A master ocean of love

Baba says, ‘Nowadays, even more than physical wealth, there is a greater need for love. The children who are knowledge-full, that is, those who are knowledgeable, are master oceans of love for everyone.’

The world is an unlimited orphanage, says Baba, and the one who runs this orphanage is Ravan. He isn’t as interested in getting the children adopted so they have a new life. Instead, he is more vested in ensuring they remain orphans so he can profit off them. So he works night and day to ensure they realize they are orphans. Instead, he gets them to believe they are a role or a relationship or a title or something else. That wrong awareness then sets the rest of their personality. Any time their identity is threatened, there is fighting and quarreling. And thus, Ravan ensures souls remain exhausted and defeated all the time.

But he forgets that the Father of souls is God Himself and He comes to rescue His children. He doesn’t come armed with any physical weapons, that would be silly! God is the Ocean of Knowledge and He comes with the weapons of knowledge to equip His children with. He reminds them of who they are, reveals to them who Ravan is and how he has bankrupted them. Ravan is the five vices, he is your collective enemy, not each other, He teaches. Now, He says, take these weapons and conquer Ravan.

And the most powerful weapon that I have in my arsenal is that of love. It is when a soul does not experience true love and belonging that it feels alone and defeated. And it becomes willing to beg, fight, demand and even kill. There might be many who are physically rich in the world but they are still thirsty for love; they discover that their wealth cannot buy true love. True love can only be given and received when I am situated in the awareness of who I truly ama pure soul, a child of the Ocean of Love. This is what Baba reminds me of and says, ‘now, use this weapon against Ravan.’

Just as the Father is the Ocean of Love, so too, you are the master ocean of love. No matter which soul -either with or without knowledge- comes in front of you, He says, they should experience that the master oceans of love are giving them the experience of the waves of love. Just as anyone who goes to the shores of a physical ocean would automatically experience coolness and peace, so too, says Baba, let everyone experience spiritual love through the master oceans of love, let them experience that they have reached a place where they can attain true love. Spiritual love should be experienced as the spiritual fragrance in the atmosphere, He teaches; fragrance spreads and attracts people even from a distance against their own wish. So spread the fragrance into the whole world and turn everyone toward the Father, He says. That’s when they will realize that they are not alone, that they are not orphans but instead children of the Highest-on-High.

Therefore, He says, be loving not just to the Father but always be constantly loving to everyone. When everyone experiences both of these, then, Baba says, I would be called a master ocean of love. Seeing selfish love everywhere, people in the world are disheartened, He points out; their hearts have gone beyond that love. This is why they consider the experience of even a few moments of soul conscious love to be the support of their life. ‘So don’t just be pleased with yourself in your own mind thinking: ‘I am a loving soul..’ says Baba, ‘serve others with that love‘. This is the duty of a Godly server- to use every single weapon or specialty in service. Unless I use a weapon, I will never get skilled in it. So, use the specialty of love and then it will grow, He teaches. Previously, I didn’t have the knowledge and so I fought and argued when someone was rude to me, I felt hurt and disrespected, I felt anger and rage. Now, Baba says, you only have to be loving and merciful. These are the true weapons to use against your true enemy. Anger, bitterness and resentment- these are Ravan’s weapons, they ensure things get worse. Love, mercy and forgiveness are God’s weapons; they ensure that hearts are transformed and awareness is restored.

Mercy is in fact the main quality of all religions. Any religious soul who is not merciful, or who has no vision of mercy (daya drishti), would not be considered to be religious. In fact, to be religious means to be merciful! You are Brahmin souls that belong to the original, most elevated, ancient, eternal religion. So then, He teaches, let your main dharna be to have feelings and vision of mercy and compassion for the self, for the Brahmin family and for all souls of the world. No matter what type of sanskars someone might have, no matter how much they oppose you, you should only have love and mercy for them, He instructs. It is easy, He says, to feel mercy when hearing news of atrocities that happened far away and a whole different thing to feel mercy when I myself am in a situation. If you don’t have mercy at the right time, then such a soul cannot be called a master ocean of love and mercy, points out Baba. A true master ocean of love and mercy would be incorporeal, viceless, and egoless: incorporeal in thoughts, viceless in words and egoless in actions.

Service, Baba points out, isn’t just relating knowledge and giving the seven days’ course. Service means to transform hearts, to serve thirsty souls of half a cycle with true love and mercy. You are the children of the Ocean, He reminds me. No one who comes into connection with you should leave empty handed. It shouldn’t just be that they go back just having heard something, rather, they should go back with knowledge, with the wealth of love, the wealth of the power of remembrance, with the wealth of powers and co-operation, that is, they should go back with their hands, that is, their intellect, full of these. With a second’s drishti, with a few words, with the vibrations of a powerful attitude, and with your connection, you have to be a bestower and simply give, He teaches. This is being a master ocean of love, a true server.

When I look at the picture of the tree I realize my incredible fortune. I belong to God Himself, I experience His loving sustenance, directly. But most of my brothers and sisters will never know the Father as I do. I might, in fact, be the closest they come to the Father. How am I showing up? if I continue to show up as an orphan, then I make my brothers feel that what they have, the way they are is all there is. My duty, instead, is to show up as a child of God, full of treasures and attainments and then bestow. That’s when they experience that indeed, there is a Father and I can have a different life. They experience that yes, He knows me, He loves me and is here for me. Such service of bringing souls to their Father, of making orphans into children, Baba says, is the most elevated service there is. It is how I defeat Ravan and reveal the Father.

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