To serve you from the depths of My heart and with My life

Baba says, ‘I only come to the children once, in order to serve them with love from the depths of My heart and with My life. The Father loves all the children.’

For many births, actually for half a cycle, I was thirsty for true, selfless love. At this auspicious confluence age, I now experience this true love, imperishable love – the love of God. Therefore, the first gift from God, the Father, is love. ‘Because of being devotee souls, all of you children became beggars of love. Now the Father is changing you from beggars into those who have a right to receive an inheritance from the Ocean of Love’, says Baba. And so, now, the sound from my heart has changed from ‘I want’ to ‘God’s love is my birthright!’. So, from a beggar I have become a child with rights. This transformation is God’s service.

To belong to the Father means to claim innumerable rights. ‘Do you know how many types of right you have claimed? Remember the rosary of your rights.’, says Baba. The first right is that I become a child of God, which effectively means that I claim a right to become a most elevated soul who is worthy of respect and worship. As my Father, Teacher and Satguru, He sustains, teaches and guides me; He molds me into such a worthy soul. Only God can change a degraded human-being into a deity and so I cannot be a soul worthy of worship without first becoming a child of the Father. ‘Therefore, the first right is that you have become a soul worthy of being worshipped.’, says Baba. ‘The second right is that you have become a master of the treasures of knowledge‘. A moment before Baba came, I knew nothing, I was stumbling around in the darkness of ignorance having lost both identity and belonging. God came and turned the switch on. He gave me the light of knowledge- of who I am, of Who He is and the beginning, middle and end of my story. Suddenly, I became aware which is to say, I claimed all my rights.

The third right is that you have claimed a right to all powers.’, says Baba. I was almost completely discharged when Baba found me, just barely alive. He taught me the pilgrimage of remembrance: ‘Connect your intellect’s yoga with Me and recharge your battery‘, He taught me. The more I remember Him, the more I fill myself with all the spiritual powers. Now, rather than get angry with someone, I tolerate with love; rather than hold a grudge and burn inside, I forgive; rather than beat myself down when I make a mistake, I repent, that is, I learn and move on. I was powerless before, I am now powerful. ‘The fourth right is that you have become a self-sovereign who has conquered all your physical organs.’, says Baba. Previously, I was ruled by my organs – physical and subtle. I used to think that I could not control my thoughts, for example, that I had to simply accept whatever fell into my head. I was ruled by what my eyes saw or my ears heard; those scenes would rule my inner world for days. He is teaching me to become the ruler again. He is teaching me how to see but not see, hear but not hear. He teaches me how not to be distracted by all the side scenes but to keep my vision on my aim. He teaches me to not be a slave to touch or taste; ‘you are the master‘, He reminds me, ‘you get to choose what to think, speak, see, hear, taste or touch. Remember who you are and think before you do anything if it is becoming of a child of God‘. He makes me elevated.

With all of these rights, you have become a conqueror of Maya and thereby a conqueror of the world, one who has a right to the kingdom of the world. So, by constantly keeping all of these rights in your awareness, you have become a powerful soul.’, says Baba. This transformation is God’s service.

Throughout the whole cycle, you can never receive such love, that is, God’s love, from anyone else.’, He shows me. God’s love means selfless love; He takes a bankrupt, orphan and makes me into the king of the world, the most elevated creation of the world but He wants nothing in return. God’s love is the donation of a new life. It takes me from feeling like I don’t belong to feeling that God is my Companion, that I belong to Him. God’s love frees me from laboring, from battling, from hustling to experiencing an easy yogi life. Now, any type of storm is experienced as a Godly gift, an important lesson that I learn to move forward on my journey. God’s love has made the heart that was attached to many relationships and therefore broken into many pieces to become connected to One. There is now one whole heart and the one Comforter of Hearts. Love has transformed the age and brought me from the iron-age into the confluence age. Love has transformed the world of sorrow and pain into a world of joy and happiness. This donation, this freedom, this transformation is God’s service.

Though you are numberwise, you are ‘Wah! Wah!’. All are loved by God.‘, says Baba. You have attracted God, you have recognized Him in an ordinary form and made Him belong to you. The Father cannot enjoy anything from His heart without the children; He asks: ‘Who is in My heart?‘. The answer to that question is well known, there is no need to even say it, He says. The Father cannot forget the children and the children cannot forget the Father. The loving children who constantly remember the Father with their heart are constantly seated on the Father’s heart-throne. This imperishable love of God makes me loving throughout the whole cycle. This transformation is God’s service.

Once you come here, you then continue to take rebirth here, whereas I only come to the children once, says Baba longingly. I come in order to serve you with love from the depths of My heart and with My life. His love is His service.

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