Write your news to Baba

Baba says, ‘The Father complains that some children say “Mama and Baba” and then never even write their news to Baba.’

The Father is here as the Purifier to purify me and take me back home. Then, I will come into heaven in the new cycle. But when will I come into heaven, how much of it and for how long I experience it depends on the effort I make now. The Father gives me shrimat for every aspect of my life- for how to think, speak and act, what to see, what not to see, what to eat, my lifestyle…everything. He teaches me the right way to live. To the extent I become an embodiment of His teachings, accordingly I will attain a status in heaven. Therefore, His #1 shrimat at this time is: ‘Do not remember any bodily beings. Consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father alone!‘ I remember the Father for my own benefit. He is the only conscious being at this time in the cycle, everyone else is unconscious, that is, body conscious and so is looking for the way themselves. To remember other human-beings, to take their advice and follow their directions, therefore, is like the blind leading the blind. Baba says, ‘take shrimat at every step. This is what children do.’ When I slip into body consciousness, I forget that I am Baba’s child and act like a grown-up. I start to think for myself, make my own choices and decisions based on what I or others think is right. This is what I did for half a cycle and as a result, I lost everything. I then called out to the Father. He says: ‘I am here now. So, you must only listen to what I say.’

The Father communicates to me through the Murli, He responds to my questions, my fears, addresses my every concern. But I have to tell Him everything. It’s like when I go to see a doctor or a lawyer, I have to tell them everything and do so honestly such that they can then make the right diagnosis and give me the right advice. Baba says, ‘you must write your news to Baba. Some children don’t even have the sense to write a letter about their well-being to the unlimited Father.’ I might think: ‘well, I don’t have any issues or illnesses and therefore, I don’t need to or have anything to write about to Baba.’ Baba is my Father! If a child were away and didn’t write to his physical father, the father would lose sleep. This One is my true, eternal, unlimited Father. When He sees that He hasn’t received a letter for a few days or a month, He too starts to think that perhaps My child has been eaten up by Maya. So He says, ‘you should at least write: Baba, I am doing well, I am happy. I constantly stay in the intoxication of becoming Narayan. I am constantly using the method that You have shown me.’ Baba would then understand that I am well and happy. I can also write to Baba about the service I did: ‘Baba, I did this service. I explained to this one, but it didn’t sit in their intellect completely.’ Then, Baba would tell me how I can explain to that person. I, the child, had been separated from my Father for so long. We have now re-united and the Father longs to be part of every tiny aspect of my life. When I remember Him, He is bound by the drama to sustain me, love me, help me, advice me. Why wouldn’t I take advantage of this incredible privilege? Why wouldn’t I remember such a Father?

From the beginning of the golden age to the end of the iron age, human-beings have been writing letters to human-beings. It is only now, at this auspicious confluence age, that souls meet God, the Supreme Soul, Shiv Baba, and have the unique privilege of writing letters to God Himself. He is incorporeal and so He takes the loan of a body to speak to me, to sustain me, to teach me and guide me. He names the one He enters, Brahma. I therefore have to stay in connection with both Brahma and Shiv Baba – they are both my fathers. So when I have to communicate with Shiv Baba, I communicate through Brahma.

But along the way, Maya deceives me in many ways.

There are many, Baba says, who think: ‘I have a direct connection with Shiv Baba, I don’t need to have any connection with Brahma.’ However, given Shiv Baba is in the body of Brahma, unless I communicate through Brahma, how would He hear me, or respond to me? It is sung that only those with loving intellects at the time of destruction are victorious. But love for whom? For Shiv Baba through Brahma. Unless I communicate through Brahma, I cannot receive advice. He is the Father’s eldest child and is His first angel. Shiv Baba advices and teaches His children through the experiences of Brahma. Therefore, Brahma baba gets to experience every kind of storm that would come to the children, in advance. Baba says, ‘Whatever storms you experience, I experience them first.‘ I might think: ‘well how is that possible. Baba is elderly. What does He know about the kind of storms that come to me!?’ However, Baba says: ‘Everything comes to me. How else would I be able to caution you? However, some children don’t tell Baba. They choke in the storms and die and destroy their status.‘ Let me realize how this connection between the two fathers works and take benefit. Baba says, ‘Only when you write a letter to Shiv Baba through Brahma would Shiv Baba understand that you truly are remembering Him.

Sometimes Maya deceives me by making me think: ‘Baba is God, He knows everything anyway, why do I need to write to Him!?’ Baba says, ‘I come from so far away every single day and give you My love and remembrances. Can’t you tell me about your well-being in the same way?’ Even if He knows everything, I still need to take directions from Him, He points out: ‘Am I right or wrong in this aspect?’ ‘Take shirmat at every step, you mustn’t forget these days of your childhood. Maya makes you perform wrong actions when you don’t have accurate yoga with the Father.’ At this time in the cycle, the Father comes as my Guide. I cannot reach my destination without His help. It is only through taking His hand of shrimat will my boat go across.

The Father is the Lord of Life, the Beloved Father, who is lovelier than life itself! When a wide writes to her husband, she writes: ‘Praneshwar (Lord of Life) so-and-so.’ In fact, points out Baba, none of them are Praneshwar. Only the one Father is. He is the God of all praan (living beings). He says: ‘Praneshwar children…’ and I too say: ‘Praneshwar Baba! Baba who saves our lives!’ Only the one Father gives the donation of life. He says: ‘When you belong to Me, no one can cause you sorrow. I bring you heaven on the palm of My hand and make you into the masters of that land of peace and happiness. I show you the path to liberation-in-life in a second.‘ ‘Therefore‘, says Brahma Baba, ‘you must claim your full fortune from such a Father who created such a fortune. You shouldn’t be careless about this. Write to the Father with a lot of love. Tell Him your news and take advice at every step. Have attachment to the One alone.’

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