Becoming merged

Baba says, ‘To become equal means to become merged, to become one.’ 

On the path of devotion, it is said: ‘The soul merges with the Supreme Soul’. Baba comes and explains in what way this statement is wrong. It’s wrong, He explains, because one word has been taken out of the middle. It isn’t just merging but instead, it is merging in love. When someone meets another with deep love, it is said: they have become merged in one another, or the two have become combined and become one. Devotees have simply taken the words of love out of context, explains Baba.

To become merged in the Father means to become the same form as the Father. This, Baba explains, is the quality of a Maharathi soul. At amritvela, all others would try to draw that love and power and, while battling in this way, they pass their time, but a maharathi soul would sit in that stage and become merged instantly. Same while engaged in karmayoga. While other souls would feel overwhelmed or tired or stressed, a maharathi soul, because of being merged in love, would always experience the Father as their constant Companion. It isn’t just I who is doing the task, there are two of us! And where there is the Almighty Father, even the impossible becomes possible. I am simply the instrument and it is the Father who is getting everything done through me- this is my attitude.

The love of such maharathi souls is so powerful, Baba says, that they are able to merge the Father in them. They would be in a stage that is equal to the Father’s. Just as the Father is incorporeal, so are the children. As are the Father’s virtues, so are theirs. For example, the Father is the Ocean of Love and so such a soul would be a master ocean of love. This is what it means to be merged, He says. At that time, there would not be any difference between the form and virtues of the Father and those of the maharathi children. While being corporeal, they would be lost in the love of the incorporeal form, and therefore their incorporeal form always remains in their awareness in a practical way. Also, just as a river merges into an ocean and becomes the same form, so they experience all the Father’s virtues in themselves. This is merging into the Ocean, that is to experience your complete and perfect stage, explains Baba. You should have this experience more now.

And Amritvela is specially the time to have such powerful experiences, says Baba. The impact of such experiences will last throughout the day. Anything that is specially loved always remains merged in the self.

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