Make the impure ones pure

Baba says, ‘do the same business that the Father does of making impure ones pure, for only then will you be seated in the Father’s heart.’

For half a cycle, I forgot I am a soul and identified as the body. That consciousness of the body then brought along with it the five vices and made me impure. Where there is no purity, there also cannot be peace and happiness. Souls become so dirty because of the five vices!, observes Baba. It is the vices that ruin the whole character. People in the world don’t even understand what a good character is! They think lust, anger, ego etc. are not just normal but actually needed! Baba says, ‘this is the highest-on-high spiritual government. You are the Godly Government. The duty of the Godly government is to make souls pure and change them into deities.

The Father comes and shows me a straightforward path: ‘Remember Me and remain pure.‘ He also tells me how to remain like that. He says: while living at home with your family, remain pure. A wife has a lot of attachment to her husband and children. Baba says, it is your duty to become free from these bondages and become conquerors of attachment. If you want to claim your inheritance, Baba says, you have to become pure by staying in yoga. There are many in the world who remain celibate but the law here is to remain pure while living at home with my family by staying in remembrance.

If you are single, that is, either a kumar or kumari, Baba says, simply remain pure. Don’t get involved in a household, you just need courage for this. Tell those who ask you: ‘I am staying pure in order to make Bharat into heaven. I will receive an inheritance of purity through this.’ It is only those who become pure at the confluence age by remembering Baba that receive the inheritance of being masters of the pure world, the golden age. Many people who don’t have the courage to become pure ask: ‘well, how can everyone in the world remain pure?’ Baba says, ‘don’t worry about how everyone will remain pure, first become pure yourself!’ Not everyone in the world will come and take this knowledge; in fact, not even all of Bharat will. So worry about yourself, He says. If there are quarrels over remaining pure, show courage, says Baba, and find tactful ways to end those quarrels and remain pure. Where there is power of yoga, children are able to find ways to free themselves. There is just one path for everyone, says Baba: Definitely become pure. If I am not being allowed to remain pure, then become independent, says Baba, and occupy yourself in one type of work or another. A clean heart is needed here. If I am simply saying the words: ‘I want to become pure’ but in my heart, I am attached, then Baba says, nothing will work.

The Father says: Never indulge in vice. If I develop even the slightest taste for vice, it will increase. It’s like smoking. When someone smokes a cigarette once, he is colored by that company and it then becomes difficult to break that habit. You mustn’t start any habits and you must stop all bad habits, instructs Baba. For this, He says, renounce the awareness of your bodies while alive and remember Me. Remembrance is where I receive power from. Deities are always offered pure food as bhog. You too have to eat pure food, He teaches. You have to wear the decorations of knowledge. You shouldn’t have the slightest thought of vice, says Baba, lust is the greatest enemy. So, says Baba, listen to Me alone and relate this shrimat of Mine to others. When you follow your worldly fathers, you come down the ladder for 63 births. You now have to follow the Father from beyond this world and climb up.

First, He says, give everyone this introduction of the two fathers. Your mission is to show impure people the way to become pure. Since destruction is just ahead, what should you do?, He asks, surely, you must follow the directions of the Father from beyond. Why would I want to become impure and then have to call out for the Purifier to come? Everything, Baba says, depends on purity. It is through the main vice of lust that human beings become sinful souls, points out Baba. Because of this one vice, all qualifications are ruined. This is why the Father says daily: Conquer lust and you will become the conquerors of the world, which means, masters of the new world. Today, there is so much peacelessness and sorrow in every home, there are cries of distress everywhere. The reason, Baba explains, is because everyone is a sinful soul, everyone is under the influence of vices.

You have now been given the divine intellect, Baba reminds me and so it is your duty to make others the same. You should only have the study in your intellects; this knowledge is only received now at the confluence age. I receive through this knowledge the weapons with which to become pure. And so Baba says, give this knowledge to everyone. Give everyone the message: consider yourselves a soul and remember the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Then, all your sins will be absolved and you will become pure.

Beware, cautions Baba, Maya deceives even very good maharathis in one way or another. If there are desires, everything is lost, then the intellect cannot turn toward this side. So you must become completely ignorant of the knowledge of desires, says Baba. If you are deceived by Maya, then you won’t be able to climb onto the Father’s heart. This world is old and dirty, you mustn’t attach your heart to it, He teaches. A lot of courage is needed to become and then remain pure. Purity is the main thing needed to claim the prize of the sovereignty of the world and that is why, Baba reminds me, you called out to the Father to come and purify you. Now, I am here. So remember Me alone and become pure.

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