Become a world benefactor, equal to the Father

Baba says, ‘Just as the Father is the World Benefactor, in the same way, you children are also instruments for world benefit. The atmosphere has to be transformed by the attitude of you instrument souls.’

For half a cycle, I lived for I, me and myself. I was selfish and needy. Everything was about what I like, what I want and what I need. If my expectations and preferences weren’t met, I threw a fit. I could never understand why others couldn’t simply think, speak and behave the right way…which of course was ‘my way’. I hustled, nudged, elbowed my way through my brothers and sisters without thinking of them as such. To me, they were competition, they were opposition, they were an annoyance, they were….well, in the way.

Then, the Father came. He cured my amnesia of half a cycle and helped me see the truth: ‘I am a soul, not the role or position or title or relationship. And ‘they’ are not ‘others’ but rather my own long lost brothers and sisters. We are all children of the same Father. Because of being body conscious, I only saw differences between us. But when I step into the consciousness of who I truly am, a soul, then I see sameness, oneness. We all look the same, belong to the same Mother and Father, are from the same home, have the same religion, all the same virtues and powers.’ The only difference is that now, I remember and they, don’t.

They therefore continue to think, speak and behave in those old ways that I have left behind. And so if I am not careful, that is, if I allow my consciousness to slip, I might see and hear things and feel those same feelings of the old world- anger, hurt, disrespect, bitterness, disappointment, frustration etc. etc. The longer I stay in that wrong consciousness, the more I allow those negative and wasteful feelings to take root and as a result do things that are wrong too. It also then takes me longer to recover from the mistake and stand back up on my spiritual feet. I’m in a constant up-down state and so I need time and help from Baba and others myself, and so am in no position to help others.

I need a stable and clear intellect‘, says Baba. Only when I am stable and clear can I catch what Baba wants me to do and then go do it. In other words, only then, can I be His instrument for service, His angel. ‘If even now, after receiving the knowledge and becoming aware, you continue to give time to your own self, then, when’, Baba asks, ‘will you give all your time to world benefit by becoming the Father’s helper and a master world benefactor?’ Now, He instructs, day and night, try to use your every second and every thought for the task of world benefit and service. Even in a worldly way, when a child is extremely ill, extremely peaceless, extremely sorrowful, then the attention of the parents is fully on that child. It is as though they have forgotten their own selves and the child’s health and recovery is their only concern.

It’s the same here‘, points out Baba. And it isn’t just the question of just one or two. The souls of the entire world are unhappy, peaceless, diseased and distressed beggars. And you, He points out, are not just souls, you are the ancestor souls. It is your duty and responsibility to become benefactors and make the unlimited creation happy and peaceful and so, He points out, you should have this attention. Even now, if you are using your time in battling, in sulking, in being disheartened etc., then how and when will you take care of the world? Now, He instructs, the little time remaining has to be used only for world benefit.

On the path of devotion too, the servers who have the attitude of being great donors and benefactors do not donate for themselves; instead, they have thoughts for all other souls. The customs and systems of devotion are all a memorial of this time, Baba reminds me. And so that means that it must have definitely happened at this time in the practical form. That is why the memorial continues. So, now He says, bring about this transformation. By using your time and thoughts for others, by being servers, you automatically become successful because you stop wasting your treasures and instead use them in a worthwhile way. To be successful means to make a profit- when I stop the wastage and start accumulating in my account, I am able to show a profit. So, then, asks Baba, why wouldn’t you become constant servers? You will then progress automatically; you won’t have to make an effort for progress. So, why do you take separate time for your own self? When you can make a double attainment, why settle for single?

When a child takes birth in a certain family, say a laborer’s family, then whatever he sees in his parents, the sanskars of that work automatically emerge in him from childhood. Since your birth is as a Brahma Kumar or Kumari, Baba points out, then the Father’s sanskars should automatically be the sanskars of the children. And Father Brahma did not give his time for his own self, he gave it for the task of world benefit. His concern was all souls, not himself. This, Baba says, is known as being a world benefactor. To give time to battling with obstacles in your mind, or slipping back into old body conscious ways is wasteful. The father gave his useful time for world benefit, so if the children continue to use their time wastefully for themselves, would that be following the father?, He asks.

You have to become equal to the Father and so constantly check‘, He teaches: ‘Am I using, not just the time I can, but all my time and thoughts for world benefit? When I use all my time and thoughts for world benefit, that is how I become a world emperor. Emperors constantly give, they take care of their people, Baba points out. So, in order to become a world emperor, first become a world benefactor and help the Father establish the new world of peace and happiness. Then, waste will automatically finish and you will constantly have only powerful thoughts. Your time will constantly be used for world service. 

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