Become an image of love

Baba says, ‘May you constantly at every moment be an image of love for every soul in every situation. Never let go of or forget your loving image, your loving face, your loving interaction and your loving relationships and connections.’

Love is a very great power. Where there is love, there is no labor. Work becomes a form of entertainment; it feels like a game. Love makes the impossible possible so easily that it is as though the task has already been accomplished. The power of love makes me forget the body and the bodily world in a second. I can forget whatever I want and merge in that which I want to remember. The power of love easily makes me surrender. The power of love makes me equal to the Father. Love constantly gives me the experience of God’s company at every moment. Love makes me experience the canopy of protection of the Father’s hand of blessings over myself. Love makes me free from worry at every moment. Love gives me the experience of a stage of guaranteed victory in every action.

For half a cycle, souls have been tied in many different bondages and have continued to labor. And so at this confluence, the first experience Baba gives me is of His love, of the love of His family. This pure selfless love of God easily liberated me from all laboring. I became lost in love. ‘Constantly keep the blessing of this love in your awareness.’, He teaches. So when something feel like labor, all I have to do is to emerge this blessing and transform labor into love. No matter how big a situation may be, through love even a situation as big as a mountain can be transformed and become as light as water, Baba teaches. Love can change stone into water. No matter in how fearsome or royal the form of Maya comes to oppose me, all I have to do, Baba teaches me, is to merge in the Ocean of Love and Maya’s power to oppose will finish in a second.

Souls are hungry for love. Food and wealth are the means of contentment for the body, but the soul can only become content with spiritual love, and even that should be imperishable. ‘Only those who are loving can give the donation of love‘, Baba points out. If you yourselves are not constantly loving, you will not be able to give love to other souls constantly. As I go through the day, I hear that wrong word, see that wrong behavior, experience that betrayal, witness disloyalty, irresponsibility and a whole slew of other things prevalent in Ravan’s world. Unless I am full with the power of God’s love myself, I will not be able to withstand the onslaught. I will come into shock, I will become afraid, I will feel deceived, I will feel disheartened, and either withdraw completely in depression or fight back. But Baba through His love has equipped me with all the powers. In fact, to have the Father as my constant Companion means to be equipped with all powers.

Merge yourself in the love of Shiva; do not just take a dip and come out again’, says Baba. To have remembrance for a little while, saying: ‘Sweet baba, beloved Baba’, means that you just take a dip and come out again, and so Maya casts her vision on you. Merge in love, He teaches, and become distant from Maya’s vision. If you don’t know anything else, you have this blessing of love, He reminds me, and so remain absorbed in that blessing.

I know who my real enemy is- it is Ravan. He is your collective enemy, not each other, Baba teaches me. It is Ravan that is acting through souls to create division among us so that we stay busy fighting each other and thereby stay disconnected from Baba. My duty therefore is to stay merged in the Father’s love so that no matter what happens, no matter what type of soul, no matter what the situation, I do not shake and keep on being the image of God’s love. That, Baba teaches, is how I defeat Ravan. It’s a high destination to be able to do that but then He says, that’s the kind of effort you need to make in order to be victorious and be seated on the world throne. When I am merged in love, it is easy to surrender everything to the one for whom I have love. Yes, that betrayal was hard and no, to forgive is the last thing I want to do…but I do it for the One I love because that’s what He would like me to do. Yes, that disloyalty cost me dearly and yes, I am bitter….but I let go of that bitterness and show mercy because that’s what the One I love would like me to do.

In other words, I love the Beloved too much to be bothered by anyone or anything else. I don’t allow anything at all- no matter how big or small- to come between me and the one I love. And so this power of love automatically leads me on the right path, it gives me the strength to do that which I considered impossible. Instead if I try to make effort to become sweet, to be lovely, to become kind, to become patient….it will feel laborious. I will get one right and two others wrong. But if I take the easy route of simply remaining absorbed in the One, I am easily and naturally spiritual. I automatically do the right things, say the right words. By being colored in the Father’s company, I become like the Father.

Like Him, by being constantly loving, I always have love in my awareness. On my face is revealed the One I have love for. My heart is constantly attached to the One I have love for and because of that attachments to everyone and everything else is automatically finished. I even lose awareness of the self. In other words, the ‘I’ and ‘mine’ is merged and ‘Mine is one Baba and none other’ is emerged. When this happens, I am automatically loved by all souls because they experience that I belong to all of them. I become easy going, I do what needs to be done…for Baba. I don’t allow discord or disservice to happen because I love Him too much. And so I mold myself as needed to ensure the Father is glorified and His task is accomplished.

Love is therefore easy yoga, says Baba, to become absorbed in love is complete knowledge.

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