Make the mothers laugh

Baba says, ‘It is a sin to cause sorrow for anyone. The mothers cry the most. You have to make them laugh.’

This is a school, you come here to study Raja Yoga to change from human to deity, says Baba. The qualifications of a deity are: full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees complete, completely viceless and whose highest moral virtue is non-violence. So of everything, the #1 dharna of a deity is to be non-violent. To be completely non-violent means that I don’t cause sorrow to anyone even through my thoughts. To be a deity is to be the highest human and that means that my every thought and every step has to be the highest, that is, most elevated; they shouldn’t be ordinary, worldly or wasteful.

At no other time in the whole cycle do souls need mercy and empathy than right now. It is the very end of the cycle and souls have all been on long journeys. They are exhausted, confused and alone in a crowded world. No one remembers the right way to be, Ravan has everyone completely brainwashed into following his devilish directions. The only one Who can stand up to the power of Ravan at this time, is God, Shiv Baba. He is the true Rama. He comes and gives me shrimat or Godly directions for how to think, speak and act. It is my duty as His child to follow His directions; as long as I do this, I can never cause myself or anyone else sorrow.

The Father is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness to all, so as His children, how can you cause anyone sorrow? this is a great sin, He teaches. Sometimes, I think: ‘well, my day was good today…I didn’t cause anyone sorrow.’ but, says Baba, did you give anyone happiness? If all I am able to do is not give sorrow, then I am living only according to my capacity. But I now have the power of the Almighty with me and so I should be able to go up against Ravan, defeat him and uplift my brother souls. That, is powerful service. Sure, I did not speak wrong words but did I speak words that put hope into a hopeless soul? that made a soul lacking courage, courageous? Did I put zeal and enthusiasm of happiness into someone? This is real service, explains Baba. To simply stay away from others and spend my time in an ordinary way thinking: ‘I’m just minding my own business…whatever they are facing is their karma..’ is not service. How am I using my powers? Baba says, ‘you must definitely give something or other to everyone; every soul in the world must attain something from you.’

Of the world demographic, there isn’t another segment that has been more mistreated, pushed down and abused as the mothers. And so Baba says, ‘I especially come for the mothers. I come to massage their tired feet.’ He uplifts the mothers by placing the urn of knowledge on their heads. He reminds them of who they are, that they are Shiv Shaktis, those who take power from the Father and become master almighty powerful. He reminds them that they are the lionesses who can take on Ravan in any form that he shows up in. He reminds them that they are never alone, that the Father is right beside them; there is therefore no reason to fear anyone or anything. Maybe there is a husband that is not so co-operative or who outrightly opposes; Baba says, ‘I am the Husband of Husbands, remember Me’.

As His child, am I playing my part as His helper? Am I treating the mothers with respect, with love, with appreciation? If I am still in body consciousness, chances are I’m not. As long as I think of myself as ‘the husband’, ‘the father’, ‘the boss’, ‘the son/daughter’, I will feel a right over the soul, as if they exist to serve me. Baba says, ‘live in the household, detached, as a lotus’. They are not my possession, they belong to Baba, they too are His children like me. Let me realize this and treat them with that regard and respect. This is also why it is sung: ‘don’t forget the days of this childhood’. The moment I stop thinking of myself as ‘a pure soul, a child of God’ and start thinking of myself as any of the bodily relationships, I get in trouble. Then, I start to judge, expect, criticize, condemn…because there is the sense of ‘I and mine’ that comes into play. But when I am a soul and mine is one Baba, everyone else is my brother soul and I have nothing but love and respect for them.

And so Baba teaches me to stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. ‘Throughout the day, while walking and moving around, remember who you are and Whose You are’. I am not just a soul but I am a pure soul, a great soul, a deity soul, a child of God, the Bestower of Happiness, the Comforter of Hearts. When I remember this, then when my mother or wife or sister tell me to do something for them, I don’t roll my eyes and think or say: ‘what do you want now?’, I don’t act dismissive: ‘what can you possibly do…’ or ‘can’t you even do this much right?’, I don’t take them for granted: ‘just get this done…’, ‘make this for me..’, I don’t judge them as if they are ‘uncool’, ‘backward’, ‘simpletons’; I remember that they are playing in the corporeal, the role of the Father and the Mother Himself. I remember that they are the ones God Himself came to earth for; that they are important enough for Him to come and take the reins of the world into His hands so he can bring them justice. Let me not dare be the obstacle in His path; God doesn’t take it lightly when I mistreat one of His children.

It is essential to follow shrimat at every step, He instructs. Here, you must learn to laugh and make others laugh. To laugh is not to laugh out loud but rather, to smile. Remain very sweet with one another. The Father says: ‘Don’t cause anyone sorrow. Wake up early in the morning and remember Baba: Baba, You are so sweet! You make us into the kings of kings, the masters of heaven. We will definitely follow your shrimat. We will not follow devilish directions.’ If you don’t remember the Father, He understands that you still have your old devilish sanskars, and so how could you claim your fortune of the kingdom? Check your behavior and transform. The Father says: ‘Become real children. Let your behavior be such that even the Father is pleased with you.’

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