The Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness

Baba says, ‘I have come to take away all your sorrow and to give you happiness. This is why you sing: O Remover of Sorrow and Bestower of Happiness. I come and explain the reasons for your happiness and sorrow.’

This corporeal land is ruled by two: there are the kingdoms of Rama and Ravan. It is the kingdom of Rama for half a cycle and the kingdom of Ravan for the other half. But because they don’t understand this history and geography of the world, people say that it is God or Rama who causes both sorrow and happiness. The Father explains: ‘I never cause sorrow for My own children. My name is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness.‘ God never causes sorrow; rather, at this time, it is the land of sorrow. In the kingdom of Ravan, there is only sorrow; there isn’t a trace of happiness. However, there is no sorrow in the land of happiness. This, is the land that the Father creates, He creates heaven! I am now at the confluence age i.e. I am no longer in the old world of Ravan but neither am I in the new world of heaven yet. The Father comes at this confluence of the old and new worlds to establish the new world of happiness.

Human beings, because of being brainwashed by Ravan, think poison is happiness. Because of having renounced nectar and drinking poison, human beings have become completely unrighteous and as a result, think wrong thoughts, speak wrong words and perform wrong actions. This is why I have become sorrowful, not because of God but because of my own actions that I perform under influence of the five vices. It is remembered that God comes when the world become completely unrighteous and unreligious to once again establish the pure religion of peace and happiness. It is then said: ‘Everyone receives benefit due to You. When You come, whatever You do will bring benefit.‘ It takes God this short confluence age to change the old world into new by purifying souls. He teaches me Raja Yoga, the study through which I change from a degraded human into a elevated deity. When I change, the world changes.

People know that they are very unhappy in this kingdom of Ravan and even call out to the Purifier: ‘O Purifier, come and make us pure from impure.’ But they don’t understand how He purifies or that this old world is now to end and the new world is to come; consequently, they don’t make effort. They continue to sleep in the deep sleep of ignorance, burning effigies of Ravan every year to no avail. ‘We have to understand the right we have over God, the Father, who is the Father of everyone and also claim that right. You mustn’t just call Him your Father but you should come and listen and understand what you have to attain from Him.’, says Baba.

At this time, when the Father has come, He explains all the secrets of everything from the start of the new world to the end of the old world. He comes to the children and teaches how there is only one medicine that will cure all this sorrow. He is the eternal Herbalist. He liberates me from all sorrow not just for this one birth but for many, many births. Here, herbalists themselves become ill! While Ravan gives me limitless sorrow, the Father gives me limitless happiness. ‘This medicine I give you‘, He tells me, ‘is ONLY for becoming happy. Simply remember Me and you will become pure and your inner truth will be awakened.’ Then, I will think, speak and perform truthful actions; as a result, all my sorrow will be removed. There will then be nothing but happiness. This is why the Father is remembered as the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. He removes all sorrow. All I have to do, He teaches me, is to simply consider myself a soul and remember the Father.

Indeed, this is a play about souls and bodies‘, He explains. Incorporeal souls are imperishable and corporeal bodies are perishable. The whole play is about this. For half a cycle, I correctly identified as the pure, imperishable soul and as a result of this awareness, I lived a fearless, comfortable, righteous life: a happy life. Then for the second half, I forgot I am a soul and started identifying as the body. By definition, there cannot be happiness when I attach myself to anything perishable or temporary, let alone identifying as one! With this fundamental error of the wrong consciousness, came fear and the five vices and all their progeny. Where there is fear, selfishness, ego, greed, etc., there cannot be happiness. The Father says: ‘Now, forget all the relationships of bodies including those of your own body. While living in your household, have the consciousness that I now have to return home. Impure ones cannot return home. Therefore, constantly remember Me alone and you will become satopradhan.’ Take the Father’s medicine.

Even as He gives me the medicine, He cautions me that Maya will create obstacles to prevent me from taking my medicine on time. I have been her slave for half a cycle, she won’t let me get away that easily! The Father explains: ‘this knowledge is your study; it is not medicine. Your medicine is the pilgrimage of remembrance. If you constantly make the effort to stay in remembrance of Me, just by taking this one medicine, all of your sorrow will be removed.‘ Therefore, the main thing that the Father says is ‘Manmanabhav!’. All of your sorrow is removed by just this one mantra, He says. Then, as the Teacher, He says: ‘Madhyajibhav!’ He is the Father, Teacher and Satguru; when I remember all three, my stage becomes very cheerful. ‘You should remember such a Father a great deal!‘, says Baba. People call out to the Father but don’t know what they can attain from Him; I now know this. As the Father, He sustains me practically, as the Teacher, He teaches me the study to make me the king of kings. Then as the Guru, He makes me settle all my karmic accounts and takes me back home. Together, they prepare me, make me worthy for the sovereignty of heaven. ‘Understand these things‘, He says, ‘and make full effort to remove the root cause of your sorrow, and become the master of the land of happiness.

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