Carefree emperor

Baba says, ‘Constantly maintain the right of the spiritual intoxication of being a carefree emperor of the land that is free from sorrow.’ 

The sovereignty of the carefree emperors of the confluence age is even greater than the sovereignty of the golden age, points out Baba, because there, I have no knowledge of the difference between worry (fikar) and intoxication (fakhoor) in my awareness. I don’t even know the word ‘worry’. So there is no recognition or realization of what I have. However now, the whole world is in one form of worry or another- from the moment they wake up, people have one worry or another about themselves, about their family, their business, their friends and relatives etc. – whereas I begin the day at amrit vela with the Father. And so I wake up as a carefree emperor, carry out every task as a carefree emperor and go to sleep as a carefree emperor. I have a peaceful and joyful sleep in the midst of a peaceless and joyless world. I gave all my responsibilities to the Father and became carefree myself.

As long as I thought I was on my own, that I was responsible, then like the people of the world, I too had worries. But now that I know the Father and I have made myself belong to Him, the responsibility has become that of the Father and I am just an instrument server or the child. I am an instrument karma yogi. The Father is Karankaravanhar and I am an instrument that is doing it. If I have this natural awareness at every moment, then, Baba says, I am a constantly carefree emperor. If, even by mistake, I take upon myself the burden of any waste, then instead of a crown, many baskets of worries come on my head. Otherwise, I am a carefree emperor constantly wearing a crown of light. There is just the Father and I and no third person- this experience easily makes me into a carefree emperor.

So‘, asks Baba, ‘are you wearing a crown or carrying a basket?‘ There is so much difference between wearing a crown and carrying a basket. The Father comes and lightens me of the many baskets of burdens of many births. And so, it is now that I become someone who remains double light. The visible sign of being carefree is that the light of the sparkling soul will be visible on the forehead, says Baba. Those who don’t have intoxication in their lives, those who have worries, don’t have a light shining on their foreheads. Instead lines of burdens are visible on their foreheads. So, He offers, even if you have a little worry, a little burden, simply give it to the Father and take intoxication from Him.

Simply change ‘mine’ into ‘Yours’, He teaches. You say ‘My Baba’ and so what is ‘mine’ anymore?, He asks. So the limited mine finishes as soon as I say ‘my Baba’; it’s just the matter of one thought and the ‘mine’ merges into ‘Yours’ automatically. Mine is just one Baba and just like that I become a carefree emperor. Even on the path of devotion, when they created the images of the deities, they created them with a double-crown. There is firstly the crown of light – signifying the sparkling light on the forehead that is visible for a carefree emperor and the second crown is shown for becoming victorious over the vices. ‘Therefore‘, says Baba, ‘since BapDada has taken away your worries and given you intoxication, pay attention to what you have become. You have become a carefree emperor.’

Since I have become an emperor, I now also need a throne, Baba points out. So, BapDada has made me a master of not one but three thrones – one is the throne of the center of the forehead, which everyone has. The second throne is BapDada’s heart-throne and the third throne is the throne of the world – the throne of sovereignty. The most elevated throne of the three is BapDada’s heart-throne. Therefore, check, says Baba if you constantly remain seated on this throne. Who can sit on BapDada’s heart-throne? Those who have made BapDada sit constantly on their heart-throne; those who are always in their elevated stage of a master almighty authority. So check, says Baba, if you are always seated on the heart-throne or whether you sometimes go into the mud. The body consciousness, that is, the limited ‘I and mine’, is the mud.

Never forget the importance of the present time, says Baba. This is the most elevated confluence age and in this one birth, I have to create a reward of many births. And so, at this time of the confluence age, Baba says, pay attention to two things: Time and thoughts. I know that I mustn’t waste these treasures but, asks Baba, ‘do you maintain this attention all the time? do you have this determined thought that you will not have waste thoughts forever? Because‘, He says, ‘a lot of time goes into waste thoughts and according to the present time, your task is to give message to the souls of the world. So, you have to finish all waste thoughts for only then will you be able to give the experience of peace and happiness to unhappy souls.’ When I become a world benefactor now, I become a world sovereign in the future. I can only become a world benefactor when I become carefree emperor and rule over my inner kingdom- keep it free from the limited ‘I and mine’ and dedicate my life to God and His task.

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