Serve Bharat with your body, mind and wealth

Baba says, ‘you are using your minds, bodies and wealth to serve Bharat in particular, and the world in general, to make it into heaven.’

Heaven is more than palaces studded with diamonds and jewels; heaven is first and foremost liberation-in-life. It is the land of peace and happiness where there is no name or trace of peacelessness or sorrow. Where there is peace and happiness, there is also prosperity. The Father says: ‘I have come to serve you by making you a resident of heaven, practically. All of you children are also on the spiritual service of Bharat. No one except you is able to do this service.’ I serve Bharat by following the Father’s shrimat and becoming pure. Where there is complete purity, there is automatically, peace, happiness and prosperity.

Bapu Gandhi also wanted the kingdom of Rama in Bharat but this is no task for any human being, clarifies Baba. If it was, then God wouldn’t be called the Purifier. He is called this because only He can make impure souls of half a cycle, pure again. To be a helper of God Himself in such an elevated task is a matter of great intoxication, Baba points out, but very few have this intoxication. In the world, when people addicted to alcohol or other substances are intoxicated, they are told to bring it down because that intoxication is harmful. But this is pure intoxication, says Baba, it always needs to remain high. When I lose this intoxication, I become slack in doing my duty as a server or worse, I might even leave.

Always maintain the intoxication‘, Baba says, ‘that I am creating the kingdom of Rama, I am a government servant.‘ I am creating the divine government. Bharat used to be a pure land in the golden age, I am now once again creating a pure land, the land of happiness through the Father and that too, in an incognito way. I also receive His shrimat in an incognito way, and it is tailored to me- for how I need to think, speak, act…He is involved in every tiny aspect of my life- what I eat, what I wear, how I spend my wealth, how I manage my household, raise the kids…everything. God speaks to me privately in public. He gives me direction, the guidance that I had missed for half a cycle. He shows me the right way. When I am off track, He signals to me what He would like me to check and change and how. He doesn’t just leave it at that, He stays with me every step of my transformation. When I obey His direction, I am serving myself and thereby Bharat, with my body, mind and wealth.

During the freedom struggle, many went to jail but here, there is no need for me to go to jail, mine is a spiritual aspect. Here my war, Baba explains, is against the five vices of Ravan who rules the kingdom of the entire earth. When I become pure and complete in all virtues, I am able to give the co-operation or donation of those virtues to others. When someone is angry, I can offer the co-operation of tolerance and patience; when someone is having a rough day, I can offer the co-operation of compassion; where most of the world is in the grips of fear, I can demonstrate remaining peaceful in a midst of a crisis, I can demonstrate unflinching faith in the Father; where everyone judges everyone else based on performance, I can offer complete acceptance; where people criticize, I can offer empathy. When I imbibe the Father’s teachings and become an embodiment in my practical life, then my very being serves Bharat and the world.

When a doctor or a barrister teach others, they make them like themselves- doctors or barristers. Similarly, God teaches me to become like Him and I am never more like God than when I am helping the hurting. At this time in the cycle, everyone, no matter how rich, is hurting in the prison of Ravan, in the cottage of sorrow waiting to be liberated from Ravan, that is, from the bondages of the vices. When I offer tolerance, mercy, compassion, acceptance, faith, stability…like the Father offered them to me, I inspire them to break free and become like me, to get what I have. In other words, I inspire my brothers and sisters to claim their inheritance from the Father and also become His helpers, that is, join His army, in the task of making Bharat pure.

In the Ramayana, it is shown that Rama took an army of monkeys! Well, before Baba, I was a monkey! It wasn’t a question of just one Sita, the world is full of Sitas, waiting to be rescued by Rama. Many don’t even know He is here; they spend so much money in creating effigies of Ravan and then burning it. They don’t understand who or what Ravan is or Who the Father is. Baba says, while the rest of the world is still following Ravan’s dictates, you children are Bharat’s most valuable servants because you follow Shrimat. You awaken your truth and help the Father rescue all the Sitas of the world. Social workers in the world might collect money and construct buildings but at the end, all of that will turn to dust. You, Baba says, sacrifice everything to Baba. You use everything- your body, mind and wealth- in order to serve Bharat, to change it to heaven. You children should therefore have a great deal of intoxication! No one else is such a philanthropist.

You have the intoxication that you are the children of the Almighty Authority, that you are registered with Him. It takes a lot of effort to register with Baba. When you promise to become completely viceless and then prove it, Baba then registers youYou children should be so intoxicated that you are changing Bharat into heaven, that you are making it into the land of kings (Rajasthan). You will then rule there. 

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