Become an image of support

Baba says, ‘You children are images of support for all the souls of the world.’

Today, the world that is hell is calling out for support in a variety of forms and ways, explains Baba. ‘It is you‘, He points out, ‘that are images of support for the world.‘ It is therefore my responsibility to give my brothers and sisters who are still stumbling in the darkness of ignorance, the light of knowledge. It is my responsibility to give support to those who are unhappy and peaceless, to show the destination to the wandering souls, to give the experience of attainment to those who lack attainment, and uplift them. There is upheaval in every corner of the world- in some places, it is because of wealth, in some places, it is because of tension in the mind, in some cases, it is discontentment with life and in other cases, there is upheaval because of the elements. Everywhere, it is a world of upheaval. At such a time, Baba points out, you are the stable and unshakeable souls. The world is in fear whereas I have become fearless and am constantly singing and dancing in happiness. Even when the world adopts temporary facilities to sing and dance in happiness, those temporary facilities are, in fact, taking them towards worry and despair even more. ‘Such souls‘, Baba points out, ‘need the support of the experience of elevated imperishable attainments.‘ They have seen all the supports, they have experienced everything, and the sound emerging from everyone against their conscious wish is: ‘We want something other than this. We want something new.’ All the temporary supports that have been created, Baba says, are like straw. Souls are looking for a real support.

I hear this and think: ‘how can so few of us become supports for such a big world?’ ‘But O!‘, points out Baba, ‘in the memorial of the previous cycle, they have shown only five Pandavas in front of an unlimited army.‘ I have the greatest authority, He reminds me. There are many with the authority of science, the authority of the scriptures, the authority of political leadership, the authority of religion and many other authorities who have tried to transform the world on the basis of their authority; but they have failed spectacularly. The greatest and the only authority that can transform the world from hell into heaven is the authority of God. And this, Baba reminds me, is the authority I have. Just as in the memorial, it is shown that God guided the Pandavas to victory, so here too, as long as I have the authority of God on my side, little old me, can do the impossible!

And so Baba says, always have in your awareness that you are the Father’s instruments to bring about world transformation. You are the special images of support, the support for unlimited service of the world, who on the basis of their elevated awareness, their unlimited attitude and their sweet words, give zeal and enthusiasm to others. ‘You are images of support who have such an unlimited responsibility.’, He explains. To be an image of support means to consider oneself to be responsible at every moment, in every thought, and action as I move along. In order to achieve success in my mission to be an image of support and uplift souls, Baba teaches, what I need is the specialty of a generous heart. To be generous-hearted means constantly to have a generous and big heart for every task. ‘Be generous-hearted’, Baba teaches, ‘in making everyone move forward with your good wishes for them.’

Sometimes, in service, I think: ‘but why does she get to do that? I should be the one doing it…’ or ‘I too can do that…’. But when I am generous-hearted, I have a different attitude which is: ‘whether you do it or I do it is the same thing because it all belongs to the Father.’ To be generous-hearted means to have such an unlimited attitude. It means to have a big heart, that has feelings of a bestower. It means to be a great donor of the virtues, powers and specialties that I have attained. To donate the wealth of knowledge with words is not a big thing, Baba explains, but to make someone weak, powerful; to make someone virtuous with my own virtues – this is what it means to be generous hearted and an image of support and upliftment. Such a soul, Baba says, will especially have three particular signs. I will be free from having these three things – jealousy, dislike and criticizing (taunting). Jealousy distresses me and everyone else. Just as anger is a big fire, so too, jealousy is a small fire. Dislike will not allow me to experience the stage of having pure and positive thoughts for others or for the self. Dislike means to make oneself fall and make others fall as well. In the same way, to criticize someone – whether as a joke or seriously- causes sorrow in such a way that it is as though I pushed them as they were moving along. It’s as if I kicked them. When someone trips me up and I fall, because I am hurt, either lightly or seriously, I lose courage. I continually keep thinking about my hurt, and, while I am still hurt, I definitely continue to remember in one way or another the one who caused me that hurt. ‘This is no ordinary thing’, explains Baba, ‘it causes great sorrow.’

And so to the extent that I am generous-hearted, I can be an image of support and an image of upliftment for the world. ‘It isn’t the well-known ones or authorities of the world that become images of support’, Baba explains, ‘it is you long-lost and now found children that become this. You become the Father’s instruments to enable everyone to attain the most elevated fortune.’ The vision of the people of the world is also now moving away from all other directions and coming towards the One. They too now understand that what they have been unable to do, the Father is making happen in an incognito way.

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