The company of the Truth

Baba says, ‘The more yoga you have with the One, the more power you will receive to conquer the enemy.’

The enemy is Ravan, the five vices that stem from body consciousness. Without the knowledge that I receive from the Father, I think that my brothers and sisters are my enemies, that they oppose me. I don’t realize that it is the vices that are acting through them, that my brother soul is a captive of Ravan at that time. So rather than help him, I push him deeper into the prison. This is what body consciousness does, Baba teaches me. It makes me senseless.

But even now, though I have the knowledge of who the real enemy is, knowing alone is not enough to conquer the enemy. I need power. For that I need to connect with the PowerHouse, with God. He is the Almighty Powerful and when I connect with Him, His love burns through the impurities and fills the soul with power. Purity is power. To remember Him is to remember the truth; to remember Him is to remember the true self. Why? As His child, I am just like Him; I have the same virtues and powers. It’s just that when I became body conscious, all the things related to this false consciousness, that is, the vices piled up top and the things related to the true consciousness of being a soul, that is the virtues and powers, became dormant because they weren’t being used. ‘Now‘, Baba says, ‘touch base with that truth and re-emerge it to the top. That is, awaken your truth, become satopradhan.

There is no other way to awaken my truth than to be in the company of the Truth. Only God is Truth. Only He is conscious at this time, everyone else is unconscious, that is, body conscious. To stay in the company of bodies, therefore, is to remain unconscious. And so Baba says, ‘remember Me alone.‘ He is my only reference point for my return back to my truth. His remembrance is the life giving herb that returns me back to consciousness and thereby, I regain my power. Right now, the whole world is body conscious, points out Baba. It’s all about winning against each other, proving to one another and conquering – not Ravan, but the stars! While people think they are venturing into the unlimited, Baba says, ‘no, they still only think about and go to places they can see.‘ Baba comes and gives me a divine intellect such that I can see beyond what the physical eyes can see. I can go beyond the sun and stars and tour the three worlds, I can realize and experience being a soul and experience the company of the Supreme Soul. I can look beyond the soul who is acting rudely, and see the invisible enemy that is making him act that way. This is true un-limitedness, explains Baba.

In the golden age too, there will be the power of science, He explains, but the difference is that it will be pure. The power of purity will the main one. Souls are now weak having succumbed to body consciousness. There, souls are powerful. Lakshmi and Narayan are powerful. Ravan snatched my power away; I am now conquering him through knowledge and remembrance and becoming very powerful, again. The more I stay in the company of Truth, that is, the more I remember the Father, the more powerful I will become; powerful enough that I rule the whole world! Just as the Father is the Almighty, I too become almighty and rule the world. And what’s more, unlike the fake power that comes with body consciousness, no one can snatch this power away from me. It is not a power attached to a position or a chair or title or relationship that someone can take away. It is the inner power of purity of the soul. ‘So simply remember Me‘, the Father Who is the Ocean of Love and Mercy, instructs. I give you no other difficulty.

People on the path of devotion are so misguided by Ravan that not only do they receive no benefit whatsoever but they descend even further. Here, the Father comes and makes me into the master of the world! Through remembrance, my lifespan becomes long and my body becomes free from disease. ‘No one other than you Brahmins‘, Baba points out, ‘has the company of Truth.’ There are many who call themselves brahmins but that is just for namesake, He explains, they don’t know who they are or the Father. But I know that I am the child of Prajapita Brahma and the grandchild of the GrandFather. I receive my inheritance from the Grandfather. To churn the knowledge in this way is to stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. I remain constantly happy and intoxicated. In those satsangs, people simply gather together somewhere; that’s not what goes on here, explains Baba. ‘It isn’t only when you are sitting in one place that there can be the company of the Truth, no!‘, He points out. You remember Him as you walk, move and sit, that is, I am constantly in the company of the Truth, but….only if I am in remembrance of Him. The mind is never in a vacuum. If I am not in remembrance, then, Baba teaches, it means you are body conscious. That means I am thinking ordinary or wasteful thoughts and this bad seed ensures that the tree that emerges from it- my words, vision, attitude, feelings, actions- is bad too.

The Father says, ‘children, renounce body consciousness and consider yourselves to be souls.’ Children study at school and then they continue to keep the things they have studied in their intellects even when they get home, when they play and perform their tasks. This too, Baba explains, should remain in your intellect. This is my student life and my aim and objective is clear to me. ‘Now study well and teach others too‘, says Baba. The best way to teach others, He points out, is not through words but through my form. So, while I may be a good speaker, it doesn’t help unless I am also an embodiment of that which I speak of.

Until the Father comes, I am unable to understand anything. He has now come and explained the truth to me. The Father says: ‘O souls, keep My company. Go beyond the company of bodies. Even though there will be the company of bodies in the golden age, everyone there is pure. At this time, you have to become pure from impure and so keep the company of the Truth alone.

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