Don’t miss the study

Baba says, ‘This school is very great. Therefore, you definitely have to study. God Himself is teaching you! Don’t miss a single day. This is the most valuable study.

In Bharat, there is a saying: ‘those who study well will become kings and those who simply play and waste time will become spoilt.‘ This is true for any study and especially true for this one. This, Baba explains, is the Godly Spiritual University. I receive admission into this university once every 5000 years. This is such an elevated study that out of billions of souls, only a handful receive admission. The teacher is God Himself. He is not just my Teacher but He is also my Father and Guru- three in One. And so the specialty of this university is that not only do I receive the highest education but my character is also reformed.

So what exactly am I studying for here? what is the degree I receive? The Father makes me into a supreme deity. In a medical college, a doctor would teach me and make me like him, a doctor. Here too, the Father teaches me but He does not make into the Father, as He is, but He makes me similar to Him in praise. He is the Ocean of Love, He makes me the master ocean of love; He is the Ocean of Peace, He makes me the master ocean of peace and so on. When my study is completed, I will become complete in all virtues, 16 celestial degrees complete, completely viceless, completely righteous, and completely non-violent. This, is the degree I receive. The knowledge that the Father gives me is not in any book or scripture that I can simply pick it up and study. This is new knowledge, no human being can teach me this knowledge because no one knows it; only the One Father, the Bestower of the knowledge of the Gita, the Ocean of Knowledge has this knowledge to give to me.

In the world though, there are so many scriptures, especially in Bharat, but they don’t elevate me; in fact, studying them takes me further away from my truth and from the Father. They make the soul descend from its high stage. Knowledge, Baba explains, is not a scripture, it is truth, it is understanding, it is a gift I receive from the Father. It is not for memorizing or reciting, it is for imbibing. When imbibed, each point of knowledge transforms the soul, liberates it from the toughest bondages. I lost my inner kingdom when I forgot the knowledge; it allowed the vices to enter me and rob me of my inheritance. I started begging for what is mine. God comes to teach me the knowledge once again, to change me from a beggar and make me into a sovereign once again. I rule my kingdom once again. To miss the study therefore, is to lose my status.

While knowledge is light and shows me true from false, clears the cobwebs in my mind, remembrance takes me even beyond knowledge. Knowledge is gross, remembrance is subtle; I go beyond sound into silence. In that deep silence, I once again, become the embodiment of the knowledge I am learning. I move inward and touch base with who I am and move upward to connect with the Supreme Father. I once again experience who I am, and become that. His love becomes the alchemy that heals and transforms the soul. And so to not remember the Father and remember other souls instead is to lose my status.

This is Raja yoga, Baba explains, there is only the one study and the one status. This is not a study to become subjects or anything else, it is a study to become the king of kings. You are students of such an elevated study, He reminds me, the Father Himself comes at this time, at this confluence of cycles of teach me this study. He comes to liberate everyone from the chains of Maya. By all means, you may stay at home with your family, do your business etc. but you definitely must come to class. However, if someone says that they don’t want to go to school, then, He says, what can the Father do? don’t ask the Father for mercy when things get hard, He says, you must have mercy on yourself and come to school. So, will you not study Raja yoga from God? Who would not want to do this? Although some children have the faith that God is teaching them, they still make excuses, Baba notes, that they are sick or that they have something to do. Don’t betray yourselves, Baba cautions. To not study even after recognizing the Teacher is the greatest betrayal I do to myself because I don’t just deprive myself of my fortune for this one birth but for many births, cycle after cycle.

There isn’t even a great deal to study here- you simply need an intellect to understand Alpha and beta. ‘Remember Alpha and beta and tell everyone else about it‘, He says. The Father is teaching me through Brahma and making me similar to Vishnu. Some think that they want to become like Radhe; the urn of nectar has been given to the mothers. It is the Father Who explains this secret, no one else knows this. ‘Baba has come at this time and so study well‘, He says, ‘study with the force of 20 nails and show courage‘. It takes courage to be faithful and obedient. It means that I follow the code of conduct laid out for me, it means that I only follow the shrimat of the Satguru. When He gives me a signal to do something that is hard or something that is the opposite of what I had expected, I obey anyway. I trust Him over my judgment. That means, I forgive those who have betrayed me, I respect those who are rude to me, I don’t sulk or panic when the business goes under. Where there is a step of courage, the Father offers multi-millionfold help. No matter what happens, what storms of Maya come, don’t sulk with the Father and stop studying, Baba cautions. Those who stop studying fail and fall.

Some children think: ‘if only I had a vision of the golden age, it would help my faith grow, I would study even better.’ Baba says, ‘don’t deceive yourselves by thinking this way.’ When you have desires, there are obstacles in those desires; besides, says Baba, there is absolutely no benefit in that. Only those who have a mature stage of knowledge can stay here permanently. Imbibe what the Father is teaching you. It is to the extent that you imbibe the knowledge that you attain a status, it has nothing to do with visions. Baba teaches us and then takes us back with Him. How can you leave or forget such a Mother and Father? Sometimes, I think that it is okay to miss the murli in the morning, I’ll just read it later or listen to it online. Baba says, ‘even though you may read the murli later, when you miss listening to the murli in class at the fixed time, you miss the Father’s love and remembrances.’ The Father never misses a day of class, neither should the children, He reasons. He is the only ignited light, He has come to ignite mine.

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