Living as an instrument of the Father

Baba says, ‘If you live as an instrument according to the Father’s shrimat, then you neither have, “my family” nor, “my centre”.’

Brahmin life is a life of lightness and enjoyment, it is a life of song and dance. I cannot remain light if I carry the heavy burden of the limited ‘I and mine’: I am so-and-so, this is my family, my center, my job, my talents, etc. ‘This is being a householder’, says Baba,‘ you have been this for half a cycle and as a result been bogged down by heavy burdens.’ Once I think of myself as a role or a title, then I spend my life trying to protect it and that hustle is exhausting because it takes me away from my truth.

Baba comes and reminds me of who I am and Whose I am: I am a pure soul and mine is one Shiv Baba and none other. At this auspicious confluence age, God Himself comes to this impure world and adopts me as His own child. I am always His child but only now do I become that practically. ‘Give me all your burdens’, He offers. When I become the child, I sing, dance and eat Brahma bhojan, that is, I eat from Brahma Baba’s kitchen. I may physically live at home with my family but because I consider myself a child of the Father, I don’t consider the home, ‘my home’, I consider it a service center of the Father’s. I don’t consider it ‘my kitchen’, I consider it to be the Father’s kitchen. I might have a job but I don’t consider the job my source, I consider the Father to be my source. He is the Provider and the job is just a means that the Father has given me. So it is not ‘my income’, instead, I am eating from the treasure store of Shiva, the Father. This is called being a trustee while living in the household, explains Baba. ‘I am an instrument according to Baba’s shrimat’, with this awareness, Baba explains, your kitchen and treasure store will always remain full; it will remain overflowing. On the other hand, if I have the consciousness of ‘mine’, then my treasure-store will not flourish. If there is anything lacking in any way, it is because of this limited awareness, Baba explains.

So now, He says, you must learn to make the one Father your one Strength and one Support. Make ‘to belong to one Baba and none other‘ firm, He says. If I simply say ‘I have one Baba’ but then I also have ‘my children’ and ‘my relatives’, then there cannot be just the One. By having the vision and attitude that they are not mine but that the Father has given them to me to serve them, I will be able to remember just the One. No matter how many there are or who they are, all are the children of the Father and we souls have come together for service. The moment there is the consciousness of the limited mine, then there is selfishness and with that there is heaviness. Then, I say: ‘She is my daughter and so please benefit my daughter’. ‘Now, let go of this wrong consciousness and become the Father’s instrument for service‘, says Baba. BapDada says three words which were the words spoken by corporeal Baba at the end: Incorporeal, viceless and egoless. Only by becoming an instrument can you develop these three specialties, in fact, it will develop automatically, says Baba. All of ‘mine’ has now become ‘Yours’. Nothing is ‘mine’, even this body is not ‘mine’. If this body itself is not mine, then there cannot be body consciousness.

There is attraction when I say ‘mine’ but when this consciousness of ‘mine’ is finished, the mind or intellect will not pull me toward itself. Brahmin life means to transform ‘mine’ into ‘Yours’, says Baba. If there isn’t the consciousness of ‘mine’, and there is just the consciousness of ‘Yours’, you will be double- light. If you experience even the slightest burden, then understand that the consciousness of ‘mine’ is mixed in, He teaches. Even on the path of devotion, I sang: ‘Everything is Yours, nothing is mine’ but the difference, Baba says, is that now in this Brahmin life, I don’t just say it, but actually do it. So now, give away the burdens and have just the one Strength and one Support, says Baba. That’s all, just the One.

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