Make a vow to remain pure

Baba says, ‘you have to make a vow to remain pure. Remain pure and you will become the masters of the world.’

Sometimes, I really want to transform a sanskar and yet, it seems to linger on. When something is put into the fire, its form, color and function change; it cannot remain the same as before. This confluence age is a bhatti, says Baba, the transformation of this time will become the transformation for all time. The fire in the bhatti is the determination in the vow I make. ‘You made a vow as soon as you came. Do you have it in your awareness?’, He asks. The reason for the attitude to become ordinary or slack, He explains, is because you come down from the first vow or the first promise you made as soon as you came. You either break your vow or you forget it.

The first vow I made is to remain pure in my thoughts, words and deeds. The second vow was to belong to the one Father and none other. ‘Do you remember this?‘, He asks. Even on the path of devotion, those who make a vow and then break that vow or leave it unfulfilled are called sinful souls. ‘Here, you are becoming charitable souls‘, He reminds me. ‘So to what extent‘, He asks, ‘are you fulfilling your vow?

A vow, by definition, is to be fulfilled at all times. Devotees would not break their vow even if they were to die. So, you must always keep in your awareness the vow that you have made, He says. By keeping this in my awareness, my attitude will never become slack. And when my attitude remains stable, then I will never come under the influence of any type of obstacle of the family, or external circumstance or of the elements. Then, Baba says, you become a sample to show to the world.

You get others to make a vow at Rakhi that they will become pure, He points out and so, first, you have to tie this bracelet on yourself and then you will be able to tie it on others. If you don’t tie it on yourself first, then those on whom you tie the Rakhi will not be able to keep their vow of purity either, He explains. If there is any type of impurity in my mind, that, He points out, is not fulfilling that vow completely. And then because of the weaknesses in me, those who are getting the Rakhi tied will not experience the attraction of that purity. They simply take the vow as a ‘nice message’, as a ‘system’ or ‘custom’ because that’s how I have treated my vow. So before dismissing others as ‘it just isn’t in their fortune’, Baba says, first check yourself: ‘could it be because of me? am I being stable in fulfilling my vow?’

You are creators of fortune and so you should be able to create their fortune‘, He points out. You should be able to inspire them to such an extent that they would be attracted to you and wouldn’t be able to stay without creating their own fortune. You should have such spiritual attraction, He teaches. Even in the world, there is mention of certain souls who pack so much power in just the few words they speak that everyone continues to follow them wherever they go. Compared to them, Baba points out, you are such elevated souls! The souls who are praised as ‘mahatmas’ today are not even equal, He says, to the subjects of the subjects in the golden age!, because they don’t become those who have a right to heaven. So, when you are such elevated souls, He reasons, you should then also perform such elevated tasks. There should be so much power in your every thought, word, action, vision and attitude that you come across to others not as ordinary but as embodiments of experience. As you speak, move, perform actions, others should continue to have this experience, He says. If the so called mahatmas and pundits of today have so much temporary power, then how much more power should you who are master almighty authorities have?, He challenges.

Rather than simply speak about the soul to others, remain in that consciousness yourself first and then speak, He says. This is the specialty. Speaking, even the people in the world can do that, but this specialty of being that which I speak of, of being able to give that experience, this is something that you alone can do, He points out. Therefore, this specialty should be visible in a practical way. This will happen only when you imbibe all the specialties within yourself first. Without this, you won’t be able to make others embodiments of imbibing, He says. This is why, He says, you must make your attitude elevated. For this, ‘constantly stay within the vow you have made to BapDada and then see what the result will be’, He challenges. Since you have made the vow of belonging to the one Father and none other, why should your intellect be drawn elsewhere? Have you made the vow to listen to others?, He asks.

‘I will speak to You, I will listen to You.’ This is the vow you have made. So why do you look at others and listen to others and become careless, He asks. You only have to think pure thoughts, speak of that which you have heard from the Father, perform actions that are according to the Father’s directions, so then how can you think, speak or do wasteful things? This, He points out, is breaking the vow. Since you have made the vow to be who you really are, that is, to be soul conscious, then why do you keep looking at the body? This is breaking the vow, is it not?, He asks. From amritvela onwards, check in this way whether you are fulfilling the vow you have made, He teaches. What thoughts you should have, what words you should speak and how you should have the stage of a karmayogi while performing action. This is the vow you have made, so check. You have made the vow of remaining pure like a lotus flower while living in the household. So how can those who are like a lotus be under the influence of external situations? They should be loving and detached, He points out.

If you stabilize yourself in your elevated attitude, no atmosphere or vibration can make you fluctuate‘, He says, ‘because it is the attitude that creates the atmosphere, not the other way around.’ So check if you have this much power of purity within you or is the atmosphere stronger? In a worldly situation too, does anyone forget themselves? Who am I? Whose child am I? What is my occupation? if anyone forgot this, that would appear strange. Similarly, in any situation, for example, when you find yourself getting angry, look at yourself: Have I forgotten myself? Have I forgotten my Father? Have I forgotten my position? Now, He says, make this vow firm. Then see how you become victorious at all times. Nothing can make you fluctuate. Revise this vow in your intellect again and again. What promise have I made to the Father? What vow have I made? That vow will be refreshed, and it will remain in your awareness. The more it remains in your awareness, the more power there will be.

Now, He says, make yourself this powerful. Keep the aim that you should become number one, leave behind your memorial. Something is remembered by its memorial. In order to become such an example, you have to perform special wonders, show special transformation. Only when someone does something wonderful is there a memorial created.

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