Nothing new

Baba says, ‘whenever you see something, you should say: It is nothing new; it happened 5000 years ago.

There is fear in facing something or doing something that is new, that I have never done before. But if I am asked to do something I have done many times before, I don’t think twice about it. It might appear scary to someone else and they might watch in awe as I tackle it, but to me, it’s no big deal. My attitude is: ‘been there, done that many times’.

No matter what happens, this awareness of it being ‘nothing new’ is in fact the easiest yukti (tactic) to remain carefree‘, says Baba. There is no confusion, no questions, no shock, I just go through with it.

Now, sometimes I can hear this and go: ‘so you mean to say that I go through this situation every cycle!?’ That’s wrong because it’s only half the story. Yes, the situation re-appears every cycle and as it did every cycle, it pushes me into the next level of my destiny. As it did every cycle, it is here once again at exactly the right time in the drama to give me exactly what I need to move me forward. Situations or storms or challenges are not here to punish me, Baba keeps reminding me. They are here to promote me. They are here to help me learn something about myself I didn’t know was holding me back; so now, I get to confront it. I get to figure out, with God’s help, how to become free from it. Sometimes, situations come to push me out of a comfort zone. Whatever the reason, they come because they are the stepping stones in my journey.

The moment I look at it with fear, I get caught up in endless thinking of: ‘how am I going to get through this!?’ or ‘why me?’ or ‘how could this happen?’, and thus, I open the door to Ravan. ‘Spin the discus of self-realization’, says Baba, ‘and you will remain free from all other kinds of spinning’. This is how I become a Trikaldarshi (the knower of the three aspects of time), and learn to see the full story rather than become fearful or disheartened by focusing on a few isolated scenes of the drama. I remember that no matter what I go through along the way, my story ends in victory. I already know the end outcome, I am merely going through the process. It’s like watching a suspense thriller when I already know how the movie ends. It so happens that my Best Friend has already seen the movie and has told me the ending. So now, I get to watch the movie, enjoy the thrills along the way but without that fear in the pit of my stomach of: ‘will the hero and heroine win?, will they come out alive?’ I know they do! So I watch the movie, carefree, enjoying my popcorn.

God comes to this world at it’s most impure, most degraded time. He comes and finds souls completely bankrupt, in the clutches of Ravan. But He doesn’t see all this and think: ‘Wow, this is terrible!, how am I going to transform the world?, how am I going to purify them?’. He stands firmly in the knowledge of ‘Nothing new!’. He never wavers from His identity of ‘I am the Purifier, it’s what I do every cycle’. That is His role and He does it to perfection. This doesn’t mean that He gets ‘perfect results‘ each time, in fact, one could look and think that He’s been at it for decades now and we souls are still in the process of purification. He has had hundreds of opportunities to become caught up in self-doubt, become fearful of failure, to become overwhelmed and think: ‘maybe I’m not cut out for this after all!, am I really God?, am I really the Purifier?, what if I can’t get it done?’ but I never see or hear God in doubt ever! I only hear Him say with confidence that which He is and what He does: I am…the Purifier, I am…the Remover of Sorrow, I liberate you from the bondage of Ravan and grant you liberation-in-life. It’s always I am, I can, I have… The Father says: ‘I come exactly as I did in the previous cycle and teach you Raja Yoga. I enter the body of Brahma every cycle. You become Brahmins every cycle.’ Not only does He remain stable and steadfast on the journey, He teaches me to do the same: ‘You and I have done this countless times before, it is nothing new‘, He reminds me, ‘we are simply doing it again‘. This, is doing something perfectly – to remain stable no matter what the situation, circumstance, person.

But it’s not only God Who becomes my example, Brahma Baba learnt this principle from his Father and imbibed it 100%. In the yagya, he faced situations that most of us would never face in our lives- everything from betrayals, to opposition from critics, haters, and the government, a lack of resources to the point where there wasn’t enough to feed the children on certain days, etc. But whatever the ‘crisis of the day’ was, baba was quick to apply the full-stop of ‘nothing new!’ and remain carefree. His attitude was: ‘this has happened every cycle and God has taken care of it every cycle. He will take care of things this time too’. Let me follow father. Whatever the situation, God is directing my steps and will show me the way as He has every cycle.

Just as situations are predestined every cycle, that God will become part of my story is also predestined every cycle! I am adopted by God into His family every cycle, I become a son or daughter of Brahma every cycle, I become a student of God every cycle, I get to watch His incredible magic of transforming me from human to deity every cycle, I get to help Him, God Himself!, in the task of establishing His kingdom every cycle. I have defeated Ravan every cycle and been able to become all that God has wanted me to be, and do all that He has wanted me to do every cycle. And so I will again, nothing new!

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