The Father gives the news of the unlimited

Baba says, ‘The Father gives you news of the unlimited.’

The limited is defined by the five senses- as far as my eyes can see, what the ears can hear, what I can touch and smell. It also refers to that which can be proven through math or science. Then, it also refers to something that can be counted. In essence, it is restricted by distance or number or ability to prove.

God comes and opens the locks on the intellects of His children and helps them see beyond what they have been used to seeing. Daily, He teaches me new things, reveals new secrets and as He reveals them, through the divine eye, I am able to go beyond human defined limitations and experience the truth. I am able to step into the unlimited.

  1. In the limited- a new birth means that I have to be dead and then born again in a new body to a new family. Here, the unlimited Father makes me belong to Him while still alive. I die alive to everything in the world and become His child while still in the same body, living in the same world, with the same physical parents or family members. I am not limited by the body or bodily relationships, this is a spiritual adoption of the soul by the Supreme Soul.
  2. To die alive is to develop unlimited disinterest in the old world. Sannyasis leave their home and families and move to the forests in search of peace; that is limited disinterest. The Father teaches me to live at home, with my family, right here in the old world but like a lotus flower. In other words, I am in it but remain unaffected by it. I am detached from the world and loving to the Father.
  3. I will now belong to the Father for as long as I live. I belong to limited, that is, physical fathers throughout the cycle. But now as a Brahmin, even while I might be living with my physical father, I only belong to the unlimited Father. While my physical father changes in each birth, the Father of I, the soul, is always Shiva. He, is always my Father.
  4. When I remember the Father, I definitely also remember the inheritance. In the physical world, there is sometimes discrimination between males and females but this Father does not see the limitations of male or female. He only sees and speaks to souls and every soul has an equal right to the Father’s inheritance.
  5. In the limited world, the inheritance is also limited. Here, I receive the unlimited inheritance of purity, peace and happiness from the unlimited Father. This is inheritance that cannot be measured, it can only be experienced. In the limited world, no matter how big the inheritance I receive might be, it cannot even begin to compare to what I receive from the unlimited Father; He gives me the whole world. And that world looks nothing like this world; that, is heaven. And He makes me the Emperor of heaven!
  6. That new world is the land of immortality! there is no limitation of untimely death there. I decide when I am ready to leave the old body and take a new one. So I live a full life and then, simply leave!
  7. Does the new world, heaven exist now? not yet! But I can still experience it to the extent that I transform into a resident of heaven by following the Father’s directions. The more qualifications I develop of being a resident of heaven, the closer I get to it.
  8. In the limited world, a guru gives me mantras to chant or a ring or necklace to wear to remove bad omens. Here, the Satguru simply says: ‘remember who you are and remember Me.’ The more I remember, that is, awaken my own truth, the more I transform. I merge the bad sanskars that have been causing me sorrow by emerging my original sanskars.
  9. In the world, I study a limited study, earn a limited degree that would help me earn an income in this birth. But the Father teaches me the unlimited study through which I earn an income for the whole cycle.
  10. A physical teacher who teaches me the physical study would teach me about limited matters pertaining to this world. But this unlimited Teacher teaches me about the Creator and the creation- the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle. When I spin this discus in my mind, I see my whole story throughout the whole cycle. Through this I receive limitless happiness while the physical study gives me only limited happiness, if that.
  11. The so called ‘mahatmas’ in the world are given the title of ‘sarvodaya’ because they give limited happiness to their followers but that is incorrect, Baba explains. Sarvodaya means ‘mercy for all’ and only the one Father has mercy for everyone in the entire world. He makes everyone, including the mahatmas and the elements, pure.
  12. In the Gita, they show the Mahabharata war taking place in a physical location called Kurukshetra. In reality, these are unlimited matters, explains Baba. The Mahabharat war is not a physical war fought with weapons; it is an incognito war that I, the soul, fight against Ravan or the five vices. This war is not fought at the copper age, it is being fought right now, during this confluence age. The souls fighting this war are unknown or incognito warriors but they are also very well-known because they become deities at the end. These are unlimited matters that cannot be seen, they have to be understood.
