Remain unshakeable

Baba says, ‘No matter what happens, no matter what comes, be like Angad, and do not let the foot of your intellect or mind shake. Remain unshakeable.’

The specialty of Angad was that his intellect had such faith that no one could shake even his foot. ‘Maya will come in various ways to try and make your faith, in the form of your foot, shake‘, cautions Baba. However, my faith should be so strong, Baba says, that Maya herself shakes but the foot of my faith must not shake.

The way to check if my faith is strong enough like Angad’s is by checking if I worry. Where there is faith, I am carefree. If there is the slightest worry, then faith is lacking – it could be a lack of faith in the self, in drama or in the Father. Even if there is the slightest lack in any one of these three types of faith, then I cannot remain carefree. Even doctors cannot cure the illness of worry, Baba points out. They might give me pills to put me to sleep temporarily but they will not be able to cure my illness for all time. The more I worry after any attainment or salvation, the more it runs away from me. Worry makes me feel like I’m doing a lot but it gets me nowhere.

The way to end worry and make the foot of my faith unshakeable is to have one strength and one support. Where there are two, there is duality and where there is duality, there is fluctuation: ‘should I do this or that?’, ‘is this right or that right?’, ‘what if I fail?’, ‘what if this whole thing is a lie after all!?’, ‘they seem happier, maybe I’m on the wrong path..’ To have firm faith means that I trust the Father and His timing. Maybe my situation hasn’t changed in a long time, maybe it seems like Baba isn’t doing anything to change it and so I start to wonder: ‘maybe Baba has forgotten about me!’ Let me realize that my Father can never forget about me. In fact, He is closely watching me, to see how I conduct myself. Will I keep the faith or will I get afraid? Will I keep a good attitude or will I sulk? It’s one thing to praise God when all is going well, that’s easy! But the real test is to be able to praise Him even when things aren’t going so well. That shows my level of faith in Him.

If something isn’t changing, it’s not because He has abandoned me, rather it is because there is something there I have to learn in order to be able to progress on my journey- maybe my faith needs to be built up, maybe certain aspects of my character need honing. Once I have learnt what He wants me to, things will change. Sometimes, it’s about certain pieces falling in place before a door can be opened. Whatever it is, the point is, God is always with me, He is my constant Companion. There is nothing I can do that He is not watching or is not interested in and there isn’t a place I can be where He won’t be there with me. He may not do things the way I expect or when I expect Him to but that’s because He can see all three aspects of time better than I can. And so His way and His timing will always be be better than mine. To know this in my bones is to have unshakeable faith.

And so Baba says, ‘keep yourself busy in remembrance and service.’ This is the fortress within which Maya cannot attack me. If I am feeling lousy, stuck, forgotten, alone…whatever, let me double down on praising the Father and serving others. This is the sure fire way to defeat Maya. ‘Wah Baba!, you are so great! you take a stone and turn it into gold, you change thorns into fragrant flowers. You come and establish heaven. You come and fulfill all the pure desires of the children. There is nothing impossible for You, Baba. Unlike human beings, You never forsake nor abandon Your children. You take all my burdens and make me carefree. When I have You as my Father, what have I got to worry about…’ Then, follow that up with, ‘Wah my fortune, wah! God Himself is here for me, He is my Father and He dotes on me. He is making me into the king of kings! I was that before, I am becoming that again…’. Let me recount all the past experiences with Baba where He has miraculously opened the right door for me, where He has protected me from a mishap, where He has whispered those dreams to me at night. Maya’s goal is to break my connection with the Father and make me alone and so my duty is to ensure she fails.

Always maintain your intoxication that you are the elevated souls of the confluence age‘, says Baba. People in the world put themselves through all kinds of trouble to please God, and here, I am His child! Let your intellect not go anywhere other than to the One, He says. When you can get everything from the One, then why go in any other direction? Why rely on anyone or anything else? You have found an easy path, He reminds me, you have found one destination and all attainments from One, so what else do you need? You have found everything– that’s all. You wanted to attain the Father, you have attained Him. So continue to dance in this happiness and sing songs of happiness.

When I have such intoxication, such unshakeable faith, then no matter what, my zeal and enthusiasm will never reduce in any situation or atmosphere. ‘If you don’t have zeal and enthusiasm at the confluence age, you cannot have it throughout the whole cycle‘, Baba points out. You must have so much enthusiasm now that you are able to distribute to others too, He says. In fact, enthusiasm is a sign of constant happiness; there is the enthusiasm that I have attained whatever I wanted to attain.

You have found the Father and so your aim should be to claim your full inheritance‘, He says. ‘Those who fluctuate are not able to claim the imperishable fortune of the kingdom. You would receive a little happiness, but not for all time‘, Baba explains. If I am peaceful one day but lose it the next day over a person or situation, if I am swinging in happiness today but am a wreck tomorrow, then that’s not claiming my full inheritance. No matter what types of situations come, I don’t allow doubt or upheaval to take me off course. I keep the faith – in what I am becoming, in Who is making me that, and in the benevolence of the present time i.e. drama. ‘Whether you call it strength or faith, it is the same thing’, teaches Baba. ‘Victory for the children whose intellects have such faith is guaranteed.

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