Being a karma yogi

Baba says, ‘You are karma yogis. Baba says: While doing everything, continue to remember Me.’

The term ‘Karma yogi’, Baba explains, refers to those who perform action while in the stage of an incorporeal soul. This physical world is a stage and I, the soul, am an actor; I express myself through actions. And so I cannot remain here without performing actions even for a second. To take the support of a body i.e. of sense organs itself means to perform actions constantly- breathing, for example, is an action too. Just as I cannot remain without performing action, similarly, I cannot remain without remembrance. That too, is just as natural to the soul as breathing. This is why the terms ‘karma’ and ‘yogi’ are used together. I am constantly remembering something, the question is what?

Actions are performed automatically because the sense organs have the natural practice of this; I don’t have to make any effort to move the hand or move the leg. Similarly, the intellect is responsible for remembrance. Before I came to Baba, the intellect had become both lazy and powerless thereby allowing the mind to project whatever thoughts it wanted. But Baba has taught me that I am the master of my own thoughts. Right at birth, the very first gift He gave me is that of a divine intellect. When I use this gift, I am able to control the kind of thoughts I create and therefore control the kind of actions I perform. Thoughts are the seed from which words and actions emerge.

While performing any task, Baba teaches, check what you are thinking about or what/whom your yoga is with. Is my yoga with the action or is it with the Father? More often that not, I am action conscious and so my intellect is consumed with thoughts related to the action- can I do this? should I do this or that? why did they say this to me? Maybe I should have…etc. Because of this kind of thinking, any action feels like labor. Baba says, ‘while performing any action, remain absorbed in love, in remembrance of the Father.’ When I am absorbed in the Father’s love, I automatically remain detached while performing action and as a result, I remain free from any bondage of those actions. ‘You will not experience it to be work, but as if you are just playing. You will not experience any type of burden or tiredness.‘, says Baba. This is what a ‘Karma yogi’ is- one who remains detached whilst performing every action as a game. A karma yogi is therefore called an angel. They come, perform the action required as per the Father’s direction and leave. They don’t stick around for praise nor do they worry about anyone’s reactions. They do what they’ve been told to do and detach.

Actions which are thus performed in remembrance i.e. as a karma yogi, become a memorial, teaches Baba. ‘Just as you sing praise of the Father and speak of His activities, have you yourself imbibed all of those virtues?‘, He asks. ‘Have you made every deed a divine activity?‘ Many times, I separate yoga and karma- I either sit in meditation or I perform action but forget to do both simultaneously. As a result, for the few minutes that I sit in meditation, I might feel a sense of calm with effort, but then, the moment I am done, my mind is once again inundated with thoughts. Baba says, ‘Brahmin means one with a yogi life and a life is all the time’. A karma yogi means that my every action is yogyukt (filled with remembrance) and as a result, my every action is also automatically yuktiyukt (tactful) and shaktiyukt (powerful). If I become someone who is influenced by the action rather than a master who controls the action, then I lose my inheritance of peace, happiness and contentment.

All it takes is one wasteful thing, Baba cautions, to take away your peace. That one wasteful thing I allow myself to think about someone or something will then bring wasteful feelings which will lead to a wasteful attitude and lead to wasteful actions. This is what Maya does- she attacks the intellect first. She first breaks the connection of the intellect from the Father and as a result, all the light, might, power and knowledge, everything automatically comes to an end. It’s as if she makes me unconscious. To prevent this, Baba teaches, you should always guard your intellect for only then will you be able to remain a constant, easy karma yogi. No matter what happens, Baba says, as a karma yogi, my attitude is: ‘whatever is happening is good, I am good, the Father is good and the drama is good.‘ This thought works like scissors to cut the bondages. When the bondages are cut away, I become karmateet.

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