I am the Lord of the Poor

Baba says, ‘The Father says: I am the Lord of the Poor. It is the poor who come here.’

In the world, a poor person is thought of as someone who lacks physical wealth or money and a rich person is someone who is physically wealthy. In Baba’s world though, He thinks of poor and wealthy differently. In His world, to be poor means to be a child. It means to be surrendered, to be a trustee. And to be rich means to be body conscious, that is, to be caught up in ‘I’ and ‘mine.’ ‘It’s the poor who come here‘, says Baba. It’s a little hard for the rich, that is, for those who consider themselves ‘clever’ in Ravan’s world to surrender, that is to be able to walk away from the ‘I know…’ and ‘this is mine…’ and become a simple child and follow the eternal Parent.

This is why in the scriptures, God is shown with an army of monkeys. When He told them to pick up stones and build a bridge across the ocean, they simply said: ‘Yes, Baba’ and obeyed. They didn’t stand there and question His logic and offer Him advice. That’s what the rich of today’s world would do. They’d be the souls who’d say: ‘Surely, You don’t plan to build a bridge with stones, do You Baba!? You do realize that’s impossible right? Let’s help You out here…are You familiar with an airplane? It flies and it’s been around a while. In fact I invented it, so I understand it well. Let me explain how it works…Now, for an operation such as this, we think it’ll just take one airplane. We can cover the charges…You don’t have to worry about it. And our suggestion is, You let go of these monkeys. We’d be better off taking along some engineers and fighter pilots. Sound okay?’

Baba says, ‘I don’t need clever heads, I am on the look out for honest hearts. I am looking for My children.’

When I am body conscious, I am unable to recognize that the One teaching me is God Himself. I therefore also miss out on the miracles of God. Because the monkeys obeyed, they became part of God’s miracle- they saw the stones float on water rather than sink, they found themselves able to walk across the ocean by stepping on mere stones. But that’s not even the best part! They were stepping on the stones that they got to place over the water. Baba says, ‘I make the poor wealthy and the wealthy poor.’ That is, He enables the children to create their own fortune. ‘Always have the intoxication‘, He says, ‘that we are establishing our kingdom based on shrimat.‘ Flying in an airplane, anyone can do that! But can I walk on water? Now, that’s exciting!

This is also why Baba has special love for the mothers and kumaris. ‘They are the poorest of all‘, He points out. If there has been a demographic that has been most dismissed as useless and hopeless, it has been the women and not just in one or two countries but across the world. The Father says, ‘I know you are tired. I come to massage your tired feet.’ He places the urn of knowledge on the heads of the mothers, that is, He reminds them of who they are and Whose they are. ‘You are the Shiv Shaktis’, He reminds them, ‘you are My children. I am the Father of all fathers and the Husband of all husbands. You have all the powers I have, you have nothing to be afraid of.’ Then He says something else that makes the ‘rich’ of the world scratch their heads: ‘It is you mothers who will open the gates to heaven. It is you who will help the Father establish the kingdom.’ Is this really God?, they wonder. Surely, He’d be smarter than to pick the mothers of all people! They forget that that is why He is God, it is because He chooses the mothers, the kumaris, the crippled and the hunchbacks. Whom the whole world has dismissed, He embraces and uplifts. Whom the whole world calls hopeless, He makes hopeful. ‘It is the divine activity of the gopies with the Father that has been remembered more, not that much of the gopes.’, the Father reminds the mothers and sisters. ‘At this confluence age, BapDada’s slogan is: Shaktis first! Do you have this awareness and move along with the recognition of so much fortune?’

He comes for the Sudamas, the Sanjays and the Shabaris. He takes the handful of rice and gives palaces in return, He grants the seemingly ordinary server divine vision and eats the berries of the native. ‘One’s conscience also says: Donations are always given to the poor, not to the wealthy.’, He points out. Besides, He says, the wealthy already believe they are in heaven, so they don’t want the donation. They believe that they will give to God but God says, ‘I don’t need millions or billions. What would I do with that? I have to establish the sovereignty with every penny of the poor. I am also a shrewd Businessman. I would not just take anything unnecessarily that I would have to give a return of it.’ When I am body conscious, I forget Whom I am talking about. This is my Father, this is God, He is the Bestower, He doesn’t need nor take anything. He asks me to consider myself a trustee. Let me never deceive myself into believing that I am giving to God. Anything I serve with – time, money, talent- I create my own fortune with it; they are the stones I lay across the ocean. Also, God doesn’t accept anything without giving a multi-millionfold return, so He accepts carefully. He accepts the handful of rice, He accepts the half a rupee from the mother who says: ‘Baba, please put a brick in my name’. In fact, He doesn’t just accept such donations, He looks for them because He wants to give such children the return. ‘Each grain becomes equal to a gold coin’, He says beaming. ‘I am the Lord of the Poor, not the Lord of the Wealthy’, He explains, ‘the poor are the fortunate ones, they recognize the Father.’

It is therefore good to be poor at this time, says Baba, that is the effort I have to make. Only the poor will come here. For the wealthy, it is heaven here, they don’t have the happiness of heaven in their fortune. They cannot attain such a high status because they have the intoxication of their wealth here. If they even take a little knowledge, yes, they will go to heaven but it is the poor who will attain a high status. The poor become wealthy. Those people have the arrogance of being wealthy but Baba says: All their wealth and property is to turn to dust. Destruction is going to take place. It takes a lot of effort to become soul conscious. At this time, the whole world is body conscious. You now have to become poor to the old world, that is, you have to become soul conscious.

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