Bhagat Vatsalam

Baba says, ‘the Father is Bhagat Vatsalam, the Protector of devotees and children. It is the Father’s responsibility, not the children’s, to make impure ones pure and take them home.’

God is called the Protector of devotees. If they need protection, it must be that they experienced some calamities! Indeed, says Baba, the whole world is now in the grip of the five vices. Everyone is a devotee, no one can be called a knowledgeable soul. Knowledgeable souls are constantly happy and cheerful. Why? because having imbibed the knowledge, they have attained salvation, they are liberated-in-life. There are no more bondages of sorrow or of falsehoods that disturb them and hold them down. They constantly experience the flying stage.

But today, in the world, everyone receives a lot of sorrow from Ravan, from the five vices. They therefore remember the Innocent Lord. Although they call out to Him, they have no idea when He will come and how He will protect them. Having received the knowledge, I now understand that Shiv Baba, the Innocent Lord, comes and reforms that which is spoilt. The world doesn’t know who God is. If they did, they would not fight over Who He is, what He does and how He does it. Everyone believes they know Him but no one can until He Himself comes and gives His own introduction. Not just that but if they knew God, they would also know themselves- the beginning, middle and end of their own story and of the world. But the world doesn’t know the Creator nor His creation. Such a human community, Baba says, would be called blind.

But, says Baba, you have received divine vision. Do I realize this? if I do, I must demonstrate all the symptoms of being divine and knowledgeable. Am I constantly happy and cheerful?

They sing that the Protector of Devotees is God and that He is the Purifier. And yet, they don’t truly believe that they are impure. They have accepted the vices to be a way of life, to be natural. The Father comes and explains that all souls are now impure. He once again teaches me Raja Yoga as He has every cycle, to remind me of and return me to my own purity. He comes not just as my Father but also becomes my Teacher and Satguru; He is three-in-one and together, He is the Purifier. He sustains me practically, He teaches me the knowledge of the soul, the Supreme Soul and the world cycle and He shows me the way back to the truth, that is, He guides me on the journey where I imbibe the knowledge that He is teaching me. When I obey the Father’s directions, when I study well and take His hand and company, then, that’s how I become pure.

And so the Father says, ‘It is the Father’s responsibility, not the children’s, to make impure ones pure and take them home.‘ Only He can shoulder this responsibility, it is His part in the unlimited drama. When I imbibe the knowledge, I realize that at this point in the cycle, only He knows the truth and therefore only He can teach it to souls. Only He remains beyond the cycle of birth and death and therefore, only He remains unadulterated by the vices; He is therefore, my only reference point. When I follow His directions, I transform from a impure, degraded, unrighteous human-being into a pure, elevated, righteous deity. And while it took half a cycle to descend into degradation, my transformation into a deity happens in this one short birth. This is why it is sung that it didn’t take God much time to change humans into deities.

But, observes Baba, the world is in darkness and they don’t even know it. They believe that the iron-age is still in its infancy and that there are still hundreds of thousands of years left. And so they continue to waste time. ‘Everyone is in the deep sleep of Kumbakarna’, says Baba. ‘But you know’, Baba reminds me, ‘that death is just ahead, there is very little time left’. That means I have enormous responsibility of waking up my brothers and sisters before it’s too late. It is only at this time, during this short confluence age, that can souls receive this knowledge from the Supreme Father and claim their inheritance. ‘Everyone wants salvation, I have come to show the path’, He says. It is now or never.

Baba says, ‘Won’t you be My helpers?’ Physical fathers expect their children to give the return of the sustenance they provided by taking care of them when they grow old. But the eternal Father only expects me to help Him in His task of world service. What He gives to me, He expects to see flow through me to others. God is the Protector of Devotees and you too, as His children, are protectors of devotees, He teaches me. He says: ‘Children, now give everyone the message: ‘consider yourself a soul and remember the Father. It is time to return home.’

To be able to give the message to my brothers, that is, to be able to help the Father, I first have to become soul conscious. I first need to realize that I am a soul and not the body. Only when I realize this will I become free from all the limited ‘I’s and ‘mine’s, the bondages that hold me down. Only when I am liberated can I liberate others. And so Baba says, ‘study well. Check whether you are crediting or debiting your account. Are you liberating yourself or tying yourself down through your actions?

The Father comes in an ordinary way in an ordinary body for His children. He says: ‘I am the Servant of you children’. He lives in such a simple way. You call out to me when you become unhappy and I come and make you into the masters of the world by changing you from impure to pure. People don’t understand but you do and so you have to do elevated service. Remember the Father and return home.

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