He is also the Child

Baba says, ‘You say that Shiv Baba is your Father and also your Child. How the Father can also be the Child is something very deep and entertaining.’

Shiv Baba is God, the Creator, the Mother and Father of all souls. He does not have a mother and father of His own…or does He? In reality, He doesn’t but it is a game of knowledge when I say that I have made Shiv Baba my Child, my Heir.

I was happy, content, peaceful for half a cycle. I was the master of heaven. Then I forgot who I am, that I am a soul and started to identify as the body. This one mistake, this wrong consciousness then brought along with it the five vices and the rest, as they say, is half a cycle’s worth of sorrow, pain and suffering. Baba says, ‘only when you have faith that you are a soul and you remember the Father can your body consciousness break. It requires a lot of effort for you to once again become soul conscious.’ It takes a lot of effort to begin considering myself a soul again when the whole world around me is body conscious. Shiv Baba alone is my reference point, not any human being. Only when I remember Baba do I remind myself of my originality, of what it means to be a pure soul- my virtues, my powers.

And so Baba teaches me yuktis or tactics to make remembrance easy, fun and creative. Baba says, ‘Whatever you have, make Me the Heir of it all.‘ To make Baba my Heir is to make Him my Child and surrender myself to Him. When I give Him all I have, He gives me all He has. It is only now, at this auspicious confluence age, that this exchange can take place. To make Him my Child or Heir is to live as a trustee. I still continue to live with my family, use all that I have- body, mind, wealth- but as a trustee, per the instructions of the Master. In other words, to make Shiv Baba my Heir is to simply follow His Shrimat.

Although today’s children receive an inheritance, they often don’t serve their parents well. As soon as there are a few conflicts, they move away from their parents. Baba says, ‘When you make Me your Child now, I will serve you so much that you will remain happy for the whole cycle.’ In other words, when I follow Baba’s Shrimat, He becomes responsible for me- for every little thing concerning me. Often, I carry on with my life on my own terms until I have a crisis on my hands and then I remember Baba. But Baba only takes my responsibility when I live my life on His terms, per His Shrimat. He doesn’t take my problems without taking me first. And so He says, ‘fulfill all your relationships with Me.‘ He is my Child but He is also my Father. He says, ‘when you belong to Me as My child, that is, when you accept Me as your Father, I will give you happiness in heaven for ever. If you make Me your Bridegroom, I will decorate you and make you into an empress of heaven.’

The goal is: Break my intellect away from all relationships of the body including that of my own body, because they all only cause sorrow. Baba, on the other hand, only gives me happiness. He says, ‘look, I even play with you and so you can consider that you are playing with your Brother. As a Brother too, Baba gives happiness.’ And so when He is committed fully, to making me a master of heaven, let me commit myself fully to this same task. I do that by breaking away my attachments with everyone else and fulfilling all relationships with Him. I have the consciousness: Mine is one Shiv Baba and none other. I know now that this is the same Father Who comes after me cycle after cycle, personally, to liberate me from all sorrows and to make me ever happy. Therefore, why wouldn’t I connect my intellect with such a Father? Why wouldn’t I become pure and be the child He wants me to be?

Baba says: ‘Make Me your Trustee and then continue to take advice about what has to be done in any situation. If you make good effort and make that One your Child, He will give you your inheritance. According to how much inheritance you give, I will give you a similar inheritance in return. I will give but, in heaven, not here. Whatever you give Me, I use it for you children. I do not become the master of the world, you do. Once again, I am making you into the masters of heaven. You can take as much as you want from Me. Whether you make Me your Heir or not, be happy with your own children. Be pure and remember the one Father and then your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. None of the false mantras will be of any use. I give you the mantra that is beneficial: ‘Remember the Father and the kingdom!’

When a child is born, he definitely receives an inheritance. You know that you belonged to Shiv Baba. You used to rule in heaven and then you lost it. Now, the Father says: Remember Me. Belong to Me. There is so much benefit in belonging to Me!

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