The power of coolness

Baba says, ‘The Father is always on the lookout for children who are extremely sweet with cool natures and who are serviceable.’

It is the end of the cycle. Souls are all extremely tired, they are exhausted from the journey through Ravan’s world. No matter where they turn, there is no respite. When a traveler is tired and it is hot everywhere, they look for some shade. Just as a physical tree co-operates with it’s shade, can I be the spiritual tree that offers my weary brothers and sisters much needed spiritual shade? For this, I need the power of coolness.

The power of coolness means the power of soul conscious love. No matter how spoilt a child may be, love or the power of coolness is able to transform them. No matter what fire the soul might be burning in, the purity of soul conscious love cools them down and makes them able to see and imbibe the truth. Unless I am first cool, I cannot imbibe the truth and become a yogi: I will keep arguing my point of view: ‘what!’, ‘why?’, ‘but it should be like this…’, ‘I am right, here’s why..’, ‘it was like this, not like that..’. My intention may even be a good one, for example, I might want to give the Father’s introduction to my brother soul but if I am not cool inside, then I will start to argue my point, get into debate and come across as stubborn. Then, I inadvertently end up causing disservice. And so even if I am speaking truth, even if I mean well, even if I am offering a correction to a child or someone else for their own good, I need the power of coolness to accompany the power of truth. I need to use both powers equally and simultaneously for it to work. Otherwise, without the power of coolness, I will not be able to attain success with just the power of truth.

Baba says, ‘The Father is always on the lookout for children who are extremely sweet with cool natures and who are serviceable.’

The situation in the world is worsening each day and will reach it’s peak before it ends, Baba explains. On all four sides, there will be fires: on one side, there will be the fire of destruction, on the second side, there will be the fire of vices, on the third side, there will be the fire of attachment to the body, bodily relations and physical possessions and on the fourth side, there will be the fire of repentance. Unless I am saved from these fires myself, that is, cool inside myself, I will not be able to offer others the shade of coolness. ‘Become a Sheetla‘, Baba says, ‘who extinguishes all the fires everywhere and gives the blessing of coolness.’

The way to be saved from the fire of destruction is the power of fearlessness. Fearlessness will enable me to remain stable and not come into upheaval when the old sanskars, old nature are being destroyed. It’s not just my old sanskars, but if I get afraid when I come face to face with someone else’s anger, someone else’s ego, then I will either distance myself from them completely or retaliate out of fear. But if I remain fearless, I am able to offer them coolness. The anger will cool down, the fear will vanish, and the soul will be reminded of who they really are, how they ought to be…without me having to argue, shout or yell. In the same way, the way to save myself from even the slightest trace of the fire of vices, Baba says, is to remember my original and eternal clan. ‘I am a completely satopradhan soul belonging to the clan of Shiva. I am a deity soul belonging to the original deity clan. A deity soul is fully viceless and 16 celestial degrees complete.’ When I remember this, any trace of vice will end, says Baba.

Similarly, the way to save myself from the third fire of attachment to the body, bodily relations and possessions is to make the Father my world. If the Father is my whole world, then Baba points out, everything else will automatically become tasteless. Finally, the way to remain safe from the fire of repentance is to become an embodiment of all attainments. A lack of attainment is what makes me repent, whereas attainment makes me end repentance. So check, teaches Baba, that you are not deprived of experiencing any attainment.

When I check these four things, Baba explains, only then will I become an embodiment of coolness. I will become a cool yogi or goddess of coolness that can extinguish the heat of others. Just as the tree gives shade, I will be able to offer everyone the rest of constant co-operation- be it of tolerance, of stability, of hope and courage, of zeal and enthusiasm, whatever is needed. Each one would be attracted and feel: ‘I should go to this soul for even a few moments and in the shade of their coolness, take the happiness and contentment of that coolness.’ The Father says, ‘I am constantly on the lookout for such children with a cool nature.’ Let me ensure He doesn’t have to look far.

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