You are children of the World Mother

Baba says, ‘You are Kamdhenu, children of the World Mother, the ones who fulfil everyone’s desires. Everyone desires to receive liberation and liberation-in-life.’

Since there is a Father, there is surely also the mother. God, Shiv Baba, is the Father and He adopts children through Brahma who is the mother. But because he is in a male body, mama is adopted as the World Mother. She is Jagadamba, the one who creates the world. This is not the story of just Prajapita, the World Father and Jagadamba, the World Mother but also of their sons and daughters, the Shakti army.

Jagadamba is also called ‘Saraswati’, the goddess of knowledge. She received the knowledge through the Father and through the study of this knowledge, she became Lakshmi in the golden age. So who is greater, asks Baba, Lakshmi or Jagadamba? Lakshmi is simply the reward, she doesn’t have this knowledge nor does she serve. She simply experiences. Jagadamba has the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle, which is to say, of her full story. She studies Raja Yoga from the Father to claim the kingdom of heaven. She becomes the Father’s helper at this time to establish the kingdom of heaven, she serves souls to show them the path to liberation and liberation-in life. This is why Jagadamba is greater than Lakshmi and hence, in bhakti, they worship ‘Amba’ a great deal more than they worship Lakshmi. But they don’t know what to ask Amba…what can she give them?

They go to Lakshmi and rightly ask for wealth, because she is the empress of heaven and therefore, very wealthy. But what about Amba? they go to her with many desires; they ask her for a child, for this and that. But what can she truly give anyone? Baba says, ‘this is a study. Jagadamba learns Raja Yoga from the Supreme Father which she then teaches His other children.‘ Jagadamba teaches everyone that they are souls, not bodies. She teaches them that they are children of the Supreme Soul -‘I am a soul, the child of God‘. When I imbibe this knowledge, this truth, it shifts my consciousness and I receive liberation-in-life in a second.

This is not the story of just one Jagadamba’, says Baba, ‘you are Kamdhenu, children of the World Mother, the ones who fulfil everyone’s desires. Everyone desires to receive liberation and liberation-in-life.’ Their asks might take different forms- a child, help with a situation, cure from an illness, strength, hope etc., but the underlying desire is the same- liberation from fear, from lack, from loneliness, from pain and sorrow. But due to not knowing how to ask for or receive this liberation-in-life, they think they can find it in limited things and so ask for those things. Jagadamba showed souls the right way at this confluence age and became the instrument of their liberation for not just this birth but for many births. She showed them the way to claim their inheritance of heaven from the Father by removing their intellect’s yoga from all other directions and connecting it with Him. He showed her and she showed others. Because of this elevated service she performed at this time, Jagadamba is worshipped every day, throughout the year whereas Lakshmi is only invited to come and visit once every year at Diwali.

This is why Brahmins are said to be more elevated than deities- because of the service they perform at this time, Baba explains. Jagadamba too is a Brahmin, she too is the mouth-born creation of Brahma, she too is a human-being. She is shown with 8 or 10 arms but no one has so many arms, Baba points out! Each arm is shown with a decoration symbolizing a power that she imbibed through the study at this time. The more powerful she became, the more she served others with those powers. She slayed the demons or the vices with her fearlessness. She was able to be fearless because she had the knowledge from the Father of what these vices are and how they work. She conquered them with her weapons of tolerance, peace, coolness, love, patience…with the knowledge that she embodied. When she became fully complete, she became Lakshmi.

You too are becoming deities, the masters of the land of truth, Baba reminds me. There is no question of fear. As the children of Jagadamba, you too should become embodiments of the same knowledge, says Baba. Only when I become fearless and powerful can I liberate others from fear and offer the co-operation of my powers. You are the Shiv Shakti Army, the children of Jagadamba. There isn’t praise of just one. You are also with her. That One is the Commander. He teaches you the spiritual drill. You are His children. You are lucky stars. This Saraswati is also a lucky star. She is also the daughter of Brahma. This one (Brahma) is the moon of the Sun of Knowledge but, because he is male, the urn is placed on the mother.

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