Reveal the Mother and Father

Baba says, ‘Reveal the Mother and Father.’

On the path of bhakti, they say: ‘You are the Mother and Father and we are Your children.’ They sing this but they don’t really understand how and neither do they really relate to God in that way. Some people think Adam and Eve are the father and mother; they think Adam is Brahma and Eve is Saraswati. In fact, this is all wrong, clarifies Baba. God, Shiv Baba, is the Father and He is incorporeal. Incorporeal God enters the body of Brahma and adopts souls through him. He says through the mouth of Brahma: ‘You are My children.‘ Therefore, Brahma becomes the mother. He is Prajapita Brahma and he is also the mother. Baba says, ‘because they don’t know Me, they go in front of the idols of deities and refer to them as the Mother and Father.’ People call Radhe and Krishna as mother and father when Radhe and Krishna are in fact human-beings and more over, children! Then they also call Lakshmi and Narayan as mother and father and so on. Baba says: ‘You children know Me and so you must explain to your brothers and sisters.’

Do I really know Him though?

A father creates children and then teaches that he is the father. Children learn this and then show (reveal) their father: Our father is like this. In the same way, only when a teacher teaches the student can the student then reveal the teacher: ‘Such-and-such lawyer’ made me a lawyer. Until I become a lawyer myself, I cannot show the teacher. In the same way, only when a guru adopts followers can it be said: ‘they received this and this from the guru.’ In the world, a father, teacher and guru are separate. It is rare that a father might also be a teacher but even then, he would teach one subject and there would be other teachers for other subjects. Here, it is so easy! The One Supreme Soul is my Father, Teacher and Guru all in one. He comes and adopts me and makes me belong to Him, He makes me the master of all His property. He has and continues to do His part of pouring His love, sustenance, teachings and guidance into me. But am I doing my part? Have I truly received and actually become the master of His property, have I earned the degree He is teaching me for, am I living my life according to His guidance?

To reveal the Father, I have to hide my old self, that is, I have to die alive from the old world. As long as I am caught up in the ‘I and mine’, in what I think, how I feel, my idea, my thought, then, I will not be able to reveal the Father. I have to truly become the child, practically. I have taken a new birth- am I still answering to my old name or have I adopted my new name: ‘child of God’? Do I see everyone else as souls just like me, as my brothers and sisters or do I still have a wife, husband, child, uncles and aunties? To the extent that I have the consciousness of a householder, I will find it difficult to follow God’s directions. To be able to obey God, I need to become the child. A child doesn’t have a household, the mother and father are its world.

The easy method to become the child, to become the embodiment of all that the Father is giving me, to become the master of His property is to be merged in His love. Love frees me from any labor or from making effort. Maya cannot come to me in this stage. When I am merged in His love, I am completely colored by His company. The Father thoughts become my thoughts, His words become my words. My every action becomes a mirror which reveals the Father. ‘This mirror should show everything double’, says Baba. It should show me and the Father, that is, He should be visible through me. This is how it was with Father Brahma. People saw double when they saw him- they saw him and the Father combined. Seeing me, the word ‘Baba’ should emerge from people’s lips, this is revelation. It should be as though, I disappear and the Father become visible. But that can only happen to the extent that I have ‘Baba, Baba’ in my every thought and word. When I look at the picture of the tree, it is clear that most of my brothers and sisters may never know the Father as I do; in fact, I might be the closest they come to the Father. How am I showing up? is it in a way that when they see me, ‘Baba’ emerges from their lips? Am I that powerful a mirror that reveals the Father?

There is a lot of sorrow in the world, look around‘, says Baba. Maya is present in everyone and yet everyone thinks that it is the Father that is omnipresent! By thinking this, they deprive themselves of His sustenance and His inheritance. With no guidance, they continue to commit sin and become impure. They read the Vedas and scriptures, perform rituals and undertake arduous pilgrimages but that only makes them continue to fall. ‘It is now your duty to give your brothers the Fathers introduction‘, says Baba. The Father is here teaching Raja Yoga to souls to change them from degraded humans into elevated deities. The knowledge Baba is giving is for those of all religions. He liberates everyone. He is the Guide to everyone and also the Peacemaker– the One who establishes peace. He also establishes sovereignty. ‘You have to explain all this to them’, He says. My brothers will only listen to what I have to say when they see the Father through me. Then I can say; ‘Yes, our Father is the One Who taught me these things. You too can learn this and become this.’

It is remembered: Father shows son and son shows Father. The first part is already completed. Everyone says: ‘this knowledge is new and good. The Brahma Kumaris are doing very good work.’ but the second part still remains.  The Father is not yet revealed – He is still incognito. ‘Now show that God Himself has incarnated in the body of Brahma and is making the Brahma Kumaris so worthy. This point is now still left.’, says Baba. ‘You sing the song, “Mera Baba aa gaya – My Baba has come”. However, it should now be revealed to souls that God Himself has incarnated and is carrying out this task through the sisters and brothers. Your faces, your images, your every word should reveal the Father.’ This definitely has to happen, according to the drama, points out Baba. The only question is whether I will become the instrument for it.

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