Become far-sighted and one with a broad intellect

Baba says, ‘You are becoming far-sighted and those with broad intellects.’

When I take birth as a Brahmin, the very first gift I receive from the Father is that of a divine intellect or the divine eye. With this gift, I am able to see things that I was previously unable to see with just the physical eyes. In other words, there are no more physical limits to my vision, I can see beyond; it is unlimited. This, Baba explains, is known as a far-sighted intellect.

For example, many people know about the iron and the golden ages. They even remark: ‘this is really the kaliyug, the iron age. Just look at all that goes on in this world!’. Similarly, they speak of the golden age, of how once upon a time, there were deities and how there was peace and happiness in the world. However, only when I have a far-sighted intellect will I be able to understand that there is the confluence age between the iron and golden ages. In the scripture, they speak of God coming in every age. The Father says: ‘I don’t come in every age. It should remain in your intellects that you are the most auspicious confluence-aged Brahma Kumars and Kumaris.‘ Although it might seem when I look through my physical eyes that I am in the iron age, when I look through the far-sighted intellect, I realize that I am neither in the golden age nor in the iron age, I am at the confluence age. This is the precious time I have to prepare myself to go into the golden age. No one can go there without purity. At this time, my effort is to become pure.

I become pure through remembrance. The Father says, ‘Manmanabhav! consider yourself a soul and remember Me alone.’ Through these physical eyes, I can only see the body, the appearance, the gender, the nationality, the titles, roles, relationships, accomplishments, possessions and all the other aspects related to the body. But the body is not who I am. For half a cycle, I considered myself a body and as a result, I stumbled; just that one incorrect thought made my life worth a shell. I lost my whole inheritance of unlimited peace, happiness and contentment and lived a life of sorrow, peacelessness and discontentment. Then the Father came and reminded me of who I am: you are a soul, not the body, He said. This one thought changed my life from worth a shell to worth a diamond. But it is one thing to know that I am a soul; most people in the world know of the soul. But it’s one thing to speak the words and a completely different thing to be able to realize and reset my consciousness. I can only go beyond the physicality, that is, beyond the body consciousness and see myself as a subtle being, as a soul, when I am far-sighted. On the same token, I can only recognize the Father who is also extremely subtle only when I am far-sighted. This is why Baba says, ‘The meaning of “Manmanabhav” is to be far-sighted.’

Many times I listen to Baba and try to become Manmanabhav. I step inward but then I don’t go deep enough; I scratch the surface and stop there. But all I find on the surface are the defects and impurities that Ravan has put within me. I see this, get afraid of the darkness and retreat. Then I complain that I cannot meditate. Baba says, ‘don’t meditate, remember’. When I step inward, I mustn’t stop at the surface, I have to go all the way in and touch base for there lies the truth of who I truly am- a pure deity soul, a child of God. From that place of truth, I then move upward and connect with the Supreme Father. I then experience His love that is the alchemy that burns away past sins, melts the impurities and returns me to pure gold.

Unless I remember the Father with a lot of love and experience His love for me, I will lack the power to transform. ‘The Father comes and makes you far-sighted, but children are not that far-sighted.’, says Baba. ‘Although they have a lot of knowledge, they are not that far-sighted, that is, they stay in remembrance of the Father very little.‘ I might have the knowledge, I might even like the knowledge and be able to teach the course and give lectures but there will be no transformation. And when I don’t see myself transform, I have trouble seeing myself as a deity soul. Then, waste thoughts come: ‘maybe this isn’t real after all…’, ‘is heaven for real?’, ‘does this study even work?’ All it takes is one thought to send me stumbling back again. And so Baba says, ‘You first have to be far-sighted and then those with broad intellects.’ Unless I can remain on the pilgrimage of remembrance, I cannot digest the knowledge, that is, imbibe it. It simply stays as points in the intellect and blocks it.

But if I can connect with my true self and with the Father, then I have the power to put each point into practice, that is, I apply it in my practical life. I exercise the powers in different situations, I see change. When I’m able to spin the discus of self-realization and see the beginning, middle and end of my story, that is, when I am actually able to imbibe it, I am said to be someone with a broad intellect. ‘The more you children imbibe at this time, the broader your intellects will become and you will earn accordingly.‘ A surgeon who has a broad intellect has more medicines in his intellect and so the more he earns. It is the same here, explains Baba. ‘Some children don’t imbibe any points of knowledge whereas others are very far-sighted and have broad intellects and so they make others the same. First you become far-sighted and then you have a broad intellect.

I am studying with the unlimited Father! God Himself is my Teacher at this time. To be able to experience this in my bones is my far-sightedness. When I imbibe every point He teaches me, I become one with a broad intellect. I am establishing the kingdom for myself, so then why not claim a high status in this? Why should I settle for anything less? To the extent that I rule the world- the inner world- now, I will rule the future kingdom in the golden age. To the extent that my inner kingdom is unshakeable and stable now, so will be my future kingdom.

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