  13. And this is not about one specific location called ‘Kurukshetra’, this whole world is the ‘karmakshetra’ (world of action), He explains. In the world, they think that a yogi means someone who is a ‘karma sannyasi’ or someone who has renounced action. But the unlimited Father teaches me to be a karmayogi. There is no such thing as renouncing action, He explains. Everyone has to perform action in the world of action- even breathing, drinking a glass of water is action. You may go about your business, He teaches, but while your hands are busy, simply keep your intellects connected with the Father. This is being a karmayogi. To sit in a cave and do penance is limited but to remain in the midst of the world, perform action and remain detached is unlimited.
  14. Mine is an unlimited Teacher. He doesn’t read from the scriptures or from a book, He is the Ocean of Knowledge, the knowledge-full One. He relates to me the knowledge that exists within Him as sanskars.
  15. He is the unlimited Father, the Father of all souls. A physical father may have a few children but this Father has unlimited children. He gives unlimited happiness. Also, while physical fathers can be called limited Brahmas, there is only one unlimited Brahma. He is called Prajapita (the Father of Humanity).
  16. At this confluence age, as the name suggests, I can see both the iron age and the golden age, I experience the contrast. I see everything as a detached observer and become God’s helper in His unlimited task of changing the iron age to the golden age. I thus become His angel- detached from the world and loving to God. The Father thus establishes the land of angels now.
  17. In the scripture, they show Sita sitting in Ravan’s cottage of sorrow in Lanka as she waits for Rama to rescue her. This is limited. In reality, the Father explains, the whole world is Lanka, that is, it is Ravan’s world. And there isn’t just one Sita but all souls are Sitas at this time. The true Rama is the one Father who comes and liberates everyone from the cottage of sorrow and takes them back home.
  18. Home, is the soul world. It exists beyond the sun, moon and stars. I cannot see it with these physical eyes but I can see it, and experience it through the divine eye or intellect. There souls exist in their original, eternal form without bodies. Then, when it is time to play their part on the world stage, they come down and take on the costume of the body. The costume changes with each birth but the soul is the same, eternal.
  19. Then, there is also the aspect of the banyan tree that Baba explains. In Calcutta, there is a wonderful banyan tree that is standing without any foundation. That is limited. Here, in this unlimited human world tree too, the original, eternal, deity religion doesn’t exist, He explains. All the other religions exist here. The Father comes and re-establishes the original deity religion.
  20. In a physical drama, actors can change from one showing to the next. Also the drama might run for a couple of hours. That is limited. This, here, is the unlimited world drama, explains Baba and all souls are actors in this drama. Each one’s part is pre-destined and recorded in the soul. The maximum length of a part can be 84 births or 5000 years and the shortest is 1 birth. No two parts can be alike and neither can another actor play my part. It is always me playing my own part. And when the current showing concludes, actors go home with the Director who is also the Father! And then come on back on the world stage for the next showing. This, therefore, is an eternal drama, it keeps on repeating identically.
  21. The people in the world are busy building and accumulating in the old world. The Unlimited Father tells me unlimited news. The new world is being established and this old world is to turn into a graveyard. When a new house is to be built, the old one is surely demolished. So yes, there is just one world, He informs me. The same world becomes heaven and then descends into becoming hell as the souls who live in it descend from being deities into those with devilish characters.

Now, the Father is teaching me Raja Yoga to change me back into the deity that I am. This is the true story of becoming the true Narayan, He teaches. These are unlimited matters and so, He says, remove your intellects’ yoga from everyone else. Nothing of this world will be useful there because everything here is limited. You are now coming out of the limited and going into the unlimited. Only this unlimited knowledge should remain in your intellects. Your vision should no longer be drawn to anything here.

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