Keep your wings of zeal and enthusiasm strong

Baba says, ‘let your wings of zeal and enthusiasm be strong. Those who have zeal and enthusiasm are tireless.’

The basis of the flying stage, Baba teaches, is my zeal and enthusiasm. No matter what kind of task it is, whether it is of cleaning or washing dishes or any other seemingly ordinary work, there should be natural and constant zeal and enthusiasm. Often I have zeal and enthusiasm based on the task- if I am teaching knowledge to others, giving a lecture or conducting meditation etc., then there is zeal and enthusiasm but when it comes to chores around the house, my stage becomes ordinary, as does my zeal and enthusiasm. ‘That’, Baba points out, ‘is not a sign of a flying stage.‘ The wings of zeal and enthusiasm of an elevated soul in the flying stage would always be flying.

You have wings‘, Baba says, ‘but you sometimes get tired while flying in zeal and enthusiasm.‘ Something becomes a small or a large excuse, that is, it becomes an obstacle and while I am sometimes able to overcome it with patience and love, at other times, I get overwhelmed. As a result, I get tired. Then, waste thoughts come fast and furious: ‘this is too hard. I was better off before I came into knowledge. Maybe it’s better to go back to the past life…’ It’s as if I find myself between two roads and think: ‘should I continue here or go back? where should I go?’ The situation that caused this confusion within me might have been very small to begin with but it appears very big to me because at that time, I am weak. It’s like someone who is physically weak cannot even lift a glass of water, whereas someone with courage finds it a game to lift even two buckets. ‘This is why‘, Baba teaches, ‘never allow your wings of zeal and enthusiasm to become weak, they should always remain strong.’

For this‘, He teaches, ‘every day at amrit vela, let the variety of points of zeal and enthusiasm emerge in front of you.‘ Sometimes I simply repeat the same point over and over again: ‘I am a point, Baba is a point, we have to return home and then go into our kingdom..’ But because it is just one point, I get bored. When I am bored, I feel tired. And so Baba reminds me that the murli is full of different points for zeal and enthusiasm. Note down these points, He teaches, and soon I would have a long list! Then look up your notes and revise these points and they will increase your zeal and enthusiasm every day. It is human nature to like variety. And so, He teaches, don’t simply think of yourself as a point or a zero, also remember that you play the part of a hero throughout the cycle. Remember your part throughout the cycle and bring into your awareness the hero part you are playing right now at this confluence age? I am playing the part of a world benefactor, I have responsibility to bring world benefit! And I am playing my part alongside God Himself! After this part, next I will play the part of a world sovereign in the new world!

So, in this way, Baba teaches, maintain variety even in your remembrance. Sometimes, I practice the seed stage, sometimes the angelic stage, sometimes I have a heart-to-heart with Baba and other times, I churn a point of knowledge from the murli that especially touched me. I also have all my relationships with Baba and He is bound in the drama to fulfill each of them; so, He teaches, remember the Father in whatever relationship that is of interest to you at that time. Celebrate a meeting with the Father at whatever time you want, with the love of whatever relationship you want. So bring variety into the relationships as well, He teaches.

The only aspect to pay attention to, He cautions, is: to not remember anyone except the Father, the attainment from the Father and the treasures from the Father. There is a variety of attainment, a variety of treasures, a variety of relationships, a variety of points of happiness and a variety of points of zeal and enthusiasm. Simply use them, He teaches. Let there only be the Father and you: this is the line of safety. Don’t go beyond this awareness, that’s all. This line is the Godly canopy of protection. For as long as you stay within this line, Maya does not have any courage. Then, there is ignorance of the terms: what effort is, what obstacles are, or what obstructions are. Situations will come but because my wings of zeal and enthusiasm are strong, I continue to fly.

Only when my own wings are strong can I become an instrument to make other souls fly, Baba teaches. When they see me remain peaceful in the midst of the storm, when they see me remain unshakeable and continue to enjoy my life despite circumstances, they feel inspired to get what I have. Souls who have become disheartened from worrying, who think it to be impossible to make a better world will once again receive the wings of courage, zeal and enthusiasm. They will experience support. To feel disheartenment, self-pity, hopeless…this is carelessness, teaches Baba, because it keeps me weighed down, it keeps my mind fogged up such that I cannot think or see things clearly. Sometimes, I don’t just feel these wasteful emotions but I even bring it into words: ‘I am just sick and tired, just sick and tired….’, ‘this is just hopeless, things simply cannot change around here…’, ‘forget it, it’s just too hard…’ etc. Baba says, ‘you must be Rup and Basant, same as the Father.’

If there is anyone that would be fully justified in feeling disheartened, it would be Baba. He teaches me with so much love daily and yet, I don’t understand, I do the opposite. He wants me to go one way, I go the other. And yet, He continues to be full of zeal and enthusiasm, He continues to teach, love and guide tirelessly. This is because He never lets go of the elevated vision He has for me and for the world out of His vision…no matter what. He never even thinks, let alone speak weak and wasteful things. He is the embodiment of the awareness of Who He is, who I am and of the fact that this is nothing new, He and I have done this countless times and been victorious. And because His awareness is such, His words are also filled with power; so much power that they cut through my weakness like a sword. I might feel down and out but when I read or listen to just a few words of the Father’s murli, I am full of life again. You have to be the same for others, says Baba. And so when I am the embodiment of awareness, same as the Father, that is, when I am Rup, then, I too am able to shower others with words of power, with good wishes, that fill them with zeal and enthusiasm; that is, I become Basant. Now, He says, you must do this service.

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