Remain detached from the waves of sorrow

Baba says, ‘When you are detached from those waves of sorrow, you will be loved by God.’ 

At the confluence age, BapDada has given many treasures and, out of all those treasures, the most elevated treasure of all is the treasure of constant happiness, explains Baba. ‘And so check‘, He says, ‘if this treasure of happiness always remains with you.’ No matter what adverse situations come, even when they bring waves of sorrow in front of me, my happiness cannot disappear. Is this the case?, He asks.

I start the day feeling full of peace and happiness. I wake up for Amritvela and celebrate a meeting with Baba, I listen to the Murli and feel intoxicated as I listen to Baba remind me how elevated I am. Then, I step out into the world and that car cuts me off in traffic. I get to the office and the team mate leaves me out of the meeting again. I worked so hard for that project but the boss has decided to give the promotion to the person who least deserves it. And now that the promotion isn’t happening, that home I wanted to purchase may not happen either…my family will be devastated…how will I tell them? Talking about family, I get home and my kid doesn’t appear to be serious about his exams, is he going off course?, I wonder.

Can my day, my life get any more complicated? It’s always something or the other- big or small- daily…sometimes, hourly!

You are at the confluence age, remember?‘, asks Baba. On the one side is the land of sorrow and on the other side is the land of happiness. On a daily basis, there will be winds or waves of sorrow that blow from the iron aged world of sorrow. But, like Krishna, is my face turned toward the land of happiness or is it still facing the land of sorrow? If it is the latter, then I am punishing myself by allowing the waves to wash over me, and the winds to blow dust and sand into my eyes. ‘Just as in a hot climate you would feel hot, and it is up to you to protect yourself, here too’, Baba says, ‘you should not allow sorrow to affect your heart.’

It is extremely easy, in fact effortless, to feel bitter and angry in the iron age; that’s just the current state of the world, it is Ravan’s world. And so if I allow myself to feel bitter or disheartened, then there is no use of having the knowledge and companionship of God. Bitterness is a root, once I allow it into my heart, it goes deep pretty quickly. Then pretty soon, I am feeling resentful toward others, toward God, toward the world in general, and before I know it, I now have a full blown case of unforgiveness. Then no matter how hard I try, I cannot connect with the Father, the link is broken. Just when I need it the most, I cannot experience the Father’s love and support. All day long, I have the same things playing over and over in my mind- ‘why did they do that to me?’, ‘I deserved better after how hard I worked!’. Same with disheartenment; I go through my days feeling overwhelmed: ‘This is just my karma, nothing goes well in my life….’, ‘maybe God doesn’t love me after all…’.

These waste thoughts come fast and furious and it only takes one thought to send me spinning or stumbling off course. Then, it takes time to regain my bearings, or return to my senses. ‘You have spent enough time being concerned about yourself‘, Baba reminds me, ‘now be concerned about world benefit.‘ To spend time feeling sorrowful about how things are, why they are the way they are etc. is an utter waste of time. I already know that it is Ravan’s world and that sorrow is only to increase by the day. Baba has come and told me that the old world is now to be destroyed and the new world is being established. Rather than complain about why/how things are in the old world, the sensible thing to do is to detach from that world of sorrow and attach myself to the Father and help Him establish the land of happiness. This is why it is said: ‘Detach and be loving to God.‘ To allow myself to get entangled in the goings-on of the old world and experience waves of sorrow is to develop a non-loving, confused, intellect at the time of destruction.

The Pandavas had loving intellects at the time of destruction and hence they attained victory. The Father has personally come especially for me, so that I could have peace, happiness, joy and contentment while living in the midst of a peaceles, sorrowful, joyless and discontent world. He came so I could claim self-sovereignty now and world sovereignty in the future. ‘What would you do by having love for others?’, He asks. ‘All of them are to be destroyed.‘ This doesn’t work, that isn’t right, she is like that, he is like this…… Baba says, ‘Make deep effort to remember the Father.‘ Yes, externally things are the way they are and I cannot deny them but I have to be careful not to allow them to affect my heart. The heart belongs only to the one Beloved; nothing can be so important that it can come between me and God. I have to learn to see but not see, hear but not hear. ‘Let your hearts only be attached to the one Father‘, teaches Baba. A physical lover and beloved remember one another no matter where they are and what else might be going on. ‘You‘, Baba reminds me, ‘have become lovers of Shiv Baba. He is personally in front of you. He remembers you and you have to remember Him. Shiv Baba enters this body (of Brahma) and makes you souls become engaged to Him. This is called the benevolent meeting of souls with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul.’ He comes to the old world that I was living in and makes me become engaged to Him; He is now taking me to His world where there is peace and happiness, no trace of sorrow. My effort is to become the master of that land of happiness! Why wouldn’t I remember this truth and develop the sanskar of remaining happy instead?

Only when you are detached from the waves of sorrow will you be able to be loving to God. To the extent that you are detached, so you will able to be loving’, teaches Baba. I have a finite amount of mental space- how and on what am I using it? Am I using it to complain and dwell over something that is temporary, gives me sorrow and will be destroyed or am I using it constructively to help God establish the new world of happiness? ‘Check yourself to see how detached you are‘, says Baba. The more detached you become, the more you will be easily experience God’s love. So, every day, check, says Baba: ‘How detached and how loving am I, because this is God’s love which cannot be experienced in any other age. However much you want has to be attained now; if not now, then you will never be able to attain it. And the period for attaining God’s love is such a short period! So in a short time, you have to experience a lot.’ People of the world spend so much time and money in order to experience happiness whereas I easily received the treasure of imperishable happiness- no expense involved! So rather than dwell on the old world, Baba says, sing the song of happiness: ‘I have attained that which I wanted to attain.’

I radiate that which I have; it is what I give to others. If I allow myself to experience waves of sorrow in the form of bitterness, anger, rage, disheartenment, discontentment etc., then even if I don’t speak the words, others will experience sorrow through my face, vision, attitude, behavior etc. But like Krishna, when I decide to play the flute of happiness by remaining full with the experience of God’s love, then happiness is what I distribute to others. And this, is service. ‘To give unhappy people happiness is the greatest charity‘, says Baba. When I continue to perform this charity, pretty soon, the new world of happiness is established and the old world of sorrow is destroyed. Only when I become a world benefactor now, I become a world sovereign in the future. Baba says, ‘it takes effort to be king.

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