The sovereignty of a carefree emperor

Baba says, ‘To have a carefree stage is the greatest sovereignty of all.’

I stumbled and labored for half a cycle in Ravan’s world because I didn’t know who I am or Whose I am. Then, the Father came and reminded me of both these things. I am a pure soul and a child of God Himself. At this auspicious confluence age, God comes and adopts me as His child, practically. He sustains me as my Father, educates me about the Creator and the creation as my Teacher and guides me as the Supreme Guru. A moment before, in the iron age, I didn’t have a future to speak of. A moment later, I stepped into the confluence age and just like that, I have a future so elevated, I hadn’t even imagined it.

The greatest Father makes me, His child, the greatest, the most elevated human being at this time. He brings the fortune of the kingdom of heaven on the palm of His hand and makes me the master. Can anyone in any part of the world receive a greater gift than this?! And what’s more, this gift of the sovereignty of heaven stays with me for half a cycle. People of the world say: ‘you arrive empty handed and leave empty handed’ but I get to say: ‘I will return full of all the treasures I have received from the Father and will remain full for many births.’ This is the great spiritual intoxication I have at this time. And because of this intoxication, I don’t worry about anything; I instead become a carefree emperor.

There is worry when there is uncertainty about the future, when the path is unclear. Then, fear sets in, the mind becomes clouded with many questions and I spend my time worrying and confused. But in my case, I already know the whole story- past, present and future. So even when a situation comes, I don’t fear, get confused or worry about it because I know that this too shall pass. I know that if the situation has come, it has come bearing a gift of a lesson I need to learn to move forward on the journey toward my sovereignty. I therefore remain happy, continue to enjoy my life even in the midst of the situation. This is why, Baba says, the greatest and best sovereignty is this carefree sovereignty. In the future, I will have world sovereignty but I won’t have the true appreciation of it’s value. But the sovereignty of this time is special- I see everything, I know everything and yet despite all that is going on externally, I remain completely in-charge of my inner stage or inner kingdom. I don’t allow the external upheaval to influence my inner kingdom; I stay in control and rule. I remain peaceful, happy and content, no matter what.

This is the greatness of Brahmin life‘, says Baba. From morning till night, I experience being a carefree emperor because I have received self-sovereignty. When Brahma Baba became a carefree emperor, he sang: ‘I have found that which had to be found. What else is there left to do?’ Sure, there is service left to be done but then, as a child of the Karavanhaar Father, I know that this is His domain. He has been and will continue to get everything done. I am simply His instrument. By thinking about something as ‘mine’, I experience it to be a burden. But when I change the ‘mine’ into ‘Yours’, I become light. I have the faith that this elevated task will definitely be carried out, it is already certain! ‘This is why those whose intellects have faith‘, Baba says, ‘remain carefree and without worries.’ I realize that service is but a game that Baba plays to keep me busy. By making me an instrument, He enables me to claim the right to the fruit of service for the present and future. The Father does all the work but it’s the children’s name. He gives the fruit to the children, He Himself does not eat it.

Even when it comes to making accurate decisions, the basis is a faithful intellect that is carefree. There is no need to even think about anything because, as a child, all I have to do is follow in the Father’s footsteps. There is no: ‘should I do this or that?…’, I simply follow in the steps of Shrimat. Then, anything I do has to be victorious. If I am experiencing the slightest labor, Baba says, check if you are mixing your own dictates into Shrimat. That’s when there is difficulty experienced. If I simply follow, it is easy and besides, it is no longer my responsibility, it is His. I become light and carefree.

And so you are carefree, aren’t you?‘, asks the Father sweetly. Simply have the consciousness that the One who is inspiring me is the One who is doing everything. If I think I am doing it, then the fruit I receive from the task will be limited by my individual capacity. But when I think that the Father is enabling it to be done, then He is the Almighty Authority, and so the fruit I receive will be equally elevated. The process will be easy, smooth, effortless and the result will be beyond what I could even have imagined. ‘So constantly keep in your consciousness the Godly gift of the carefree kingdom you have received from Baba and the fortune of the kingdom of heaven which has been placed on the palm of your hand’, says Baba. When I have the awareness of the Father and of the gift, then not just every day, but every moment will be experienced as the greatest moment of the greatest day, He teaches. People of the world simply say: ‘Be healthy, be happy and be wealthy’ but they don’t actually become that. However, the Father gives me so much health, wealth and happiness that it stays with me for all time in the form of a blessing. He doesn’t just make me happy with words, but He actually makes me this, and to become it is to celebrate it, it is to become carefree.

So, says Baba, no matter what the condition of the body is, your mind should always remain a carefree emperor. So note down in the morning when you wake up, He teaches: Are there any worries in the sub-conscious? Check every now and again. If there is any worry, then immediately look for the ‘mine’ and change it to ‘Yours’, He says. Throughout the whole cycle, apart from the children of God, no one becomes a double crowned carefree emperor. Many became kings in the copper age, but no one became double crowned or a king who had self-sovereignty. So, says Baba, realize your most elevated fortune and constantly remain a carefree emperor.

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