As is your vision, so the world

Baba says, ‘As is your vision, so the world.’

One day, as Acharya Drona was teaching his students, the pandavas and kauravas, he had the thought to test them. He pondered on how and in what subjects to test them and decided that he would test their spiritual progress and practicality. The next morning, he called Duryodhana, the kaurava prince, to him and said: ‘Child, I want you to discern one good person from society and bring him to me.’ Duryodhana replied: ‘as you wish, acharya’ and he went off on the lookout for a good man. After several days, he returned to Acharya Drona and said to him: ‘Acharya, I have toured many towns and villages but was unable to find a single good man.’ Acharya Drona then called for prince Yudhistir of the Pandavas and said to him: ‘Child, I want you to discern one bad person from this society and bring him to me.’ The prince replied, ‘as you say, acharya. I shall try.’ and left. After many days, Yudhistir returned to acharya Drona and when asked if his mission had been successful, he replied: ‘No, guruji. I searched far and wide but I was unable to find a single person who was bad.’ All the students then asked Acharya Drona, ‘acharya, how was it that Duryodhana was unable to find a single good person and Yudhistir was unable to find a single bad person?’ To this, acharya Drona explained: ‘children, however a person is, that is how everyone else appears to him. This is why Duryodhana was unable to find a good person and Yudhistir was unable to find a bad person. It is rightly said: ‘as is the vision, so is the world.’

When the vision is impure or dark, even God appears dark to me! This is why, Baba explains, ‘people accordingly create such dark and dirty images of their worthy-of-worship deities. They even create images of Shiv Baba in black stone and worship Him!’ As is the vision, so is the world. 

Drishti or vision can deceive someone, but it can also purify the impure. When my drishti changes, the world also changes. ‘So check‘, says Baba, ‘to what extent has your drishti changed? To change your drishti means to make it soul conscious. Check,‘ He says, ‘if your drishti has become soul conscious, divine and alokik so that, wherever you look, or whomever you look at, you only see the soul conscious form.‘ When someone has poor vision, they see double! In the same way, He says, if my vision has not completely changed, then I too see double!- the one without a body (the soul, dehi) and the body (deh)- sometimes one thing and sometimes the other. On the other hand, when someone’s vision is all good, then he is able to see everything exactly as it is in its accurate form. Here too, when my drishti changes, I see the accurate form, that is, I see the soul, not the body. This is why, He says, you have to pay a lot of attention to your vision.

If my drishti has changed, it will never deceive me. Instead, people will have visions through my drishti- they will see their own accurate form, their real home and the real kingdom. This is how much power there is in the vision but only….if my vision is accurate. ‘So constantly check yourself‘, says Baba: ‘if someone comes in front of you, what vision will they have through your drishti?’

That in turn depends on my attitude. Whatever is in my attitude (vritti) is what others will see through my drishti. If my attitude is that of body consciousness, then, that’s what others see. They see judgment, insult, arrogance, anger, rejection and all the rest. If my attitude is soul conscious, then they see unconditional acceptance like the Father, they will experience brotherhood. They say: ‘All of us Chinese and Hindus are brothers, but‘, says Baba, ‘they should also understand the meaning of that. Today, they say that they are brothers and, tomorrow, they would shoot one another!’ The reason that the world has not changed, the reason people don’t truly live as brothers, is because the vision hasn’t changed. The reason the vision hasn’t changed is because the attitude hasn’t changed. If my vision changes, then the world will also change.

And so the special signal BapDada gives the children is: Change your drishti. Become an image that grants visions. That is what it means to have the vision of brotherhood – it means to first change the vision and then everything changes. When I only see the soul, the world appears old. ‘Indeed, in the new world‘, Baba says, ‘everyone lives together like milk and sugar. You have to develop those sanskars now.’ And the main effort is changing the vision. No matter how vicious the souls that come in front of me may be, rather than be influenced by them, their stage and attitude should change through my soul conscious vision, teaches Baba. ‘Simply remember who you are‘, He says: ‘I am a worship-worthy soul. Even today, people sing my praise: ‘full of all virtues, completely viceless’. Even my non-living images have spiritual eyes. Therefore, I should have them in the living form.’ When I constantly have the awareness that this is who I am, Baba says, it will then become easy to close the gap between the non-living image and the living image. Because when the vision changes, then my virtues and karma also change. Therefore, He says, now make this vision of soul consciousness natural.

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