The combined form of Karankaravanhar

Baba says, ‘Karankaravanhar is karanhar (one who does) and Karavanhar (One who inspires others) combined. Those who are in a combined form constantly experience His company.’

The children in any corner of the world are constantly in front of the Father, says Baba. It’s not that the Father is only with the children who are at the center or with the children when they attend certain programs etc. no!, the Father is with the children no matter where they are. The practical proof of this is that whenever I remember the Father, I experience Him to be close to me and with me. ‘You say ‘Baba’ with your heart and the Comforter of Hearts becomes present in front of you. This is why it is said that the Lord is present in front of you. He is ever-present in front of you.’, says Baba.

Wherever I am, whomever I am with, He becomes present in front of me. ‘People of the world don’t understand this system of love, only Brahmin souls know this’, points out Baba. Only when I have experienced this will I know of this experience. People of the world say: ‘wherever I look, I only see you’ whereas I say: ‘whatever I do, wherever I go, the Father is with me. That is, wherever I go, You are there.’ Just as my task is with me, so too, the One who inspires me to perform the task is also constantly with me. This is why He is remembered as Karankaravanhaar. The Father and the child are both combined in this term – I, Karanhar (the one who does) and the Father, Karavanhaar (the One who inspires). The One who inspires and works through others is always with the one who does, never separate from me. This, Baba explains, is known as the combined stage. When I move along in this stage, I become a sample before others; what they think of as difficult, I make it seem easy and simple. To make that which is difficult easy, Baba teaches, is to follow the Father.

So always remain in this combined stage, in this instrument consciousness, teaches Baba. It is the Father, Karavanhar who is getting everything done; I am simply the instrument, karanhar. BapDada, in the form of Karavanhar, is constantly the children’s Companion in every action. ‘When this is your spiritual attitude, your spiritual fragrance will reach everywhere‘, explains Baba. Let there always be the awareness, He explains, that the soul is seeing the soul and the soul is speaking to the soul. It is the souls that are actors playing their various parts; I am a soul and am constantly moving along while under the canopy of protection of the Supreme Soul. I cannot have a single thought that is not according to the shrimat of the Supreme Soul. The Karavanhar of I, the soul, is the Supreme Soul. I am an instrument who is made to do everything by Karavanhar. He is making me move and I am moving. The Lord is ever-present in every direction for me, this soul, in every thought, word and deed of mine. Therefore, I the soul, am always in front of the Lord and say: ‘Yes, my Lord!’. The soul and the Supreme Soul are combined. The Supreme Soul cannot stay without me, this soul, and I cannot stay without the Supreme Soul. Those who experience the Lord to be present with them at every second constantly and eternally have this spiritual fragrance, explains Baba, that spreads everywhere.

And so Baba says, ‘never make yourself alone.‘ When I have the instrument consciousness, I always experience the companionship of the Karavnahar Father at every step. When I forget this and think I am doing something, then there is a burden. ‘The burden is always on the Master; there is never any burden on the companions.’, says Baba. It is when I become the master that there is a burden. ‘Have the faith that you are the children of the Father from beyond.’, says Baba. It is the Father who is making me, the child, do the task. ‘When you become big, there is great sorrow’, explains Baba. ‘Become the child and do everything. Do it according to the directions of the Master.‘ Sometimes, I do the task thinking I am the master but when an obstacle shows up, I say: ‘Baba, it is now up to You. Only You know what should be done now.‘ Then, when the obstacle is removed, I feel relieved and go back to my old pattern. Baba says, ‘why do you do anything for such an obstacle to come in the first place? Simply continue to perform every action according to the directions of Baba, Karavanhar.‘ When I do this, then there will neither be fear nor the arrogance of ‘I am doing this’; I will become constantly humble. The action itself will automatically be elevated and the fruit of elevated action will always be constant happiness and constant lightness and I will continue to experience an angelic life.

Therefore‘, says Baba, ‘this great fortune where you become the child and Baba becomes responsible makes you light and enables you to fly. So always remain in the combined form of Karankaravanhaar and constantly experience the Father’s company.

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