Taking to give is not really giving

Baba says, ‘You are master bestowers, children of the Bestower. Taking something from someone to give to another is not really giving.’

For half a cycle, Ravan taught me to live selfishly. He taught me to take, even snatch and grab. He did so under various disguises: ‘it’s your right…’, ‘you deserve it…’, ‘it should be yours first…’ etc. etc. Then, Baba came and taught me the opposite. He said: to give is to receive, to take is to lose. Well, when I reflect back, I wasn’t really happy in Ravan’s world. In fact, the more I took and snatched, the more unhappy it made me. That’s because selfishness is not a value of the soul; selflessness is. This is why I felt out of my skin every time I took; I shrank inside, fell in my own eyes and lost my self-worth.

Baba says, ‘Just make the lesson firm that to give is to receive. This is not a business where you give when someone gives to you. Here, it is a matter of being a donor. A donor doesn’t give only after receiving. A donor, by definition, simply continues to give.

You are to be beaded in the rosary, He reminds me. A rosary can only be formed when the beads can be strung together, not far apart. And that, He explains, can only happen when everyone is a donor. That is when there is success in the gathering. Always continue to donate to others by being embodiments of virtues, says Baba. That means when someone is being impolite, I freely give the donation or co-operation of mercy and forgiveness. In a project, I freely offer my co-operation with any task that needs assistance. When someone continues to make the same mistake again and again, I freely offer the donation of patience. If I think: ‘I will do this when the other does it’, that is being one who takes, explains Baba. Instead, to say: ‘I should do this’ is being one who gives. Donations are made to those in need, to weak souls, He reminds me. When someone is angry or impolite or making mistakes, they are weak during that time. And so, Baba says, give weak souls the donation of powers, virtues, knowledge and become constantly great donor souls.

This is what being a deity soul means, He explains further. It is one thing to know that I am a soul but equally important, Baba explains, is to remember what type of soul I am. I am no ordinary soul, I am a deity soul and deities are those who give. Continue to give that which you have received, He says. The more you continue to give, the more it will continue to grow. The more patience I exercise, the more skilled I get at being patient and then soon enough, I won’t even have to think about being patient; it will become natural to me. When I with effort remain calm in the face of anger a couple of times, it gets easier the third time. The more I keep exercising calm, the more it grows and soon enough I become Sheetla, the goddess of coolness. These are your memorials in bhakti, He reminds me. The memorial exists because you became that practically, now.

But not all memorials are created equal, He says. It reflects the degree to which you become a donor now. No matter who comes in front of you, within a second, they should experience through your drishti and attitude that they have attained something, says Baba. Then, He says, I will be known as the goddess who gives. This is the service that is needed now, this is what will benefit the world. All souls must definitely be given something, He says. And this form of giving is very subtle and powerful. It takes less time and the attainment is elevated. Such souls who give at all times are worshipped at all times. Those who give sometimes or those who give only to some, have memorials that reflect this, He says; they are worshipped based on time and date, not all the time. Then there are those who don’t maintain selfless, soul conscious love for their companions. In their case, there is not the company of worshippers at their memorial either, He says. The worshippers of those who give companionship with selfishness here will also worship them with selfishness. And so maintain the companionship of love with the companions constantly, not only sometimes, He teaches. You must maintain companionship for all time, not with selfishness, not to only accomplish your task but with selfless love and for all time.

Some goddesses- their every action is worshipped; even the changing of their costumes. This is a memorial of those souls, Baba explains, that were constantly donating while performing every action at all times. Such souls are the great donors. This is why their worship is great and their memorial is great. They are also the ones who become emperors in the new world. Emperors bestow, they donate- not sometimes, but constantly, He explains. This is why subjects become happy and pleased upon seeing their worthy king. ‘The Father is now making you children worthy at this time, He comes in order to serve you.’, says Baba. If you want something, go to the Father, not to your brother or sister, He teaches. Take as much as you want from the Father’s unlimited treasure store and then bestow upon everyone else. Ensure that this taking and giving is happening simultaneously, He explains; you take in order to give. Treasures are there in order to be distributed for world benefit, not for hoarding. So check your account of giving and receiving, He instructs: Do you give as much as you take? Those who do are world benefactor souls who will be able to become the world emperors.

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