I need to do the thing that will help me increase my inner power, not deplete it. I need to do the thing that will push me higher, not keep me average or mediocre. Most of the things that I run away from are the very tools that God uses to do His work of purification in me. He is called the Creator. It’s not that I create everything from scratch, He clarifies. Rather, I transform you from old to new, from false to true.

Sometimes, I’ve held on to the past- to how someone treated me or to what someone said about me and I’ve allowed it to keep me down, feeling insecure, lacking confidence in myself. God is asking me how much longer I plan to stay in my past? He has new things waiting for me but I cannot get there if I am hunched over carrying this heavy burden over my back. He wants me to drop it and go with Him to where He’s taking me- new opportunities, new beginnings. Sometimes, I get busy with ‘service’ and convince myself that I am with God. Well, I am not…not truly, anyway. If I am busy working for God so much so that I have no time to listen to God, then, I’m not really going anywhere. If I am ‘serving’ outside while my family at home is falling apart because of a sanskar I don’t want to confront, then that’s not honest. ‘But I am right, it’s not my fault’…not the point! If I want to develop the sanskar of peace, I need to be wary of the trap of ‘being right’ and be the person that brings about peace. If I need to apologize, let me do it…not tomorrow, today.

I can run away from the situations all I want but the battle, Baba reminds me, is being fought in the mind. I cannot run away from me! There is God on one side and Maya on the other. ‘The Mahabharat War is very well known for destruction, this is that same time.’, He explains. Arjuna is not someone else- it’s me. When I make God my Charioteer and follow His directions, as uncomfortable as they may make me, I will be able to destroy the various bondages of body consciousness holding me back and establish purity, peace and love within me. Only when I am pure, peaceful and loveful, can I make the world pure, peaceful and loveful too. It’s time to return home and then come into the new world, He reminds me. So now, kick the old world and turn your intellect toward the new world. Imbibe divine virtues. The more I remain in the awareness of the time, my aim and objective and Who is teaching me, the easier it will be to imbibe.

It was you that became satopradhan from tamopradhan in the previous cycle too, He reminds me. Only the Father comes and inspires establishment and destruction. It is said that this knowledge is for making you into the kings of kings. Only the unlimited Father makes you into kings of kings. This is why Only He is the Creator.

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