He is the true Mother and Father

Baba says, ‘give your true accounts to the true Father. Take shrimat for every aspect, for only then will there be benefit for you.’

Although people sing the praise of the Supreme Father, the Supreme soul as the Mother and Father, they don’t really relate to Him in that way. At this time, at this auspicious confluence age, God comes and adopts souls and makes them belong to Him. I am His adopted, that is, chosen child. I have this intoxication but with that, also comes responsibility. As His child, I have to claim blessings from the Mother and Father by following Shrimat. If my activity is good, I automatically claim blessings, if it isn’t good, if I continue to cause sorrow for others, if I don’t remember the Mother and Father and I don’t inspire others to remember, I cannot claim blessings nor can I receive as much happiness. I won’t be able to climb onto the Father’s heart-throne.

Whatever you express through your thoughts, words or deeds should give happiness to everyone. You mustn’t cause anyone sorrow.‘, teaches the Mother and Father. The thought of causing sorrow first enters the mind, but it is when I put that thought into action that it becomes a sin. ‘Storms will definitely enter your mind, but you mustn’t put them into action’, instructs the Father. ‘If anyone gets upset, rather than take matters into your own hands, come and ask the Father: ‘Baba, because of this matter, they remain upset.’ Then, Baba will explain, He will give shrimat.‘ God is here to have a relationship with me, He is the Mother and Father. Let me relate to Him that way, let me give Him the regard that a child would to its mother and father. It is a very deep aspect to call the One ‘The Mother and Father’. They are not simply words, it is a relationship I have to fulfill.

I have to become a true and honest child, that is, one with a surrendered intellect: ‘Baba, I belong to You. This body, mind and wealth are all Yours.‘ That means I cannot use the body, mind and wealth as I used to before I was adopted by Baba. I cannot live life on my own terms, I have to follow shrimat. In return, Baba then says: ‘Children, the sovereignty of heaven is yours.’ When I become the true child, my thoughts, words, actions, attitude, vision, face, behavior, every aspect of my being transforms; they become elevated. On the basis of this self-transformation that can only happen when I become the true child, I claim the full inheritance from the Father of becoming the true Narayan, the sovereign of heaven.

And so Baba says, ‘Remain honest with the true Lord.‘ He is longing to be in relationship with me, to be a part of every aspect of my life so that He can help me. He wants to hear what is on my heart today. Let me be honest and place every thought before Him. But often I think: ‘but God knows everything anyway, so why do I need to be honest with Him?’ It’s about the relationship. It is two sided– the child and the Mother and Father relating to each other. Yes, He knows but He wants me to realize too and bring it to Him. He wants my whole heart. And so honesty requires faith; it requires courage and faith to bare myself before Him.

He says: ‘I am the Lord of the Poor. The hearts of wealthy ones shrink over surrendering, but the poor ones tell everything straight away. The Father has to know everything about what each child has.’ This means that I take my heartache, worries, thoughts and sins to Him. He knows but by taking them to Him, I show my trust, my faith in my Mother and Father to help me. When I take them to Him, I become light, I receive an unexplainable peace, even in the midst of the situation, in the midst of the mistake, in the midst of the circumstance because now I have invited Him into the situation, the mistake, the circumstance. He wants to help me by renewing my mind, that is, by changing how I think about things so that I don’t embody the problem or the mistake but rather the solution, by helping me transform my feelings so I can have healthier relationships, by changing my attitude so I can be happy no matter what else is going on. But it starts with my honesty, by my taking everything I have to Him.

This is what Sudama had to do. He almost didn’t go to God because he was too embarrassed that he was poor and moreover, he thought he would embarrass the Father. Let me not make the mistake of thinking this way. I am His child, I cannot embarrass my own Father! Then when he finally got to God, he was too embarrassed to offer the fistful of beaten rice he has brought for him. Unless I offer the Mother and Father all I have that is worth shells, He cannot give me sovereignty. I have to give Him that fistful of the old to receive the new. And no, this is not a disappointment to God, on the contrary, He wants me to go to Him with my fistful courageously and faithfully. This is why He is here!

God is not impressed when I try to hide my darkness, my illnesses and project a false ‘perfection’. My Mother and Father are not looking for a perfect ‘performance’, they want an honest heart. Unless I have an honest heart, I will not seek His help and unless I seek His help, I cannot become worthy. ‘Worthy children always think about how they can become worthy to sit on a throne. This is the deep concern they have.’, says Baba. According to the effort I make here, I become the master of the throne. It is one thing to become the master of the sun dynasty throne and another to become the master of the moon dynasty throne; I claim the former by living a victorious life here, by being liberated-in-life here. I claim the latter by battling within myself, with old sanskars, with my old nature. ‘Worthy children will make a great deal of effort by realizing that if they don’t claim their fill inheritance of the sun dynasty from Baba now, they won’t claim it every cycle. You have to become threaded in the rosary of victory now.’, He teaches.

And so a good businessperson is one who follows shrimat and follows the Mother and Father completely and never causes sorrow to themselves or others. I give or take sorrow when there is attachment because with attachment come expectations, disappointments and all the rest. ‘While living in your households, you have to become free from attachment. We belong to the one Father: let only this stay in your intellects.’, says Baba. The Father is the Creator of heaven. It is now the time to claim my inheritance from the unlimited Father once again. This is my right, as a child. So then the question I need to ask myself is: ‘What is my relationship with the Purifier, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul?’

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