Don’t ask for anything, give

Baba says, ‘The children of the Bestower do not need to ask for anything. You cannot receive anything when you ask for it.’

As the child of the Bestower Himself, I am a master bestower, the Father reminds me. A bestower means someone who is the part of the royal clan. A bestower is a sustainer, one who constantly gives the sustenance of love and co-operation, the same as the Father. And therefore, a bestower is someone who is always full. So check, says Baba: am I someone who still takes? or am I truly a master bestower who gives?

After half a cycle of selfish, self-centered living in Ravan’s world, now, according to the time, He teaches, I have to play the part of being a master bestower. The part of playing a seeker and a taker is now finished. I have now stepped into the confluence age and am preparing for the golden age – the land of deities. Deities are not takers, they are givers. So in order to claim my inheritance of the golden aged kingdom, I have to transform into the golden aged deity that I am. ‘So, now, become a bestower of fortune, equal to the Father‘, says Baba. If, even now, I want to take for myself, then that means I have one foot in the iron age and one in the confluence age- that will get me nowhere and I will fall. Instead, Baba teaches, at this time, to give is to receive. To the extent that I give, it will automatically continue to increase to that extent. Don’t become a taker of any type of limited things, says Baba. If, even now, I desire to fulfill my own limited hopes, then, asks Baba, when and how will I fulfill the hopes of all the souls of the world? ‘I want a little glorification, a little respect, regard, love, power and influence….’ If even now, I have these selfish motives, that is, if I have these desires for myself, then, asks Baba, when would you experience the stage of being completely ignorant of the knowledge of desires?

I have half a cycle’s worth of evidence to prove that limited desires will never allow me to become good. Selfishness and goodness don’t go together which is why selfishness and happiness don’t go together either. The natural sanskar of the soul is to give, to share. By becoming a taker, I was misaligned with my own core truth. No wonder, I was unhappy, I was uneasy, I was uncomfortable. Now, Baba has reminded me of who I am and so He says, become good, that is, renounce the limited desires for the self and become a bestower. By adopting this method, all my pure desires will automatically be fulfilled. The purity and cleanliness in my motive as a bestower, will automatically enable me to remain peaceful, happy and content.

As the child of the Master of the Treasure Store Himself, I already have undeterred access to all the unlimited treasures and attainments. I have all the rights and so if I am continuing to sing the songs of “I want, I want”, then, Baba says, check your awareness. Because when I am aware of being the child with rights, I sing a different song: ‘I have attained all that I had to. There is nothing more to attain…’ For such souls, Baba says, limited hopes and desires stay behind them like a shadow. And so Baba says, either change your awareness or change the song! Having come to the Father, I have become the sun, so then what need is there for lamps anymore!? That is what limited desires are- lamps in front of the sun.

Instead, Baba teaches, the basis for fulfilling the need for whatever I want is to continue to give the maximum of that particular thing. Give respect, don’t ask for it. Give regard, don’t demand it. If I want my name glorified, then let me donate the virtues I have received from the Father; through my awareness, let me change my attitude, vision, face and behavior such that my very being gives the Father’s introduction. Then, my name will be glorified. Giving, therefore, Baba teaches, is the basis of receiving. This is why, even in bhakti, when someone lacks something, they make that person donate that particular thing in order to attain more of it.

When I have a limited desire, it weakens me by making me subservient and as a result, I no longer am able to confront Maya. And so Baba says, to receive something by asking for it is the wrong path. The right path is to become a master bestower and give. Then everyone will automatically come to give to me. Those who ask for honor (shaan) become distressed (par-e-shaan). The right thing to do, Baba teaches, is to maintain the honor of being a master bestower instead. Don’t say: ‘mine, mine!’, rather, He teaches, share, give. When I say ‘mine, mine’, then I will even lose whatever comes to me because where there isn’t contentment, even attainment is the same as lack of attainment. But where there is contentment, even a little is equal to everything.

Think of this world as an unlimited dome, teaches Baba. When I make a sound in a dome, it echoes back to me. So, if I say ‘mine, mine’, then that same sound of ‘mine’ is what will come back to me from everyone. When I say ‘mine’, everyone else also says, ‘mine’. But when I say: ‘you first’ or ‘yours’ with love, from the heart, then they too say: ‘no, you first’. By using this method, Baba teaches, your limited ‘mine’ will change into the unlimited and instead of being someone who takes, I will become a master bestower. ‘So‘, He teaches, ‘always remain in this awareness of being a master bestower.

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