I am the charioteer

Baba says, ‘each soul is a charioteer driving the chariot of his body. Act in the consciousness of being a charioteer and you will shed your body consciousness.

A charioteer means one who is soul conscious, because it is the soul that is the charioteer. This consciousness automatically makes me detached from my chariot, the body. It makes me detached from any type of body consciousness; when there is no consciousness of the body, I easily become yogyukt and naturally yuktiyukt in every action. By considering myself to be a charioteer, I can never come under the influence of any sense organ; rather, all my sense organs remain under my control, that is, I develop the controlling power to bring all my sense organs close to the aim and its qualifications.

When Maya attacks someone, the method that Maya uses is that she makes me come under the influence of one sense organ or other or one of the subtle organs: mind, intellect or sanskars. Instead of being able to discipline my mind with the great mantra which I, the charioteer soul, have received from the Father, she makes me come under an evil influence. Once I come under one evil influence, all other evil spirits enter because these evil spirits have a lot of unity amongst them! Then, the evil spirits change me from being a charioteer (sarathi) to someone selfish (swarthi). Then, I battle within myself and this stage of battling makes me come to a standstill. A charioteer is someone who does not come under any influence but instead controls his chariot as he drives it.

In fact, Brahma Baba claimed #1 success by using this method of considering himself a charioteer. Therefore, the Father also became his Charioteer; He demonstrated being the Charioteer practically. And so He says: ‘Follow Father!‘ He became the Charioteer and constantly gave the experience of the extremely loving and detached stage of the life of a charioteer. The Father enters the body making it subservient, that is, He becomes the Charioteer; He does not become subservient to the body. This is why He is able to be detached and loving. In the same way, He says, all of you Brahmin souls must stabilize yourselves in the stage of a charioteer like the Father. As you walk, He teaches, check this: ‘Am I a charioteer? That is, am I the one making everything move? Am I stable in the stage of being detached and loving?‘ Check this every now and then. It shouldn’t be, He says, that the whole day passes and I check this only at night. There is no use checking after losing all the income, so check throughout the day. In fact, through the practice of being in the consciousness of a charioteer, these sanskars of checking become automatic because a charioteer always checks if everything is under his control; this consciousness is thus a great means of self-progress. When doing, seeing or hearing anything, I do everything as a detached observer, I remain beyond any influence, that is remain detached from any effect of Maya.

So make this lesson firm‘, says Baba. ‘Since you are the ones who follow Father Brahma, the sign of love is to become equal, that is, to follow him.

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