Decorate yourself

Baba says, ‘the Father has come to decorate you with the real decoration of knowledge and yoga. Body consciousness spoils this decoration.’

For half a cycle, I sat in the cottage of sorrow waiting for the Beloved to come and rescue me. I stumbled, I longed and I pined. At this auspicious confluence, the Father comes as the Bridegroom and shows the method to the brides. The Beloved tells me what to do to be liberated from this unlimited cottage of sorrow. He reminds me of who I truly am- you are no ordinary soul, you are a pure, deity soul, He tells me. He gives me His own true introduction and reminds me that I am His child and therefore ‘Shiv Shakti’– the one with all the powers of Shiva. Now, He says, remember! When you stay on this pilgrimage of remembrance, you decorate yourself and, once again, become who you truly are, He teaches. You decorate yourself to become Lakshmi and Narayan. This, He reminds me, is your aim and objective.

To decorate myself is to change myself. This, He points out, is an incognito effort. The Father gives me the one and only key I need to get myself out of the cottage of sorrow and into the land of happiness and that key is: ‘Manmanabhav!’ This isn’t about sitting in one place and ‘meditating’, He teaches. You can continue to go about your business but let your intellect stay on the pilgrimage. While walking, eating and going about your tasks, simply remember who you are, Whose you are and stay in that awareness. When I do that, I continue to decorate myself with all the powers and virtues. Apart from this, Baba cautions, do not listen to or speak about useless things and thereby waste your time. Simply remain engaged in decorating yourself. What does it matter to you, He asks, what someone else does or not?. Simply remain absorbed in your efforts.

Some, Baba says, continue to decorate themselves while others are busy spoiling their decoration. ‘Ask yourself‘, He says, ‘are you following the Father’s directions?‘ If I follow them, I will be decorated very well. By telling one another wrong things, by engaging in gossip etc., you spoil your own decoration as well as that of others, He warns. My constant concern, Baba teaches, should just be about how to become decorated. The stomach doesn’t need much anyway. You are Raj Rishis, He explains. You must definitely eat, go about your necessary activities but you mustn’t have too many habits either, He teaches. Simply remind one another: ‘Are you remembering Shiv Baba? Do you remember who you are and your inheritance? Do you remember the decoration of the sovereignty of the world?‘ Just thinking of all of this is to decorate myself, there is no other difficulty.

On the path of devotion, I stumbled around so much. The Father Who is the Purifier has now come to decorate me. So, He says, look after yourself very well. That is, DO NOT FORGET. When I forget, then I waste the precious time of the confluence age. Even in the world, by making effort to study, people can become whatever they want. Here, Baba does not give me any difficulty. There is no need for me to take up any books etc. He simply says: Remember Me. It is by having this yoga that my sins will continue to be burnt away and, while becoming clean, I will also become beautiful. Souls are now impure and this is why the condition of the bodies is what it is. Now, simply through this remembrance, both the soul and the body will both become pure. This is a wonder! By continuing to remember the Father, my decoration will totally be changed!

It takes just a second, He reminds me, to go into a life of liberation, I just have to turn the key. That is, I follow the Father’s shrimat and remember Him alone. But if my thoughts go in other directions, if I am caught in name and form, then I will spoil my decoration. For example, some say: ‘It would be good if we could have so-and-so as our teacher.’, ‘it would be good to have so-and-so conduct yoga.’ Baba says, ‘I ask you to remember the Father, so why do you need a teacher for this? What would the teacher come and do? This’, He says, ‘is a matter of just a second. Even the teacher would just say: ‘Manmanabhav!’ Simply remain aware of who you are, of Whom you belong to and spin the discus of self-realization. That’s all‘, He says. While some are caught up in name and form, some others get caught up in ‘I and mine’: ‘This is my center’, ‘that is someone else’s center’, ‘why does this student go to that center?’, ‘this is my project, my idea’, ‘why did they get to lead this project?’ Baba says, ‘renounce all these various forms of body consciousness.’ All centers, all projects, all ideas belong to Shiv Baba; they are not mine. Even this body is not mine. How does it matter which student is going to which center or who is leading which project. You, He teaches me, simply have to continue to remember the Father and follow His directions for you.

The Father says: ‘Sweet children, decorate yourselves. Don’t waste your time. There is very little time. Your intellects need to be very broad and unlimited. Let there be a lot of love among you. You mustn’t waste your time because your time is very valuable. You are becoming diamonds from shells.

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