Have very sweet drishti

Baba says, ‘You have to become very sweet. Look at yourself and check that you don’t have any vices. Check that you are not looking at the defects of others. Have very sweet drishti.’

On Deepavali, people prepare lots of sweets and share them with relatives. Sweets are also the most gifted item to friends and colleagues. The Father says, ‘Their mouths are only sweetened by this for a short time for if they themselves became sweet, there would only be sweet words emerging from their lips all the time.’ I become happy when I eat something sweet or serve it to others. Similarly, sweet words make me happy and also make others happy. ‘Let there always be sweet drishti, sweet words and sweet actions‘, says Baba, ‘this is what it means to celebrate true Deepawali.’

To celebrate means to make others sweet. ‘Give anyone sweet drishti for just a few moments, speak a few sweet words, and you will make that soul feel full for all time.‘, says Baba. The two seconds of sweet drishti and sweet words, He explains, will transform the world of that soul. The few sweet words I speak will become instrumental in changing them for all time. Sweetness is such a virtue that it makes a bitter land sweet. In fact, the basis of my transformation were the few sweet words from Baba: ‘Sweet child‘, is how He addresses me daily. ‘Sweet child, you are a pure, sweet soul.’ These few sweet words transformed me. Baba’s sweet drishti filled with love changed me. ‘Like the Father, you too, with sweetness, must make others sweet. You must sweeten their mouths in this way.‘, says Baba.

The drishti is so powerful that your whole world is created through your vision, teaches Baba. The world appears to me the way I see it. ‘So‘, He asks, ‘what is your creation like?’ In other words, what am I choosing to see?

Just as the creation in the golden age is through the power of yoga, in the same way, at the end, the world will be created through your drishti, says Baba. ‘Do you‘, He asks, ‘experience such divinity in your drishti?‘ Drishti can deceive someone but it can also purify the impure. When my drishti changes, the world will also change. So in what way does my drishti need to change? Baba says, ‘You have to make your drishti soul conscious. Check, He says, has your drishti become soul conscious, divine and alokik so that, wherever you look, or whomever you look at, you only see the soul-conscious form?

When someone has poor vision, they are unable to see clearly- sometimes they see double. In the same way, when my drishti has not completely changed, I too see two things. Sometimes I see the one without the body (the soul, dehi) and sometimes, I see the body (deh). Then, my stage fluctuates between being loving and being influenced by the other soul’s sanskars. Only when my vision is accurate can I see everything exactly as it is in its accurate form. The accurate form is that of a soul, and not the body. ‘You should be able to see the accurate form‘, says Baba. This is how I know if my drishti is okay. You have to pay a lot of attention to make your drishti accurate, that is soul conscious; A soul conscious drishti is sweet drishti. Then, my drishti will never deceive me.

People will have visions through your drishti‘, says Baba, ‘in your drishti, they will see their accurate form, their real home and the real kingdom.‘ That is how much power there is in drishti, but only if my drishti is accurate. The basis for accurate drishti is attitude, teaches Baba. If my drishti has not changed from body conscious to soul conscious, then it is because my attitude hasn’t changed. Whatever is in my attitude is what many others will see through my drishti. If my attitude is that of body consciousness, then that is the type of vision that others will have through my drishti. Then, their attitude and drishti will also be body conscious; they will not be able to have accurate vision. For example, if I have a critical attitude and I judge people based on their defects, then that’s what they see in my drishti. Then, they too become defensive or angry, that is, they too stick with body conscious attitude and drishti. When I have accurate vision, that is, a benevolent, sweet drishti that looks only at specialties like the Father, then they too are reminded of their specialties. They feel uplifted. They too see their true elevated form that I hold of them in my vision. They too develop accurate vision.

Change your drishti, become an image that grants visions‘, instructs Baba. ‘Just as one sees a variety of scenes in a magic tin, in the same way, your eyes should be like little magic containers through which others see divine splendor’, He says. ‘You are a special soul, not ordinary. You are helpers of God Himself in the task of world transformation. Baba has so many children. He looks at all of them very sweetly. As His helper, you too should have such vision.

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