You have to become children first

Baba says, ‘Many come here, but this is not in their fortune. You have to become children when you come here.’

For half a cycle, I was an orphan in Ravan’s world with no identity or belonging. I called out to God daily: ‘O God, O Purifier, come and make us impure ones pure. Liberate us from this world of sorrow.’ He’s here now but am I ready for Him? Am I truly ready to be purified? Am I ready to be liberated?

Bhagats call out, says Baba, but they don’t know Who the Purifier is, when He comes and how He purifies. The very first step God takes to purify me is He adopts me as His child. He doesn’t take my problems, my impurities, my illnesses without taking me first. Why? because in order to be purified, i.e., be cured of the illnesses, be rid of problems and cleansed of impurities, I need to follow directions given by the Surgeon, the Satguru, the Purifier. I won’t follow directions unless I consider myself the child and God as my Supreme Father.

In bhakti, I think that all I need to do is sing praise, observe a fast every so often, perform some rituals that I don’t understand, and make offerings. I believe that these things will impress God and He will wave His magic wand and make all my issues vanish. ‘It doesn’t work that way’, says the Father. This is a study, this is Raja Yoga. I teach you the way to rid yourself of all the impurities and illnesses and become pure. Unless you become pure, you cannot be liberated from sorrow, He teaches. They are directly proportional- the purer I become, to that extent, I become liberated from bondages that cause me sorrow. And so He says, study well.

Many come to the exhibitions or to the centers thinking this is just another satsang where one listens to a good bhakti story or listens to versions from a guru and then goes back home to their old routine. They don’t realize that here, there are no stories, this is a study. Here, God Himself comes and becomes the Teacher and gives me an education. Here God Himself comes as the Satguru and gives me directions to become pure. He is three in one- Father, Teacher and Satguru and He expects me to obey His directions and transform. The moment people learn that there is work involved, that they have to take on responsibility, that there is accountability, they are not so interested anymore. Bhakti feels easier- song and dance, zero responsibility. They’d rather fast and undertake arduous pilgrimages than study. They’d rather perform charity than remain pure.

The Father says, ‘Many come here but this is not in their fortune. You have to become children when you come here.’

And so the question I have to ask myself is: ‘what is my relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul?’ Is He just God, an entity far away, to me? Is He someone I simply know of or is He someone I belong to? Have I truly, deeply accepted Him as my Father and made myself His child? If I have then that’s the game changer. Difficult feels easy, sorrow changes to happiness, bondages break away and I become liberated. When I am the child, I have love for the Father, I have deep trust, I have faith in Him. When He gives me a signal to do something or change something, I don’t question it, I simply obey. It might seem odd, it might seem wrong, it might seem like it simply doesn’t make sense but because I am the child and He, the Father, I obey. I don’t like everything the doctor tells me to do but I dare not disobey him because I know if I do, I will pay the price with my health. Same here. God is the Supreme Surgeon, if I don’t obey His directions, I will continue to suffer spiritually.

Some others think that just because they have recognized Baba, they will no longer face storms but Baba says, ‘storms will come.‘ In fact, they come with greater force when I become God’s child. Why? because I now have the knowledge, I have the awareness of right and wrong. And so thoughts and feelings that I didn’t even pay attention to before, I do now and I think: ‘can this too happen? I never had such thoughts even before Baba, why do I have them now!?’ Baba says, ‘you mustn’t become afraid of storms and faint in your mind.‘ The only scenario where I will not faint in my mind is when I become the child and hold on to the Father’s hand. This is why small children are fearless because they know they are taken care of. They simply hold their father’s hand and go wherever they are led. Do I know how to be led? or do I like to lead?

After half a cycle of leading life on my own terms, I have got used to offering my own directions, my own opinions…even to God. ‘Baba, you don’t know how they are! You should tell them to….’, ‘Baba, they don’t even follow Shrimat, I follow all the disciplines and so I deserve….’, ‘Baba, I think we should publish such-and-such in the papers….’ etc. Let me remind myself that I am the child and that I need to take directions from the Father, not the other way around. And so Baba says, ‘renounce body consciousness’. Body consciousness is ‘I know’, ‘I think’, ‘I want’, ‘I like’, ‘I deserve’…all about ‘I and mine’. Baba says, ‘you tried that for half a cycle, now I am here. Only listen to the things I tell you. Follow My directions.’

His #1 direction: ‘Consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone and your sins will be absolved.’ He is my Father, He has come to take me away from this old world. He shows me the way back home first- to my own truth, and then when my truth is awakened i.e. when I reach the satopradhan stage, I find myself in heaven. ‘I will give you liberation and liberation-in-life’, He tells me, ‘you return home and then start your parts from the beginning. If you keep this much in your intellects, it is very good.’

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