Let go of greed

Baba says, ‘If someone has greed for perishable things or an interest in eating good food or wearing good clothes, then that person’s intellect would not be connected to the Father.’

Greed doesn’t just exist in terms of food and drink. In fact, there are many who think that they are not attracted to clothes, food, or the place they are living in and that they are happy with whatever they receive or whatever is made for them. However, as I move along, Maya brings greed in more subtle ways.

For instance, I may be a student with very good faith in the intellect, I am serviceable and good at whatever I do but as I move forward, I lose that pure happiness and intoxication that I am a helper of God Himself, that He is enabling me to serve in His unlimited task. Instead, I start to think: ‘Even after doing so much, and being a helper in every way, with my body, mind and wealth and being present on service at whatever time I was needed, even then, the instrument teacher never even mentions my name to say that this is a good student…’ This, Baba explains, is a desire for limited respect and recognition; this, is a subtle form of greed. I worked very hard and yet no one even asked about me or even gave me a glass of water; no one even looked at me, they just remained busy in their own rest or work. When I start feeling this way, if I’m not attentive, Maya attacks me and my attitude changes from one of service to one of selfishness. I think: ‘Why should I do anything around here? To do something or not is the same thing. No one is going to ask me anything about it anyway, so it’s better to sit at home comfortably. Let them ask for me, only then I will do service.’ That, Baba points out, is no longer service; that is selfishness and arrogance. And so Baba says, ‘pay careful attention to yourself; check and change your attitude. Even if one form of vice comes, then it brings with it all the other vices.’

It may start out with greed, soon, there is arrogance and attachment. Then all of a sudden, I start to feel that I no longer have the same intoxication I used to have in the beginning; that I no longer have that same good stage. Maya, the thief, enters through the gate that I leave open. ‘Pay attention, remain aware of what is going on and change‘, teaches Baba.

And it’s not just students, even teachers experience this attack of Maya in the form of greed, explains Baba. If I am a teacher, I want my center to be good. Sure, it doesn’t matter what my clothes are like, but at least my center should be a comfortable place to live in, I should have good companions and good students and a good bhandari for Baba! If one of my students leaves, then my heart starts to beat faster! I feel: ‘What am I going to do now!? He was such a good helper, but now he’s gone. Who will do all the work from now on?’ This too, Baba points out, is a royal form of greed. Was my helper the student or the Father? At that time, I forget the Father and only remember the student. This is how Maya attacks my very foundation of faith in the Father. Greed shows up in other ways too. Sometimes, I have the greed or desire for opportunities. I think: ‘Let me at least attend one conference with the senior instruments. Okay, if nothing else, let me do this workshop. I should at least be given this chance. Okay, I may not give a lecture but I should at least come onto the stage. Destruction will take place soon…if not now, when I will get a chance?’

BapDada says: ‘if you are given a chance, then do it with happiness but to even have the thought of wanting something is a desire or greed. It is a royal form of begging.’ Then soon there is bitterness and resentment that follow with thoughts like: ‘this place is like this. They don’t recognize us. Only certain souls are put in front. It’s not fair…’ To give lectures, teach the course, conduct workshops is easy, says Baba. But it doesn’t mean that I have yoga, and it says nothing about my stage. I may have a specialty of public speaking, I may have a great voice and on the basis of these specialties, my name may get glorified. But this is not what gets you the Father’s inheritance, He points out. The final result will not be based on how many lectures I delivered or how many centers I opened; instead, it will be based on how many I made worthy. It will be based on how many souls I gave happiness to and how powerful I remained myself. ‘If you are caught up in the ‘I want, I want’, you will not be able to have yoga. Everyday, you will be watching and thinking that this happened there today but that you weren’t called.’, He explains.

Many say that they like knowledge and yoga a lot and that is very good, says Baba. ‘But then, do you use the knowledge in your actions?’, He asks. Knowledge means soul, Supreme Soul and the drama, but not just in words, but knowledge means understanding. A sensible person becomes successful in everything by using his sense according to the time. ‘So here too‘, says Baba, ‘you are karma yogis. You must use the knowledge you have received in your actions.’ When I perform actions being an embodiment of the knowledge I have received from the Father, then I won’t come under the influence of Maya or the vices, I won’t waste time wanting, thinking, begging. I will maintain my self-respect and remain constantly double-light. Sometimes, I say: ‘I don’t have greed, but I actually need this.’ ‘However’, says Baba, ‘there are limits to one’s needs. If one’s needs become unlimited, then that is a trace of greed.‘ If not checked in time, my needs can compel me to even take things or keep things hidden away. The Father explains: ‘Don’t keep anything hidden away due to greed. You can receive everything from the yagya. If you keep something secretly hidden away, your intellect will dangle after that.

Only if you sacrifice yourselves here will you receive many first-class things there.‘, says Baba. In fact, my promise to Baba before He came and found me was: ‘Whatever You feed me, whatever You give me to wear…’ This should be your stage, explains Baba. When I use the knowledge and stay in remembrance, I am able to transform any vice into a virtue. Greed is desire. But rather than have limited desires, now, based on knowledge and yoga, I have the pure desire to be a constantly altruistic, unlimited server in my every thought, word and deed. ‘I must become equal to the Father.’ ‘To have such pure desires means to transform the form of greed‘, explains Baba. Instead of it being an enemy, I use it for self-progress and for service.

If you want to claim your full inheritance from Baba, then make full effort by following shrimat‘, He says. ‘Follow Baba’s advice. Since you say, “Mama, Baba”, follow them completely.

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