Maintain the intoxication of this Brahmin birth

Baba says, ‘always maintain the intoxication that you are Brahmins who belong to the clan of Brahma.’

I am the highest-on-high Brahmin soul who belongs to the Highest-on-High Father. Is this what I consider myself? Brahmins are remembered as the highest of all. This is shown as the topknot of brahmins. People of the world have shown the topknot as the symbol of the worldly brahmins. I am not one who wears a topknot but am one who remains in the high stage of a topknot. Brahmins are most elevated- puroshottam– most elevated among human beings. Deities are also called elevated souls but Brahmins are even more elevated than deities because I am the direct creation of the Supreme Soul. Do I have this intoxication? People of the world incorrectly say that they have been created by God but I say, on the basis of knowledge and understanding, that indeed, I am the direct creation of God. As the Creator, so would be His creation too- most elevated!

Always maintain this intoxication‘, says Baba. For other forms of intoxication, it is said, ‘bring it down’ because they cause damage. But this spiritual intoxication makes me climb high and so it is said, ‘always maintain it’. In fact, when this intoxication comes down, it is dangerous because then I remember the old world, I get drawn back into it. When it rises, I have the awareness of the new world. This Brahmin world is also a new world and more elevated than the golden age. And so Baba says, ‘continue to move forward with this awareness, don’t lose it’.

In fact, the very first qualification of this most elevated Brahmin life is to break away from everyone else and connect myself to the One. My very first promise is ‘Mine is One Father and none other’. To the extent I fulfill this promise, I will experience the easy yogi life of a Brahmin. If I still am subservient to my physical senses, if I still have connections with many others in the world, then I cannot expect to live the easy, victorious life that is my Brahmin birthright because I am not really a true Brahmin. I now belong to a new world, a small world of God and so when I perform tasks with worldly souls, I do so not with any attachment or feelings of a special relationship with them, but only with the feeling of Godly service.

This frees me from bondages that tie me down. As soon as I become the Father’s child, I become worthy of this inheritance – I receive liberation-in-life in a second. Nothing and no one belongs to me, even I don’t belong to me, I belong to the Father. This is what it means to become the child, it means to surrender myself fully. I obey the Father’s direction for my life and I become His responsibility. He becomes in-charge of me. No more worries, stress or heaviness of responsibilities. It’s all His; this liberation-in-life, this lightness is my birthright as a Brahmin.

God is not just my Father, He says: I am also your most obedient Teacher and most obedient Satguru. I study the most elevated study from the highest school from the highest Teacher. He teaches me Raja Yoga- the study to become the king of kings. Deities don’t have this knowledge in them, they simply experience the reward of the study they studied at this time. They don’t know their full story either. Only I become trikaldarshi or the knower of the three aspects of time- I know the beginning, middle and end of my story and have the intoxication that I am now once again claiming that golden aged inheritance.

But it’s not just an intoxication of what I have in the future, but also for right now. This Brahmin life is the life of being an embodiment of knowledge. When a situation, circumstance comes before me, I don’t shake or feel disheartenment, I realize it is here to teach me something important, I learn and move forward. I use it as an opportunity to build myself up spiritually and this attitude allows me to feel peace in the midst of the storm, and continue to enjoy my life. When someone betrays me or hurts me, in the world, because of not having the knowledge, they live with anger and rage, they hold grudges and live with the heaviness and hurt all their life. Here, I get to forgive and move on. I have that power to forgive others because I have experienced the love and mercy of God for myself. What I have, I give to others. But in the world, souls are empty and have nothing to give.

Brahma Baba demonstrated the qualifications of the elevated Brahmin life in his every day. He is my alokik father just as Shiv Baba is my eternal, incorporeal Father. While everyone in the world get to have two fathers, as a Brahmin, I get to have three! I get to have a relationship with Father Brahma through whom Shiv Baba creates Brahmins. So, I am the creation of BapDada or the mother and Father. Just as I remember Shiv Baba, the awareness of the alokik father brings me power- that I too definitely have to become equal to the Father, that his virtues should be my virtues. I cannot have these virtues in any other birth other than this Brahmin birth. I constantly celebrate a meeting with both fathers and this love of the heart has merged within it, all attainments. It makes me detached from the old world and loving to BapDada.

Baba says, ‘isn’t this Brahmin birth most wonderful!?‘ I have so many experiences that I never have at any other time in the cycle. I have three fathers and a Father, Teacher and Satguru all in One. I receive the third eye through which I know and experience God. I become the knower of the three aspects of time and thus also become the spinner of the discus of self-realization- I see my various forms throughout the cycle. I see how I once ruled the world, then lost it and am now getting ready to rule again. Baba says, ‘At this time you are the highest of all, the children of God. No matter how many donations people make or how much charity they perform, while spending so much on the path of devotion, they have to come down. Only for you, it is the stage of ascension. When you ascend, the whole world benefits.’

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