Your final thoughts lead you to your destination

Baba says, ‘remember Baba internally in such a way that your final thoughts lead you to your destination.’

For half a cycle, I performed wrong actions because I thought wrong thoughts…selfish thoughts. It was all about ‘I, me and mine’. I was following Ravan’s directions and he had taught me to hustle for myself and do ‘whatever it takes’ to get what ‘I‘ want. If someone did something I didn’t like then it would weigh on my mind forever: ‘why did they do that to me?’ and I wouldn’t let go. I was always pre-occupied with myself, with what I need or want or with what someone did/said about me.

It is said: ‘As your final moments, so your destination‘. If I am not liberated now from this vicious cycle of wrong thoughts and actions, I cannot go with the Father to the land of liberation or the sweet home. Unless I am living victoriously now, I cannot expect to live in heaven, the land of liberation-in-life for long. The Father only comes at this auspicious confluence age, at the very end of the cycle, during my final moments, and gives the elevated directions. By following His directions, I attain both liberation and liberation-in-life now and for the future. His direction is: ‘consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father‘. There is no other way. Only when I am soul conscious will I perform actions according to the knowledge I receive from the Father. Because only then will the intellect be the golden vessel i.e. clean and pure, to hold the knowledge. When I am body conscious, my intellect is cluttered with all the noise of ‘I and mine’ and cannot hold the knowledge. I therefore don’t remember the directions when I perform actions.

Destination doesn’t just mean the sweet home or heaven, it also means the right outcome for every action; it means success. Baba is not just my Father but He is also my Satguru or Guide. He guides me at every step of my journey- what to think, speak, how to act in any given situation. People in the world are without this guidance and therefore, their actions become wrong. This is how I was before too but now, as a Brahmin, I have this special salvation of success of all actions performed according to Shrimat. If I perform an action per Shrimat, then it is Baba’s responsibility. As far as I’m concerned, I’m already successful because I have done what I was told. The rest is up to Him. Similarly, if I live life with the attitude that: whatever situation comes is here to move me forward, that God is with me and in-charge of my life, then I have already received success before the situation has even arrived. When I follow Shrimat, I don’t have to labor. I simply do as I’m told and rest. Even if a direction might seem unfair at the time, or might seem like it’s going to bring me a loss, if I obey anyway by faith remembering Who is telling me, I will see success.

But again, all of this is possible only when I actually remember what the Shrimat is during any given moment, when I can actually have a clear enough intellect to catch the subtle guidance of the Satguru during any situation. And so Baba says, ‘children, remember the Father and also do a lot of service’. When my mind is busy in service, then I remain safe from waste thoughts, from the ‘what he/she said, what happened, etc.’. Serving others, Baba teaches, is the best way to get myself off my mind. Instead, I become busy giving; and that is my attitude, I actually feel light, my intellect remains clean and I experience super-sensuous joy. So create a timetable for your mind in service, He suggests, don’t keep it empty.

You are the children of God, the Highest-on-High‘, He reminds me. This is the greatest attainment of this time. I, the soul, have come to the end of the cycle and have once again reunited with my Father. This is the greatest event of the whole cycle, why wouldn’t I spend every second celebrating this? why wouldn’t I remember all my experiences with God, what He’s done for me, all the things He and I have done together, what He’s told me about me, what a great task He and I are engaged in together….the list of attainments and experiences is long, He says. Why would I waste a single second on anything else? When I constantly remain in this celebration, when this is my awareness, then the song I sing is: ‘I have attained what I wanted to attain…’. I remain light and happy and make others light and happy. I remain content and make others content. Baba says, ‘don’t just say ‘Baba, Baba’ with your lips but remember Baba internally in such a way that your final thoughts lead you to your destination. That is, now, liberate yourself and then liberate your brother and sisters from sorrow too. The sound of happiness should now emerge from all their lips: Our Father has come.

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