You must never cry

Baba says, ‘Children, you must never cry. You have such a great Father and Bridegroom and yet you cry after belonging to Him!’

For half a cycle, I lived as an orphan with no identity or belonging and no one to guide me. Every step I took, I took it in fear not knowing what might go wrong. And things did go wrong all the time and so my life was spent in fear, there was no peace. Then, my Father came. He adopted me as His own child and instantly, I had a new identity- child of God, I had belonging- to the Godly family and I had rights to all of my Father’s treasures. And my Father is no ordinary soul, He is the Creator, the Supreme Soul, the Almighty Authority, the Highest-on-High. There is nothing I need that He cannot give me, He comes to fulfill all the pure desires of the heart. His love is the alchemy that heals past wounds and transforms. He decorates me with the imperishable jewels of knowledge- teaches me about how elevated I am, that I am a deity soul, a master of the world; He reveals the beginning, middle and end of my story- teaches me how I ruled the kingdom of the world, then lost it and how to claim it back again. He sustains me, teaches me everything, guides me at every step. Do I still cry?

Sometimes, it isn’t externally but I cry in my mind. I think no one notices but they do. Baba says: ‘Children, you must never cry. You have such a great Father and Bridegroom and yet you cry after belonging to Him!’ If I cry even after belonging to God, then the reason is that I have not fully accepted Him as my Father and myself as His child. I am still trying to do things in my own strength, trying to prove myself as worthy, trying to impress, or trying to earn and deserve God’s love and sustenance. Let me realize that I cannot earn God’s love, I can only receive it. To do this is to give the return of His love. I try to transform to prove my worthiness but actually, only when I receive His love can I transform. To try to ‘prove’ myself to Him is body consciousness; His love is not for sale, He loves me because I am His child, not for my accomplishments or for my perfection. Let me not push my long lost and now found Father away due to some false sense of worth.

You should surrender and sacrifice yourselves to the Father. If you remember this inside, you would feel happy. But Maya makes you forget’, He says.

To offer everything to the Father makes me free and light. It is my birthright to be loved by God, to be sustained by God, to be taken care of by God; let me accept this. It is not a burden to Him when I rely on Him and make Him my one Support; rather, it is harder on Him when I don’t and try to do things on my own. ‘Detach yourself from the old world and it’s ways and become loved by the Father’, He says. To the extent that I detach myself from the body conscious thinking of ‘I need to prove’, I will humble myself or surrender myself to the Father. I will be able to become a child and receive the Father’s love and inheritance. Then, no matter what the problems, circumstances are, I am not subservient to them; instead, I overcome all the problems easily. Why? because to belong to the Father is to give Him all my burdens. When I am body conscious, I keep the problems with me, I choose to carry the burdens as I have for half a cycle because I think I need to handle everything myself. Baba asks: ‘Have you given all the burdens to the Father? or do you enjoy a little yourself?’ Little children are good with leaving everything to the parents and being carefree. They don’t have a problem with receiving love and care, they believe that to be their right, the way things ought to be. It is when I consider myself all grown up that there is trouble; I start to keep things to myself, do things by myself etc.

Baba says, ‘don’t forget the days of your childhood. At least you can come and ask: Baba, am I moving along accurately? Is what I am doing right or wrong? So Baba would understand that you do have that concern (of doing something wrong).’ When I think ‘I know’ or that ‘I have to do’, that’s when Maya takes a chance and attacks me. She gets me to do wrong things easily because I follow the dictates of my own mind or that of others and that’s easy to influence. But when I consult my Father for everything, when I obey His direction, Maya doesn’t have a chance. To be able to consult Baba, to have direct access to Him, to be able to avail of His guidance at every step is my birthright. Why would I give it up based on a false sense of responsibility?

Baba says, ‘Worthy children say: Whatever You feed us, whether You give us love or whether You beat us… Worthy children are obedient. They surrender, they don’t follow their own dictates.’

You have died alive from the old world, this is your new life, He reminds me. Even the body does not belong to you. This body has been given to you by the Father for the sake of service. All of you have made a promise that the body is Yours, the mind is Yours and the wealth is also Yours. So, He says, maintain the awareness of being a lotus flower, that I am detached from the old world and loved by the Father. What else do you need? When you are loved by God, what else do you need? In the world outside, whatever effort people make, it is in order to be loved, so that they receive love and are able to give love. I have a right to God’s love and that too so easily! All the attainments are merged in this love. When I accept and claim this right, I receive all attainments and experience super-sensuous joy; when I don’t accept, I deprive myself of all attainments and continue to experience life to be dry and tasteless like I did for half a cycle.

Baba says, ‘Whatever love you need, you can experience the love of that form. However, it is not love of souls, but Godly love. So, you have received such a right, haven’t you? Have you claimed all rights? You are not those who are going to be happy with just a little, are you? When the Bestower is giving you fully, why do you only take a little?’

When I am not happy, when I cry, I disrespect God. If I am obedient to God, I cannot be unhappy; but when I disobey and follow my own dictates, that’s when things go wrong. Then, there is fear, regret, guilt and a whole lot of other things that make me want to cry. Baba says, ‘I make you righteous and teach you such actions that you will never have to regret.’ Why wouldn’t I want to learn from Him? Heaven is the land of happiness. I learn to be happy here, not there. I learn to live victoriously here, not there. In fact, it should be easier here, points out Baba, since you are a direct child of God and you have all the knowledge of the drama. It isn’t a big deal to give a lecture about happiness or drama, you have to become like Krishna, says Baba. So constantly remain cheerful and decorated with the jewels of knowledge.

That Father comes and makes everyone who was an orphan belong to the Lord and Master. He establishes the land of peace and happiness. He says: ‘You should have great royalty at present. You are those who change human beings into deities.’

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