A true heart

Baba says, ‘those who have true hearts are able to become points in a second and remember the Father, the Point.’

The Father comes and adopts souls at this auspicious confluence age. Adoption implies that there was thought put into it, options were weighed and then, the Father chose His children. And whom did He so carefully choose? Those souls that were dismissed by the world as unworthy, not clever enough and weak. The world judges me by my resume, my background, my accomplishments because the world is focused on the outside. But God, the Father, cares ONLY about the inside. ‘I don’t need a clever head, I am pleased with an honest heart‘, says the Comforter of Hearts. Those people of the world who think highly of themselves don’t recognize the Father Who comes in an ordinary body but you seemingly ordinary children, do. You recognized the Father as He is with your heart and BapDada chooses you with His heart.

That is how important the heart is! It is what enables me to recognize God and experience His companionship in my life. To be able to recognize God and experience Him requires that I am extremely subtle because He is extremely subtle. To be subtle is to be light, clean. Even the slightest dirt or dust can cause such a connection to clog up pretty quickly. And so, Baba constantly reminds me: take care of your heart. Always keep it clean. Where there is honesty, there is automatically cleanliness and lightness.

Honesty means that I don’t keep anything hidden within me. When I make a mistake, rather than try to hide it, let me realize and put it in front of Baba with an honest heart. But when I fall into body consciousness, I become defensive because I measure my worth based on a perfect performance. I think: ‘well, I already told Baba about the mistake I made, what else do I need to do’ or I think: ‘Yes, fine, I made this mistake’. It’s as if I am ashamed to even admit to Baba because I think it would make me look inferior. ‘Don’t come to the Father with your head, come to Him with your heart‘, says Baba. When I become body conscious, I allow my heart to fill up with these little burdens that stay there and weigh me down. But when I remember who I am- a chosen child of God– and go to my Father with the power of realization and an honest heart, the rubbish, the burdens are all burnt away because (1) I have truly realized my mistake, I’m not defending it and (2) I allow myself to receive His love. My attitude is: Whatever I am, however I am, Baba, I am Yours. This is being a child with rights- I am confident in who I am to my Father. I have unshakable faith in the fact that my Father loves me and accepts me unconditionally- nothing I can do can make Him love me any less or any more than He does right now. So rather than condemn myself, feel less than, hide, blame or do any of the other wasteful things that body consciousness will force me into, I simply am honest with myself and the Father. That allows me to become light so that I can learn from my mistakes and move on rather than get stuck.

Just as body consciousness makes me feel inferior when I make mistakes, it makes me feel superior when I seemingly accomplish something. As soon as someone says: ‘that was a good lecture!’, my ego is inflated. I measure my worth in terms of # of centers opened, # of compliments, likes, follows etc. I think, ‘surely I ought to be on the top of the pack now…look at all the service I’ve done!’ Baba says, ‘a number is also created on the basis of a true and honest heart, not on the basis of service. In service too, did you serve with an honest heart, or just a clever head?’ The sound of the heart reaches the heart while the sound of the head only reaches the head. Those with the head earn a name but those with a heart earn blessings because they become instruments to change lives.

Check, says Baba, what you have in your heart. Do you have any of the rubbish of body consciousness? If there is, then it blocks my connection with God. To unblock my connection, I need to clean out my heart by returning to my truth- I am a pure, peaceful soul, a child of God. I need to surrender to Him, as I am without any pretenses. Then, I return to being just a point of light, the same as the Father. There are no layers of falsehood weighing me down. I am light, I fly to Baba as I am and meet Him as He is. This is what spirituality is- true and unconditional love and acceptance of myself, of God and each other. And it’s what brings about transformation.

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