Become number one

Baba says, ‘Those who claim number one in all these four subjects are called world benefactors.’

At this auspicious confluence age, God Himself becomes my Teacher and bestows the knowledge of the Gita. The essence of the knowledge is two words: Creator and creation. Until God comes Himself and gives His true introduction, no one can know Him, the Creator. He comes and adopts me as His own child. As a soul, I am always His child but at this confluence age, He becomes my Father in a practical way. So to understand the Creator means I have His introduction and my relationship with Him is clear.

He also reminds me who I am- not just that I am a soul but also what type of soul I am. For half a cycle, I had considered myself a body and had therefore lived the life of an orphan, fatherless. He came and reminded me that I am originally a pure, peaceful, loveful, knowledgeful, soul that has played 84 different roles in the unlimited drama. He revealed to me the beginning, middle and end of my story and helped me see all my various forms throughout the cycle. In doing so, He also reminded me of the present time and the present part I am playing- as God’s own helper in His task of re-establishing heaven.

Everyday, the Teacher teaches me about the Creator and the creation in different ways; He reveals new points each day. The teacher is one, the study is the same for everyone everywhere, and yet, He observes, students don’t study the same way, they become numberwise. This difference, He points out, is because unlike satsangs, where all one does is listen to the teachings and leave, here, one has to actually put each elevated version into practice. This, He reminds me, is a study, not philosophy. All students listen but the difference comes in this aspect of putting the knowledge into practice.

Unlike worldly education, there aren’t many subjects in this study, Baba points out, there are just four that I have to imbibe. And what makes it even easier is that all four are related to each other. If I were to imbibe the subject of knowledge the right way, that is, churn each point of the Creator and the creation, then, I cannot say that I don’t have yoga. To experience each point by churning it enables me to realize it. To realize who I am and Who my Father is, to experience His love and sustenance as His child is yoga. His love is the alchemy that burns the alloy of weaknesses, of impure sanskars and transforms me once again into pure gold. His love fills me with the power I need to face any situation with any soul gracefully, tactfully. Thus, by making knowledge and yoga my foundation, dharna become automatic. When knowledge and yoga become my nature or my lifestyle, then, because of that nature, I naturally think knowledge-full thoughts, speak words filled with essence, and my actions are elevated and yukti-yukt (tactful). My vision is pure, attitude is benevolent and my face and behavior reveals that I am a yogi. It’s not something I have to labor on: ‘I have to be happy…’, ‘I have to become sweet…’ etc., this is a natural outcome.

Nature makes everything natural‘, teaches Baba. When knowledge and yoga become your original nature, your foundation, that is known as having a gyani and yogi life, He says. When I have imbibed all three subjects well, that is, when I have become a true gyani and yogi, then I am automatically a bestower or a server because my very being serves. A bestower cannot stay without giving. Thus, all four subjects are related. And so if someone were to say that: ‘I have very good knowledge but I am lacking in my dharna’, then that doesn’t compute. It means that I have listened to the knowledge, I have intellectually understood it, might even teach it to other very well but I have not become an embodiment of it. I have understood that God is the Creator and that I am His child, His creation but I have not yet formed that deep bond or connection. I have not accepted myself as His child, practically. I have understood the cycle but I don’t see or experience myself in the various forms throughout the cycle. Unless I experience being the child of God, experience being the elevated soul that has played the various parts in the cycle, I cannot transform.

Sometimes I argue: ‘well, I do spin the cycle in the morning at Amritvela’, ‘I do speak to Baba at Amritvela’, ‘I churn the knowledge during my evening meditation’ etc., but Baba reminds me that this is a yogi life and a life means constantly, always. God doesn’t teach me ‘meditation’, He asks me to remember. He says: ‘remember who you are and remember Me‘. This has to be a constant, natural awareness. Just as I never forget my bodily name, where I live or who my parents are no matter where I am or what I am busy in, similarly, the awareness of who I am eternally and Who my eternal Father is has to be a natural awareness. When this happens, I cannot help but feel light, I cannot help but experience super-sensuous joy; it’s not something I have to labor for. And my demeanor naturally serves others who feel inspired to have what I have. And so Baba says, ‘don’t try to have yoga but become the ones who have a yogi life.’

When I do this, that is, when I put knowledge and yoga into a practical form in my life, then, Baba says, I move from being numberwise to number one.

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