Keep your elevated fortune in your awareness

Baba says, ‘Those who have taken this birth from the Bestower of Fortune are so fortunate. By keeping your elevated fortune constantly in your awareness, you remain cheerful.’

There are many melas (fairs) that take place throughout the cycle but the mela of meeting God only takes place at the confluence age. I am one of handful of fortunate souls that are at this confluence age; the majority are in the iron age. Only those who have taken a divine Brahmin birth through the Bestower of Fortune are at this confluence age. Baba says, ‘I sing the song of your fortune in my heart: Wah child! wah!’ I hadn’t dreamt of this fortune, never even thought of this fortune but am now experiencing this most elevated fortune in a practical form.

The Father is called the Bestower of Fortune and Brahma is also called the bestower of fortune. My birth has taken place through BapDada. The fortune of one whose Father is the Bestower of Fortune Himself would be so elevated! So the #1 fortune is to take birth through the Bestower of Fortune. Along with this, no one from the golden age to the iron age, Baba points out, has ever received in any birth the fortune of having the Supreme Soul as the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru and also the One who fulfills the responsibility of all relationships; but I have now! I say with faith-filled intoxication that the One who is sustaining me is the Supreme Soul. People of the world just say that God is sustaining them, whereas I have this practical experience that God is indeed my Father and and that He is my Sustainer. He is sustaining me, personally!

Do you have this in your intoxication? do you keep this in my awareness constantly?‘, asks Baba, ‘or do you forget it a little?

What happens, Baba observes, is that while moving along, I consider my elevated fortune to be ordinary. It is elevated but I consider it to be ordinary. So because of this, the sparkle of intoxication and happiness that I should constantly be experiencing, that I shouldn’t forget even for a second, disappears. ‘Because of having found the Father, and knowing that He belongs to you and that you also belong to Him, you take it for granted’, He says. Yes, indeed, He belongs to me but rather than take it for granted, I should have this spiritual intoxication. ‘Just think‘, He says: ‘Our Father is the Supreme Soul!’

And the Supreme Soul is also directly your Teacher. What teachings does He give? What does He makes me? Trinetri (one with the third eye or divine eye), Trikaldarshi (knower of the three aspects of time) and Trilokinath (the knower of the three worlds). Does anyone, He asks, study such an education? Until now, have you ever heard of this degree? There are the degrees of becoming a judge, barrister or a doctor etc., but no one knows of this spiritual degree. No one from the copper through the iron age has ever received it nor will they ever receive it. Such is my Teacher! No matter how much scientists experiment, they still cannot reach Trilok. They cannot attain the knowledge of the three worlds but even a five year old amongst God’s children can give the knowledge of the three worlds. He enabled me to attain this degree with His elevated teachings, but the greatest status in the world is the ruling status. So He makes me into the king of kings!

Then, as the Satguru, He gives me the great mantra of Manmanabhav! and also many, many blessings. In fact, I receive a blessing every day! I have been receiving it for so long that the list of blessings I have received is very long! No guru can ever give his followers so many blessings.

Do you have the intoxication of the fortune you have received?‘, asks Baba again. ‘It should be constant‘, He says. When people in the world drink and become intoxicated, even a poor man thinks of himself as a king. But that intoxication is false and also harmful. So it is said, bring it down. Here, I truly am becoming the king of kings and the One making me that is God Himself! And so it is said, keep this intoxication up, don’t allow it to come down.

It is when I allow it to come down that I get in trouble. That’s when I shake when situations come and get into the spinning of waste thoughts. The situation itself comes for a very short time, it comes and then leaves me and goes away but when I am not in the awareness of who I am, Whose I am and my elevated fortune, I don’t let go of the situation. So I get into: ‘why did this happen?’, ‘how can this happen?’, ‘can this too happen?’ etc. The paper came, my job is to pass it and move on; when I am full of intoxication, that’s what I do. I’m too intoxicated to be bothered. ‘So now‘, says Baba, ‘constantly remain an embodiment of the awareness of the elevated fortune you have received, then you will remain constantly cheerful. Constantly bring your Godly sustenance into your awareness. Let the line of this fortune be sparkling in the center of your forehead and you will then be said to be a greatly fortunate soul.

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