Gyan Vigyan Bhavan

Baba says, ‘This is the true Gyan Vigyan Bhavan.’

In Delhi, there is a building called ‘Gyan Vigyan Bhavan’. Baba says, ‘people simply give names without any understanding; they don’t know what gyan and vigyan are at all.’ Baba comes and explains the true meaning of gyan and vigyan: Gyan means the knowledge of the world cycle that you are now imbibing. Vigyan means the land of silence; you go even beyond the stage of gyan. Through gyan, I receive wealth, the imperishable jewels of knowledge, and through vigyan, I receive health. You become everhealthy and wealthy not just for this one birth but for the whole cycle, He says.

In that building, Gyan Vigyan Bhavan, they don’t really teach knowledge or yoga. Actually, no one can teach true knowledge or yoga because only God has this knowledge. Only the Father is knowledge-full. Only He explains to me the history and geography of the world of how I claim the kingdom, for how long I rule the kingdom, how I lose it and then claim it back again. Because of not having this knowledge from the Father, human-beings then make up false stories based on their own interpretations of what and how things happened. For example, they say that so-and-so has gone into nirvana or that he has merged into the light. But I now know that all human-beings come into this world cycle and no one can be eternally liberated from it. The Father has explained to me that a human soul leaves one body and takes another.

Similarly, no one knows about the drama, that every one is a soul and that every soul has an imperishable part recorded in them. This is a pre-destined drama; everyone’s part is fixed. Since it is a drama, it must have a duration! The Father explains this too: ‘this drama is 5000 years long and it repeats accurately every 5000 years.‘ It’s a cycle and so by it’s very nature, it keeps on turning. In the scriptures though, they say that the cycle is hundreds of thousands of years and that the iron-age still has 40,000 years to go. They don’t understand that the cycle is coming to a close, that God has already come and that the death of this old world is standing ahead. Because they are in ignorance, they are still busy accumulating perishable wealth, chasing after limited name and fame etc. They don’t realize that now is not the time for these things and that none of it will go with them.

People who don’t recognize the Father are therefore still in the iron-age, the confluence age does not exist for them. But I am now learning Raja Yoga from the Father, I am now celebrating a meeting with Him. ‘This is the great confluence of the souls and the Supreme Soul and it happens only once every cycle’, He says. I now experience that it is of this time that it is said that the Kauravas were in total darkness and that the Pandavas were enlightened. And so Baba says, ‘this is the true Gyan Vigyan Bhavan or Pandav Bhavan. You are the true Pandavas, the enlightened souls.’ It is not mentioned in that Gita that the Father taught easy Raja Yoga and established the kingdom here, they have shown annihilation in the Gita. They say everyone died and that the five Pandavas were saved. Even they then melted away on the mountains. But I know that I learn Raja Yoga from the Father and claim my kingdom, what is the point if there is annihilation and why would the Creator destroy his creation!?

Then, people say, ‘well if God is incorporeal, how can He be the Father or the Teacher?’ and so they incorrectly look at Lakshmi-Narayan or other deities as the mother and father. God explains: ‘I enter this Brahma and give you children this knowledge. I create you children through this one. There is the Father and there is also the family. These are very deep matters. These are very profound and serious matters which sit in the intellect of hardly anyone.’

The Father now says: ‘First of all, consider yourselves to be souls and remember Me and your sins will be absolved.‘ So, why should we not remember the Father? This remembrance is what requires effort. Here, I go beyond even the knowledge, this is vi-gyan. When you are on this pilgrimage of remembrance, Maya will repeatedly break your remembrance, Baba cautions. This is a battle but you mustn’t be afraid. You will have such sinful thoughts that they will completely spoil your head but….you still have to make effort. You have conquered Maya countless times before, you will definitely do it again; this is fixed in the drama, He reminds me and re-assures me. Look at Lakshmi and Narayan, they are completely viceless; who made them this way? I know this; those without knowledge, don’t. There is no kingdom of Ravan when Lakshmi and Narayan exist. I know what that means, I know that Ravan is the five vices that I conquer now in order to become Lakshmi and Narayan, residents of heaven. But people don’t know who Ravan is, so they keep burning effigies of a demon with ten heads and pretend that he’s gone!  

Baba says, ‘The more you stay in remembrance, the sooner you will go and rule the kingdom there. You cannot receive these teachings anywhere else.’ Other studies are for this birth but I receive the reward of this study in the new world. This study only takes place at this auspicious confluence age when I change from a human-being into a deity. The Father explains all these secrets to His children, the ones that have recognized Him. ‘You must study well now‘, He instructs, ‘and claim your full inheritance.‘ To the extent that you stay in remembrance, your sins will be absolved; there is a huge burden of sins on your head. Absolved means as if it never happened! I get to have all my sins absolved, as if they never happened and become righteous, completely pure, like a brand new creation simply by remembering God. His love is the alchemy that heals, cleans and mends. His acceptance makes me whole again. Those who don’t know Him continue to carry the burden of sins, live with the heaviness of past actions while continuing to commit new sins due to lack of knowledge.

Baba says, ‘stay in remembrance, don’t forget.’ He also suggests that I always wear the badge on me and keep some literature and a picture of the Trimurti in my pocket. ‘Give it to those who are interested’, He says. You give this to everyone for their benefit. Tell them: we are using our bodies, mind and wealth to serve Bharat.

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